Philip Giraldi

Beware False Flag Attack In Iraq


Philip Giraldi, former CIA counter-terrorism officer and columnist for, discusses the possibility of and precedents for an Israeli “False Flag” operation in Iraq to frame Iran and draw the U.S. into attacking, the conflicts within the administration over Iran policy, the likely catastrophic consequences of any attack, U.S. covert operations within Iran, America’s support of the Iranian Islamic Revolution back in 1979, how real conservative principles apply to foreign policy, the extensive databases of “dangerous” Americans kept by the government, total lack of accountability in Washington, provocative stance toward Russia and demented neocon view of the world.

MP3 here. (39:41)

Philip Giraldi is a former DIA and CIA officer, partner at Cannistraro Associates, Francis Walsingham Fellow for the American Conservative Defense Alliance, contributing editor at the American Conservative magazine and columnist at

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  1. Everybody please write Senators asking them to oppose Resolution 580 (and the semilar 362 in Congress) because it´s virtually a Declaration of War as Congressman Ron Paul pointed out. They probably haven´t even read 362 and 580 ! It´s really the last chance ! For now 362 has 252 supporters in Congress and 580 has 41 supporters in the Senate.
    Congress and Senate demanding a Blockade=Declaration of War on Iran from the President. Have they all gone mad ?

  2. Giraldi not only offers opinions, he also offers facts, information and intelligence. He’s wise to the true threats and their many disguises aimed at the general public. Bravo for Philip.

  3. the former italian president mr cossiga states that all the intelligence agencies in europe know for certain that 9-11 was a false flag attack by the mossad and cia

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  4. @Thomas:

    Israel buys friends. It’s the only way they’ve been able to stay in business all these years. They’ve already bought the presidential candidates for ’08 and as an American it’s painful to see grown men grovel in order to get acceptance and/or money from people who are so disdainful.

  5. Philip Giraldi, Chalmers Johnson and the rest of the cry-baby libertarian crowd are all guilty and responsible for the problems of law breaking and the military industrial complex today. People like Giraldi and Johnson had no problem with the same neocons during the Reagan years. It was during the Reagan years the neocons came of age and that they were as pro-Reagan and as anti-Soviet Union as were Giraldi, Pat Buchanan, and Chalmers Johnson.

    If there was ever a double-talker and a hypoctite Pat Buchanan is it. Buchanan is also a fine racist as well. You libertarians and so-called “conservatives” are a joke. This law-breaking started with Watergate and then Iran-Contra. What Clinton did as far as “law-breaking” was chump change compared to Watergate and then Iran-Contra.

    By the way, for all you anti-liberals in here, the only U.S. Senator to have voted against the Patriot Act was Wisconsin’s Democratic U.S. Senator, Russ Feingold. Every Republican and consrvative in the U.S. Senate voted for the Patriot Act. The only one person who voted against the Patriot Act was the very liberal Russ Feingold, a Democrat.

    Thanks to you right-wingers whether you call yourselves “libertarians” or “conservatives,” America is in this mess thanks to your cockiness and simple-minded beliefs. Reagan was also a globalist and he and Margaret Thatcher were proponents of outsourcing American jobs and saying screw you to the average worker in the United States.

    People like Mr. Giraldi and Mr. Johnson should be atoning for their sins as they are part of the reason for America’s decline. If anyone was more anti-democracy and hostile to the government it has been the Republicans and the conservatives and libertarians. You people are a joke! You hate government but then cry after you do all you can to cut back agencies that they then do not do enough to curb corruption and law breakers.

  6. When will Mr. Philip Giraldi and Mr. Chalmers Johnson come clean about the 1980 election between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan and the “October Surprise” that put Reagan into the White House? I am sure Mr. Giraldi will never discuss this “conspiracy” by the United States, but will continue to blame the Mossad for all what is bad in the world.

    Mr. Giraldi please discuss honestly how the CIA and the Bushies and people like Caspar Weinberger and Robert McFarlane helped to ensure that Carter lost the 1980 election to Reagan. Fascism then started in America with Reagan who started to devalue the American worker and became a slave-whore to the corporations you all bitch about today in vain.

  7. Giraldi’s views about a possible Israeli “false flag” job are well taken. Israel is perfidious to the core.

    Thomas, Israel has no friends, just one powerful protector, the U.S. Israel is the snotty, smartass kid on the international block, who hides behind America’s apron strings.

    It’s no wonder that the U.S. and Israel are the most disliked and/or distrusted countries in the world.

  8. If Giraldi’s views about a possible Israeli “false flag” job are correct,then I am sure the United States being its “powerful protector” have already given the green light seeing that the U.S. has an armada in the Persian Gulf region. Yes, Israel and the U.S. work a lot together and have major business dealings there. In the Cold War, the U.S. and the CIA would use the land of Israel to do bad things throughout the world where the U.S. “officially had agreements” to the opposite effect. The U.S. gave Israel the go-ahead to attack Lebanon a few years back as well. The U.S. is just as guilty as Israel for the killings of Palestinians and the murder of Rachel Corrie. It is time the U.S. take its share of responsibility for enabling and inciting Israel to kill fellow Americans like Ms. Corrie and Palestinians.

    The Democratic Party is not equal to the Republican Psrty when it comes to starting wars since Vietnam. The war party and the party of empire and keeping the bad things about America alive today are the Republican scum from the preachers like John Hagee and Pat Robertson to the slime ball Republicans in the House and Senate want more and more wars.

    The Republicans bow just as much to to AIPAC and the Jewish lobby as anyone else these days, so spare me when you just day its “just the fault of the Democratic Party.”

    The Israeli lobby loved Reagan and so too, did Jerry Falwell. Falwell and the Israeli lobby picked up its greatest speed under Reagan and then in this present Bush administration. So, you Republicans have no room to talk when it comes to AIPAC and the Israeli lobby. And if you choose to criticize AIPAC and the Israeli lobby you are just plain blind or hypocrites, and perhaps, both.

  9. if you choose to criticize AIPAC and the Israeli lobby you are just plain blind or hypocrites, and perhaps, both.

    you’ve given yourself away, Mr. Jones

  10. Reagan was blinded by Cold War concerns…Of course, now we know those were overblown..and that Israel was never anyone’s ally-just it’s the Lavon Affair, to the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty, to Pollard and the scum agents of a foreign govt like Lieberman and Feith and Perle…Israel is just a scummy bunch of racially narcissistic, massacring, ethnic cleansing, hypocrites and liars…But Reagan was a shallow thinker obssessed with the Soviets…American “conservatives” in general have never really understood what’s been going on…All they conserve generally are the errors of the Enlightenment..Chesterton said something to the effect that ” the job of liberals is to make a disaster of things and the role of conservatives is to make sure the problems are never really fixed..” Most have never really understood that capitalism and secularism will destroy a truly Christian social order as quickly as communism..

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