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25 Year War Against Journalism


Robert Parry, proprietor of and author of Neck Deep: The Disastrous Presidency of George W. Bush, discusses his new revelations on the Iran-Contra scandal how the Reagan administration used the CIA for a propaganda campaign against the American population, Iran-Contra was the pilot program for the neocon hijacking of the government, the legal black-hole of the Vice President’s office and the slippery semantics of the War Party, the history of covert tactics the right-wing uses to control the corporate media and its enemies, and the War Party’s view of the President’s total power.

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Robert Parry, who broke many of the Iran-Contra stories in the 1980s for the Associated Press and Newsweek, runs, and is the author of Secrecy & Privilege: Rise of the Bush Dynasty from Watergate to Iraq and the brand new Neck Deep: The Disastrous Presidency of George W. Bush.

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  1. I think Bush surprised because he knows how dumb he is disbelief that he is the figure of the free world. He can’t believe that he can declare war as incompetent as he is.

    Also I was watching youtube today and I noticed that the Taliban members aren’t bad people. We shouldn’t place the importance of morality of these people in the hands of Rheuter’s journalists. The Taliban is more like the Hell’s Angels. People join because college is not an option. Comments from Americans were full of hatred. Having an opinion should not be considered sedition. That is the purpose of freedom of speech. The modern definition of democracy is personal liberty, right to a fair trial. Not so much the right to vote.

  2. If Democracy really means so much like it does according to Bush, taking the literal meaning from ancient Greece. Then Bill Gates has taxation without representation. I am tired of the rhetoric from military types using abusive language against me when I bring this up.

  3. Aha!

    So the mysterious “fair and balanced” MSM locution just means that some CIA intern is clocking whether you give your required X% airtime to the “preferred viewpoint” and if not, Victor The Cleaner will drop by for a little chat.

  4. We all wonder exactly how they do it…

    Well, leave it to Bob Parry to explain how things really are.

  5. Why is there Mainstream Media bias in favor of Israel and the Middle East Wars of Occupation?

    “Those who cavalierly blame the “corporate media,” as if that facile and evasive catch phrase adroitly defines or encapsulates the problem, may think this question self-explanatory, if not redundant. However, others wishing to probe deeper into the “why” question will soon discover that only a handful of corporate media executives actually call the shots. Who are these people? What are their names? What are their motives? And what are the wellsprings of their beliefs? These are the questions we should now be asking.”

    Get smart, you chicken-hearted idiots!

  6. Perfect questions posed above by TFJ, Like he adroitly says, “Get smart, you chicken-hearted idiots.

  7. Domestic propaganda…. trained “terrorists” in the school of the Americas supported by the CIA, not monitored by them but set up by them and supported by them. Operations run from the OVP. Sounds just like today. Here we had a conspiracy with multiple countries many members of government and the CIA, billions of dollars thousands of deaths, and they pretty much got away with it. Lee Hamilton who gave more crooks in Iran Contra immunity than anyone got to the the Head of the 911 commission.

    Intelligence agencies work With terrorist they are terrorists, and that includes Al Qaeda. Israel got caught with fake Al Qaeda cells, Justin Raimondo reported in in 2002.

    It’s a lot to think about. Other Iran Contra famers like the Mossad’s Marc Rich were also neck deep with the Russian Oligarchs. Of course Rich got a pardon from Clinton and his lawyer by the way was Lewis Libby.

    GHW Bush a former CIA director but he was not as bad as Cheney. Anyway great interview. Scott I am glad you brought up Abrams.

    Before FOX News there was ORT (formerly Channel 1) over in Russia run by Berezovsky. Murdoch actually bailed him out once… Murdoch, Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky, and Rich are all good buddies.

    The media is part of the MIC and get order top down. See my youtube video on ABCNNBCS FOX. I broke down all the BOD etc.

    Webb was murdered. No one shoots himself in the head twice. (with one gun) please.

    In my film War by Way of Deception about Iraq and 911 I open up by talking about Iran Contra.

    I have to disagree with giving Clinton a pass here, yes it has been over blown by some but he was involved.

    Scott you mentioned Miller possibly lying about 1993 WTC bombing. Look up Gozie Hadas. Miller was in the Libby / Rove clique. Remember Rove saying they could create their own reality? The “Bizzaro” world. It’s been a propaganda machine for a very long time. Libby worked for the Mossad. But its a seperate clique from what he is talking about. Actually rival clique. The Office of the VP has had a falling out with and kind of private war the CIA.

    I mean if anyone doesn’t know that the media lies and does pentagon talking points just look at any coverage of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. I mean the media lies duh. You notice also how everyone who gets every wrong gets promotes in the MSM?

    Solution turn off the TV. Nobody Watch it.

    You know the Russia media was monopolized by mafia crooks and government with Russia’s own MIC and they helped lie to people and created a war over pipelines in Afghanistan…. and blew out their currency… hmmm sound familiar?? And Berezovsky and Ruppert Murdoch are best friends.

    Welcome to the USSA.

    Man, Scott I wish you and I had more time the other day talking about Russia. We were just getting around to this part of it.


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