Scott Horton Interviews John Judis

Scott Horton, August 02, 2008

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John B. Judis, senior editor of the New Republic and author of The Folly of Empire: What George W. Bush Could Learn from Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, discusses the importance of Trotskyism to neoconservative thought, John McCain’s change from skeptic to cheerleader for intervention, relationship with the neocons and the dangerous mix between his volatile temperament and his views on foreign policy.

MP3 here. (23:12)

John B. Judis is a senior editor of New Republic, where he has worked since 1984 and a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Judis is the author of The Folly of Empire: What George W. Bush Could Learn from Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.

Judis’ articles have appeared in American Prospect, New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, Foreign Affairs, Washington Monthly, American Enterprise, Mother Jones, and Dissent. He has written five books, including The Emerging Democratic Majority (with Ruy Teixeira), The Parodox of American Democracy, and William F. Buckley: Patron Saint of the Conservatives.

3 Responses to “John Judis”

  1. I’d almost forgotten McCains friend Chalabi.

  2. I heard an expression of the hope that advisors and entourage will keep President McCain on the correct track. I do think I heard I heard something along the same lines in ’99, about how George Bush did not need to “be smart” (compared to Al Gore) as he could “buy smart” or something to that effect. Didn’t turn out too well.

  3. McCain doesn’t care much for being pres..He wants to be Comm-in-chief, that’s all…He can’t wait to bomb somebody..And if he could climb onto a pile of rubble, hug a fireman and then begin his bombing campaigns to him that would make it just that much more enjoyable..And his advisors? I can hear them now..” Oh, that’s great…I smell 2nd term..great campaign commercial..we’ll have Toby Keith playing in the background.”

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