Andy Worthington

Torture and Bogus “Trials”


Andy Worthington, author of The Guantánamo Files, discusses the recently released footage of Omar Khadr, the Canadian juvenile being held in Guantanamo, the dubious “charges” against him, the legal black hole of the made-up “enemy combatant” status, the evil and counterproductive nature of torture and the kangaroo court system in Guantanamo.

MP3 here. (40:48)

Andy Worthington is a historian based in London. He is the author of The Guantánamo Files, the first book to tell the stories of all the detainees in Guantanámo. He writes regularly on issues related to Guantánamo and the “War on Terror” on his Web site.

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  1. i think it would do a world of good if people used the orwellian names this government uses
    we don’t toture people at “Guantanamo bay”


    It think the poses a clearer picture of the mindset of these people

  2. Bush is a Nuremberg standard war criminal, a man of fear and punishment. All the war crimes committed under his rule are part of the ‘Supreme Crime’ of which he is clearly prosecutable. Send him to Camp Justice and face the tribunal of his making.

  3. that is under the assumption that international law still exist.
    and if it does not then the only real answer is to rise up or sit there waiting for the world to get its act together and invade us

    and don’t forget these people know what they are doing every thing is disperced no on gives orders they just ciculate memos and winks and nods punishing people at the bottom to scape goat the top they know they are guilty
    but they will never go to trial
    and all the while our “opposition”(gag) party has taken impeachment of the table

    thats like a sheriff walking in to town and annonouncing that “i will ivistigate all crimes but no charges will ever be brought” you think you are gona stop crime in that town?

  4. If you have not read Jane Mayer’s extrodinary book “The Dark Side” I suggest you
    run out and get a copy of it today. It’s the best book to date that I have read about how we got into this God Dam Mess and how “our” Constitution and the rule of law have bee subverted.

    This book should be required reading for every American Citizen and we need to start to hold our elected officials responsible. In the court of law.

  5. we need to start to hold our elected officials responsible. In the court of law.

    the ones with the judges appointed by the crooks and liars or the ones with the elected judges that are bought off?

  6. The PROCESS we are WITNESSING is the PRODUCT of an ADMINISTRATION with an AWFUL secret to HIDE……It (the (secret) is the elephant….THAT THEY must WORK AROUND in the courtroom……….. SEVEN YEARS after 911……The entire brunt (of what in the military is being SOLD as “justice”) is being focused on a PERSON ; who as a CHILD (15) MAY have thrown a hand GRENADE at a MEMBER of member of a FOREIGN ARMY INVADING his HOMELAND ………&……..MAY have (KNOWINGLY) driven a car with some ground to air missiles in the TRUNK……. and for this++ He is being charged with WARCRIMES!! SO, by THIS ACT and AFTER THE FACT…….The PERPETRATORS of this INVASSION will TRY its VICTIMS as WARCRIMINALS. To try a CHILD SOLDIER is SAFE……..IN ONE WAY…… He can NOT know their AWFUL secret…..AND….THE SECRET is NOT likely be PROBED in this KANGAROO proceeding of RETROACTIVE law……..Who FINANCED 911—WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE for the ANTHRAX ATTACKs on TWO SENATORS who “QUESTIONED” the PATRIOT ACT and a PHOTO EDITOR that showed a DRUNKEN BUSH TWIN?? [the only TARGETS} This SHAM “TRIAL” is MEANT to DISTRACT YOU from the REAL WARCRIMES…….The 911 ATTACK on AMERICA……..UNPROVOKED WAR of AGGRESSION on IRAQ……THE BIOWEAPON ATTACK on the OPPOSITION………THE TORTURE to PROVIDE FALSE CONFESSIONS to the CRIMES of THIS ADMINISTRATION!!!

  7. Everybody please E-mail Senators asking them to vote No to Resolution 580 because it´s virtually a Declaration of War as Congressman Ron Paul pointed out. Probably most of them haven´t even read Resolution 580 ! For now 41 Senators are endorsing 580 (the similar 362 in Congress has now 252 supporters), so it´s really the last chance to make them change their minds !

    Peace & All the best
    C-E Hamle

  8. Thank you, replier Thomas Georgoipouiis. Yours was much appreciated. Stay strong, all. A criminal group is in charge of our government, and is looting our country.

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