Scott Horton Interviews Abdulkadir Abdirahman

Scott Horton, August 27, 2008

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Abdulkadir Abdirahman, president of Somali Cause, discusses the humanitarian catastrophe resulting from America’s proxy war waged by Ethiopian forces there since December, 2006, the million-plus refugees from Mogadishu and surrounding areas, America’s alliance with the brutal warlords from the days of “Operation Restore Hope” and “Black Hawk Down,” and the rotting corpses they leave wherever they go, the American excuse of al Qaeda terrorism and “Islamic extremism,” the former Soviet-, now American-backed murderous dictator of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, the relative peace and security which had been finally been achieved for a short time in Somalia before America came and destroyed it, his experience during “Restore Hope,” the three men “wanted for questioning by the FBI” as suspects in the 1998 Africa embassy bombings whose supposed presence served as the pretext for this invasion and the increase in the radicalization of the Somali population, his group’s efforts to educate congressmen on the subject, his call for UN peacekeepers in order to try to please the U.S., but end the Ethiopian occupation.

MP3 here. (28:47)

Abdulkadir Abdirahman is president of Somali Cause.

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  1. Abdulkadir was a charming guest. More like him please.

  2. meles was not the soviet backed dictator of ethiopia that was mengistu haile mariam now in exile. meles zenawi was the leader of tplf a maoist sectarian opposition movement against mengistu`s rule.


  3. abdulkadir is a southern somali and they are always begging for some kind of foreign intervention since the early 90s. look at somaliland in the north which is peaceful and independent without outside help the southerners all claim sovereignty over somaliland although we were two separate nations who united in 1960 and separated in 1991. long live somaliland

  4. I think what xiis needs to realise is that, this is a website & not a UN security council, whereby you can enhance ur own agenda, regardin’ ur own political interest.

    just an advice for the fella long as you try to get recognition for somaliland by bad mouthing the south somalia, you will not succeed & somalia will never be devided regardless.

  5. we dont even need to be recognized and i am not bad mouthing u people just telling the truth. this young lad abdirahman just like other southerners has been begging UN, AU, or Arab “peacekeepers” since 1991. seems like u guys are just not capable of running your own affairs. so no need to insult somaliland who has kept its own house in order without begging to be occupied by foreigners. the only southerners i can respect are the ones carrying weapons and fighting to free their land not beggars like abdirahman who are begging same people who are killing his people.

  6. Abdulkader job well done. The issue is not northern or Southern Somalia, we are Somalis and have same destiny. Divided we fail and united we succeed.

    Somali Ha Noolaato.

  7. Great job, Abdulkadir. And thank you to the Anti War Radio for the coverage. Indeed, Somalis have been suffering far too long in the hands of so many, warlords, Ethiopia and the U.S. In part, this has taken this long becuase the media ignored to cover or were refused to access. We are catch up with the criminal partner and the world will soon now all that they have done in Somalia. Bro. Abdulkadir and others, please double your efforts to reach out and educate other fellow Americans about the Somalia’s plight. Many thank, again, to the Anti War Radio and Abdulkadir, Somali Cause chairman.

  8. Thanks to Mr. Abdirahman and Somali Cause for their efforts to explain the Somali crisis and the involvement of the Ethiopian troops as they conduct the dirty war of George Bush. I would also point out that Somalia is located right at the Indian ocean and the red sea witch is a gateway to the middle east and whoever controlls these waters will have influence in this region. Furthermore, there are proven oil and gas resources in Somalia which makes it that more important. It’ in the long term interest of the U.S. to not antagonize the people of Somalia. How could the U.S. bring our perennial enemy, Ethiopia, to murder our people and deny that this operation is nothing other than hate towards Muslims.

  9. you southerners are so stupid its laughable. first of all this is non-interventionist libertarian website. so i find it funny that abdulkadir is begging for UN troops to replace the ethiopians. its shows how naive he is. doesn`t he remember what happened with UNOSOM in the 90s. at the same time he thinks begging US politicians will do any good when they are actually happy to see ethiopians killing somalis in fact they even fight along side the invading ethiopians. somalia and somaliland don`t need any foreign intervention period. and as for somali unity it has been tried and done and it failed miserable because u southerners are corrupt to the bone just look at your situation since 1991 and look at somaliland`s progress in the same period. there is no comparison whatsoever.

  10. Salaam to Muslims world wide first of all & Ramadan Karim.
    secondly, just wanna say some thing to my brother xiis.
    you seem to have a animosity for southern somalis, for some thing they haven’t done except the late siad barre regime.
    What s wrong if a guy from southern somalia want to have peace in the country? by any means …that s what he wants…good for him..why are u so against the efforts to make peace either militerly or peacefuly? do you think that the self-proclaimed country of somaliland s free from ethiopian hands?
    Brother..with out any clan or have to try to find out what s goin on in somalia…when i say somalia…i mean from hargeisa to baydhabo to bosaso to mogadisho…that s what the international community knows as SOMALIA..
    it’s shame for all the somali men today for what is happenin’ in Our country..
    is time we put our differences aside & come together for the common cause, which is, to be free from the ethiopians both Politicaly & militerly..
    we all know that both puntland & somaliland authorities follow the leader (zenawi).
    atleas i give credit to them warriors in the south, who fight them tigre’s to the last.
    Long live somali Nationalists

  11. KoFirst of all Ramadan Karim secondly Kudos to Abdirahman and his NGO.
    Question for Xiis if you consider your self as non Somali as whole why even bother commenting it’s affair go along with your hype but you know it Gacmo wadajir bay wax ku gooyaan. This Ethiopian invasion is old method of “divide and rule” but we know better. If we were all together do you think Ethiopia would even think of interfering Somalia’s affairs I don’t think in this case I am LOOMA OOYAAN occupied by warlord and thugs.

  12. Great job Abdukadir and i thank what he do, realy somali is a one nation, one country and one religion, no bady can’t try to devided somali into 2 state northern and southern are brothers. my region sool is the brigde for the somali naition, we can not accept to any body to try to deivide our nations and call them somalia and somaliland, it is a bad idea, and uncreidble.

    Ethiopia invasion, is come for force, and it will be go by force. God bless my country and i hope my people peace and unity.

  13. here goes the typical whining and moaning from the moronic southerners. first of all there are no ethiopian troops in somaliland and our leadership warned and condemned the invasion and occupation of somaliland. but lets look at the reality it was southerners who actually invited ethiopian troops into somalia especially the darood clan and some hawiye clans like abgal. secondly. somalilanders like myself and many others do not hate ordinary people from somalia if we did why would we let them into our cities as refugees despite our dire economic conditions. what i despise is people who refuse to recognize my right to self-determination. remember we came to u as a fully-fledged nation-state but u people and your mafia like culture betrayed us and even committed genocide in somaliland in the late 1980s. oh yes siyad barre and 90% of his regime were southerners especially daroods. as for ethiopia, we have geostrategic and economic relations with them no different than the ones Djibouti has with them. so why don`t u criticize Djibouti which also is a part of the old greater Somalia? Djibouti is the base from which the US bombs your country but u reserve your hatred for Somaliland which cares for your refugees. the fact is u people could care less about somali unity and use it only when it serves your interests. you must admit that it is your corrupt southern leadership that has failed you not the Republic of Somaliland. Nin tiisa daryeela ayaa tu kale ku dara so first get your own house in order and stop begging for foreign troops to occupy u whether it be UN, AU, or Arab jihadis who fight along with the terrorist Shabaab movement. learn to be self sufficient within your own former Italian Somalia border leave the rest of us in the region in peace.

  14. correction: invasion and occupation of southern somalia

  15. “Somalia: Not a nice way to come home

    The Economist, July 9th 1988

    THREE months ago it all made beautiful sense. Reeling from secessionist victories in the provinces of Tigre and Eritrea, the Ethiopian government offered next-door Somalia an attractive deal. The Ethiopians said they would end a decade of border skirmishing between the two countries by returning two captured Somali villages and ending their support for the rebel fighters of the Somali National Movement (SNM), whom Ethiopia had previously armed and protected. The Somalis reciprocated by declaring that they would no longer support rebels inside Ethiopia. The relieved Ethiopians transferred troops to more desperate fronts, and booted the SNM’s fighters out of their old Ethiopian sanctuaries.

    But if Somalia’s president Siad Barre thought he had got a bargain, he was quickly disabused. The SNM, deprived of its comfortable camps across the border in Ethiopia, decided to come home fighting. Within two months of the border agreement its guerrillas were engaged in the largest insurgency Somalia has faced since it gained independence in 1960. At the end of May, while Somalia’s president and defence minister were attending a conference of the Organisation of African Unity in Addis Ababa, the rebels captured the northern provincial capital of Hargeysa and the town of Burao, and attacked the garrison near the port of Berbera, where the Americans have naval facilities.

    Somalia responded by moving troops from the south and bombing Hargeysa and Burao. But its claim to have recaptured the two towns is qualified by foreigners in the area. The say that the guerrillas, with 5,000 or so men under arms, are holding out in pockets inside the town as well as in nearby villages, and still control some stretches of main road. Berbera is said to be “calm but anxious”. Many people—some estimates go as high as 10,000—have been killed in the fighting.

    President Barre abolished tribalism in 1970, but that is mostly what the civil war is about. The SNM is a movement of the Isaq, a clan of northern cattle-herders and traders, who feel that the Somali government in Mogadishu discriminates against them. The president, on his father’s side, is from the Darod clan, which the Isaq complain monopolises political power. On his mother’s side, he is from Ogaden, a clan with whom the Isaq have been in dispute ever since the Dervish rebellion against the British early this century.

    The SNM is not a separatist movement: it simply wants to get rid of the president. Some non-Isaq Somalis view the rebellion with modest enthusiasm because they frown on the resolute way President Barre has centralised authority in his own person and family. His half-brother is the new finance minister; his son-in-law the military commander of Hargeysa; his son the general in charge of the garrison in Mogadishu. His war against Ethiopia in 1977-78 kept the country briefly united around a dream of Greater Somalia, which would have incorporated the ethnic Somalis in the Ogaden. But the Somalis lost, and 800,000 impoverished Ogaden refugees stayed in Somalia, adding to the country’s economic burdens.

    President Barre abandoned the previous Soviet-style economy in the early 1980s in favour of IMF-inspired free-market reforms. Decontrol of food grains led to a production boom which helped Somalia through the worst of the drought that brought famine in Ethiopia. Prosperity would be a useful ally in the battle against the rebels. But the IMF stopped lending to the country in 1986 when it failed to service its debts. Now price controls have returned, and food shortages with them: the foreign-currency auctions that used to keep the exchange rate realistic have been abolished.

    The Somalis are still talking to the IMF. An unexpected 44% devaluation at the end of June suggests that the war has at last panicked the government into trying to sort out the country’s finances. President Barre may hope that, without Ethiopian backing, the rebellion in the north will eventually fade. But there are plenty of wealthy Isaq traders in the Arabian Peninsula who could willingly provide the rebels with weapons; Somalia’s coast is vast and unpatrollable. And the president seems intent on fanning his country’s tribal animosities. According to Amnesty International, hundreds of Isaq businessmen have been arrested and tortured by policy in Mogadishu in the past month alone.

    © The Economist Newspaper Limited, London, July 9th 1988.”

  16. Just a reminder of why Somaliland decided to reclaim its sovereignt in May 18,1991. Ka nax of nafta waa

  17. Here is an International Crisis Group report detailing how the southerners both provoked the ethiopians that is the Islamic Courts and how the TFG begged for foreign troops. Read:

  18. By Guled Ismail
    Wednesday, December 26, 2007

    If there is one issue that unites Somalia’s famously quarrelsome politicians, elites and ordinary clansmen it is the issue of Somaliland’s secession: They oppose it to a man, child and warlord.

    Members of the ineffectual but secular Transitional Federal Government (TFG) oppose Somaliland’s secession as vehemently as the most fanatical of its Islamist enemies.

    What drives this determination to keep Somaliland into Somalia’s death embrace remains unclear. It cannot be patriotism for surely if Somalia’s leaders, elites and clansmen had any of the stuff left they would have spared the Somali people the biblical suffering they have been so cruelly inflicting on them over the last 17 years through their selfish greed and primeval political machinations.

    Somaliland: Wrong policy on the Ogaden – By Guled Ismail
    Neither is it driven by obvious economic interests because Somaliland and Somalia were never economically interlinked even during the 30 year-Union and have no economic links today whatsoever.

    It cannot be some kind of brotherly goodwill they hold for the people of Somaliland because they harbour indeed venerate war criminals who participated in the pogroms and massacres against Somalilanders in the 1980s. Witness how both the TFG and their nemesis the Islamist Courts welcomed General Mohamed Omar Hirsi Morgan known as the `Butcher of Hargeisa’ throughout Somaliland for his genocidal activities in the late 80s when he was Siyad Barre’s chosen Milatary ruler of Somaliland. The TFG even recently chose him as a member of a high powered delegation to Kuwait.

    The Somalia diaspora rallied around another suspected war criminal General Mohamed Ali Samatr who Siyad Barre’s Defense Minister in the 80s after Somaliland refugees in the US tried to have him arrested for War Crimes. This man who is alleged to have ordered the carpet bombing of Hargeisa by Rhodesian mercenaries hired by the Somali Airforce, all of a sudden became a focal point for all Somalis in the US, Canada and beyond. They lobbied and fundraised and held meetings and formed support groups and all to avoid this man investigated by a court of law. These and many other examples amply demonstrate that the elites of Somalia may not have the best interests of Somalilanders at heart.

    Yet remarkably Somalia’s venal political classes, discredited elites and mostly disingenuous intelligentsia abroad succeeded in convincing the world that the recognition of Somaliland will somehow `harm’ Somalia itself. The world did not bother questioning this ludicrous assertion because frankly, no one is interested in Somalia, Somaliland or Somalis in general. As far as the international community is concerned, the place(s) and the people are among those the less one hears about the better. Nothing ever comes out of there except wars and refugees and the occasional would-be terrorist.

    In other words the world seems to have adopted an `Ignore and Avoid’ policy on the Somaliland vs Somali issue. They are happy to repeat the mantra: We don’t want to recognize Somaliland because it will further complicate the situation in Somalia’.

    This is not only morally and ethically dubious; it has no plausible basis in any assessable, measurable reality.

    It is like being told to remain tied to your neighbour who is burning his down because if you untie yourself from the inferno the neighbour may get even madder and burn his house down with even more gusto!”.

    Surprisingly this `logic’ is not used in Kosovo, Macedonia, Slovakia, Monte-Negro or any of the 20-odd new States who emerged (or about to emerge in the case of Kosovo) in Europe over the last 16 years.

    Ironically that is the same number of years Somaliland was one of only two nations in Africa, the other is Southern Sudan, seeking the same freedoms and human dignity given to their European counterparts.

    But the idea that Somaliland’s recognition will make things worse for Somalia is equally untenable on factual pragmatic grounds too.

    For starters it is hard to foresee how things could get any worse in Somalia. This may sound a little cruel but under the circumstances, it is an apt and valid one to raise and examine.

    Secondly, Somaliland and Somalia have been two de facto separate states for the last 17 years. Somaliland was not party to the events and issues that shaped Somalia after the collapse of Siyad Barre regime in 1991.

    On its part Somalia occasionally tried to meddle in Somaliland’s affairs, usually in the shape of brotherly attempts to undermine the place or better still, destroy it altogether. But its’ ever bickering politicians soon lost interest in the affairs of distant `Qaldanland’ (The land of he always wrong) as they sometimes call it and concentrated on the important business of creating mayhem and mismanagement at local level.

    So a recognition of Somaliland will be an acceptance of an existing reality on the ground and not creating a new one. This means that even in a worse case scenario, a recognition of Somaliland will have a neutral impact on the situation in Somalia.

    Indeed it could have a far more positive impact than many people think. It may just make the political groups in Somalia realise that the world rewards those who bring about peace and stability through compromise, the upholding of the rule of law and the establishment of functioning secular democratic systems. The message a recognition will send to Somalia’s political classes is that the world is fed-up with your antics and lack of vision and may indeed `Ignore and avoid’ you from now on and shift its focus and resources to those who better deserve it.

    It just might nudge them into taking some action to save their political careers and in the process save their people from further misery.

  19. Well done brother Abdulkadir aka Utah.You are a true son of Somalia.As to this stupid and ill-natured dude calling himself Xiis,Hargaisa and mugdishu are both controlled by the savage Tigrays.You are just like that fool Guled Ismail who is always bad mouthing his own suffering somalis.They are disgusting!!!

  20. Xiis,switch to decaf.Speak for yourself.We are all Somalilanders.North.South,East and West.When there is a problem in the North,we flee to the South and West to our other Somalis.War wax iskulahadh caagyahow.

  21. i see some southerners are resorting to call themselves somalilanders lol!!! dude the name is abdillahi in somaliland not abdullahi in walaweyn. as for so called wadani, do u have proof that your “tigrays” control hargeysa? back up your arguments with facts or else keep your banana mouths shut boys.

  22. When South Somalians committed genocide in Somaliland now its your just desserts boys:

  23. All what you are talking is wasting of time and what is go’ing to happen happening. so you southerners and northetners don’t waste your time speaking and denying.

    That is my say.

  24. City Boy,

    What have u been smoking dude? U sound high or drunk man lol!!!!

  25. Walaalayaal naga dhaafa muranka badan , sababtoo ah dad fara badan oo ajaanib ah ayaa websitekaan aqrista , marka hadii ay arkaan waxyaabaha aad qorteen waxaan is leeyahay waxay naga aamini doonaan inaan nahay dad bahallo ah oo aan waxba isu ogoleen , marka naga daaya fadlan ,!!

  26. Abdirahman,

    There is no need to hide from the readers of they know very well whats going on in somalia and somaliland.

  27. Xiisow,the proof of the Tigrays controlling Waqooyigalbeed starts with the port of entry,Barbara,Hargaisa Airport and everywhere.Short and scar-faced Tigrays are manning and doing as they see fit.They give Riyoole and that loud-mouth Ducaale orderes to bring your cousins and brother-inlaws.You should bury your face in shame.

  28. test

  29. wadani,

    is that what u call proof? dude come up with something concrete from an accredited institution not your local coffee shop in minneapolis lol!!! as for the deportation of Ethiopian citizens of Somali Origin especially those that support ONLF a terrorist group is completely legitimate they get deported from Djibouti as well for entering the country illegally and other illegal activities. we don`t need ethiopians to tell us to kick these lousy ogadenis from our country because they are the same people who helped in Barre`s regime commit genocide against us. they were even promise our land and properties as a reward and the idiots believed it lol!!! actually those ogadenis are lucky we didnt take revenge on them in 1991 when we had the chance and but our leadership decided to peacefully repatriate them back to their homeland in eastern ethiopia, but the ungrateful bastards started burning trucks belonging to Somalilanders. so yes if we find them in our cities we deport them back to their home country of ETHIOPIA which is the international norm to send back people to the country of birth. by the way ogadenis are not our cousins and the intermarriage was in the past history prior to 1960s now its very rare because of their support for the Barre regime. so if anyone needs to be ashamed its u so called wadani or more accurately banana boy for begging for ugandan and other foreigners so u could pimp your sister to them.

  30. wadani, is that your sister?:

  31. Very well said Abdulkadir; I could not have put it in any other way. You went straight to the point, and hopefully are fellow Americans will realize what is happing in Somalia and can put an end to it, and unite the people, And to my brother Abdulkadir keep up the good work, if only there were more people other like you, and to the Somali cause we appreciate what you do, know that you are the future of Somalia.

  32. zeynab,

    abdulkadir is begging for UN troops, now how is that any different from occupation? those UN troops will kill and rape u just like the ethiopians and the ugandans are doing now. and your fellow americans don`t give a damn if u live or die. in fact they prefer u dead since they overwhelmingly hate muslims according to recent polls. stop begging foreigners and get your own house in order and live in peace with the rest of the countries in the region including somaliland.

  33. It was good of Scott to say a truth that few want to voice, that is, that if Obama wins, there will probably be even more military intervention in parts of Africa, than there would be if McCain wins. I am voting for Barr.

  34. swans,

    u are spot on in that both democratic and republican candidates espouse the doctrine of imperialist intervention in the guise of “humanitarianism” or “spreading democracy”. when in fact its a rehash of the old colonial propaganda of “white man`s burden” maybe now a kenyan-kansan burden lol!!! the reality is that africa doesn`t need anymore intervention even in places like darfur and zimbabwe leave it to the locals to either fight or make peace. intervention only prolongs conflicts,southern somalia is a clear example. the conflict started as a power struggle between various clan factions after the overthrow of the siyad barre dictatorship and now evolved into a central front in the so called war on terror. how did a conflict in the remote horn of africa attract the attention of the sole superpower? well some answers maybe: proximity to oil rich persian gulf, shipping lanes from east to west, and the absence of a client regime in somalia. well if that is so why not invade somaliland in the north of the former somalia which sits on top of the shipping lanes and is even closer to arabia geographically? the reason is not well known outside somali circles. the reason is the ruling elites of somaliland have managed to bring law and order to their territory not to mention homegrown democracy (, without any outside help. in fact the somaliland government has had a consistent policy of non-interventionism and self-determination in line with libertarian philosophy of murray rothbard and others. whereas the warlords of mogadisho and other parts of somalia degenerated into a chaotic hobbesian bloodbath creating not just a humanitarian disaster but a huge power vacuum that needed to be filled. the vacuum was filled by the local muslim clergy a section of whom were militants linked to international terrorism like ittihad now called al-shabaab. both the warlords and islamists have their foreign backers. the warlords of transitional government are backed by ethiopia and the west especially US. the islamists are backed by eritrea and arab states like egypt, saudi arabia etc… thru wealthy donors in the oil rich gulf states. the one common theme among southern somalis even in the diaspora is their lack of self-sufficiency always depending on outsiders to build a government for them or send them “peacekeepers” as mr. abdirahman calls for in this interview with scott horton. and that is why they are so hostile to somaliland because somaliland has succeeded where they have failed utterly.

  35. Here is an Economist article about Somaliland:

  36. xiis hahahahha U still braggin’ bout ”somaliland” as a country? com’on man..lose’em up…chill & have a date for ramadan break lol

  37. dabxire,

    i am still waiting for those facts. i don`t need to brag i have the economist and other major media doing it for me lol!!!!

    ramadan karim to u too, horta walaweyn timir cunta weligay ma arag ee waxaan moodi jirey inaad muus weyn oo lugtaada le`eg ku afuri jirteen lol!!! waa kaftan saaxiib, ta labaad meeshan inaan idinku tiiqtiiqsado umaan iman ee waxaan la yaabay wiilkan yar cabdiqadir ee weli rajo ka qaba UN peacekeepers tolow ma sidii naagtii umusha ahayd ee dib loo fuuley baa lol!!!!

  38. Xiis,your seat of thought and compassion is empty.It seems you are enjoying the hardship and distress of your Somali people.Your immaturity is very massive.

  39. anonymous,

    u seem like a gutless coward by hiding your name. but secondly i find nothing enjoyably in south somalia`s misery. in fact i am trying to give u good advice by telling u guys to stop waiting for outside intervention and rely on yourselves like we did in somaliland. if u call that immature and lacking in compassion then your lacking in basic intelligence.

  40. Yes,Xiis is is an idiot.An idiot marduuf qaad ah helay waa mujnuun falan dheh!!!!!!!!!!

  41. shugri,

    adna ma waxaad sugeysaa inuu askar ugandan ku foorariyo sidii inadeertaa nuuno lol!!!!! oo cunug yar oo ina dhagax ka soo tuuro lol!!!

  42. Dear Xiis and all we in month of Ramadan this is reminder and we should if all of you comply to it’s Faral, let us make this healthy.
    first of all I am kind of feel sorry doing or asking you question because Xiis you are the only one who is opposing the TITLE, does this title mentions so called
    Somaliland or does the title degraded Somaliland.
    here is the fact if you are campaign for Somaliland, Somaliland is one tripe the rest is LAHAYSTE that is why it is stable and I give them credit for being organized, but also some of the Somaliland leaders are small crock as well Puntland.
    Can you tell why Somaliland did not get recognition?
    speaking for my self I believe Waqooyi Galbeed want it’s sovranty they should get it but if the rest of the world didn’t do so would you please stop whining on whole Somalia and don’t be mad Max.
    By the way I am not Isaq, Darod, Hawiye , Midgan, Yibir, Jareer, Dir but small tripe with big heart for Somalia as whole so don’t bother these fine tripe of Somalia.

    Again we are in the Month of Ramadan if you observe.
    Ramadan Kariim.

  43. wiil somali,

    What are u talking about man? U make no sense dude. What title are u talking about and what does ramadan have to do with this thread? af gaal ama af muslin ku hadal saaxiib mise waa af walaweyn lol!! as for “lahayste” i guess our president rayaale is a lahayste in your warped tribalist mind since comes from a minority clan in somaliland.

  44. from the posts above it is sad to see the lack of critical thinking among southern somalis. no wonder their country is in such a mess. absolutely pathetic.

  45. Riyale is your own benefit so you don’t have to wage war agins each other.
    you didn’t answer my questions I guest little things overcome your mind and makes you forget the topic or reason.
    did you say critical thinking let me remid you my question why Somaliland didn’t get recongnition?

    by metioning Ramadan I ment so you don’t language. I guess I should spell it.

  46. correction
    by metioning Ramadan I ment so you don’t use language.

  47. lots of countries dont have recognition. taiwan is a prime example. its a matter of time when not why for somaliland`s international recognition until then we are de facto state and many countries already deal with us on that level including the US. as for rayaale preventing civil war, lol!!! did u get from your local coffee shop or what.

  48. you said “as for rayaale preventing civil war, lol!!! did u get from your local coffee shop or what”.
    do Ramadan mean anything to you I do’nt go meaningless coffe shops.
    your only small time crock deals with the big crock for reason we both know exclusively one interest and is must not mutual.
    they don’t want to regognize you b/c they don’t want to see UN having majority of certain countries with viable vote that could change UN direction, in the mean time they oppose stong Somalia.
    Brother wake up I need you my side if not I wish the best but you know we are the closest interms of caltural etc except MIIROW (just a joke).

  49. your obsession with recognition is more proof that u southerners are very insecure lot who depend on the goodwill of foreigners for your existence. for us recognition is a bonus if it ever comes but never a major reason for our decisions. in somaliland we learned the hard way that u must not rely on outsiders even fellow somalis. but u southerners must have a slave gene or something coz even the more enlightened ones are calling for UN troops. this is the height of naivety. let me suggest u read the writings of murray rothbard and randolph bourne available on this site and then u may realize why i am against any form of intervention.

  50. by the way what is a crock? is that walaweynese too? lol!!!

  51. sorry to burst your bubble but we are closer to djibouti and somalis in ethiopia in culture than u southern banana eaters. i swear to god i barely understand your dialects like xamari and maymay is entirely different language.

  52. personally i support the right of southern somalis to resist the invasion and occupation of their land. but i do not support your claims on my homeland somaliland. in fact as we speak today we host thousands of southern refugees in our cities and they are treated with utmost dignity unlike how our refugees were treated in mogadisho in the late 80s remember u used to call us “xabadi keentay” and even abuse our vulnerable women as “hollandaise” and then the jazira beach massacre in 1989. we will never forgive or forget that.

  53. read about the 1989 Jazira massacre:

  54. well if you talking about former government Daadkeedu cidkastuu qaaday and if you troubled by words like ‘Xabadi keentay’ it just word by mouth just like you say Walanwayn I don’t even know what that is and it doesn’t bother me and also if men call your women Hollandiaze you should take that as pride by meaning your women live lower climate temp less tanning and they are beutiful.

  55. since u deny all southern responsibility for atrocities committed against somaliland don`t expect me to feel sorry for u now when its your turn getting burned. in fact lets say this that the current debacle and misery in southern somalia is of your own making by first supporting warlords remember warlords come from your own elites and then supporting international terrorists like dahir aweys, ayro, and hassan turki. and even foreign terrorists from all over the world u have brought the americans and ethiopians to invade your country. so don`t blame anyone else blame yourselves. as for terms of abuse like xabadi keentay and hollandaise u know very well the context they were used so dont play dumb with me. and walaweyn is our way of pronouncing the town wanleweyn where u corrupt southern mafia first rigged an election undermining the cause of somali unity in somaliland in the 1960s. walaweyn is a metaphor for corruption and duplicity in our dialect nowadays. and i see u ignore the facts of jazira massacre knowing full well some of your uncles might of taken part in it. how ironic, the war criminals are now complaining of war crimes lol!!! now that is what i call poetic justice

  56. by the way only highland areas like hargeysa, borame, sheikh, and erigabo have cool climates but coastal areas like berbera and saylac are some of the hottest places in the world with temperatures reaching 45c celsius in the summer hence the name Guban or burned land.

  57. majerteens reaping what the sowed:

  58. Ilaahay baa idinka jaraya waxaad geysateen:

  59. and i completely agree with Mr. abdirahman good job my brother good job!!

  60. u xiis r a sicko N an idiot u dont judge people from were they came from and u should get a life! this is probably late but u need 2 respond 2 comments like urs!!

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