Robert Dreyfuss

Obama and the Empire


Robert Dreyfuss discusses the failures of American intervention and it’s recent promotion by Barack Obama, what an Obama presidency might look like including the possibility of keeping Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense, the dynamics of the American struggle for strategic global dominance, how American power as an example rather than a threat works much better for building international relations and his belief that chances of war with Iran are quite low despite all the recent hype.

MP3 here. (35:58)

Based in Alexandria, Va., Dreyfuss been writing for Rolling Stone for at least a decade, and currently covers national security for Rolling Stone’s National Affairs section. He’s a contributing editor at The Nation, a contributing writer at Mother Jones, and a senior correspondent for The American Prospect. His articles have also appeared in The Washington Monthly, The New Republic, Newsday, Worth, California Lawyer, The Texas Observer, E, In These Times, The Detroit Metro Times, Public Citizen, Extra!, and, in Japan, in Esquire, Foresight and Nikkei Business. His blog, The Dreyfuss Report, is now at The Nation.

3 thoughts on “Robert Dreyfuss”

  1. But what is meant by “..chances of war with Iran are quite low…”? Airstrikes, ground troops? The latter is quite unlikely I’m guessing.

  2. Dain, Scott Horton,

    As long as America maintains control of Iraq, war with Iran will always be a possibility…………………

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