Abdulkadir Abdirahman

America’s Brutal Regime Change in Somalia


Abdulkadir Abdirahman, president of Somali Cause, discusses the humanitarian catastrophe resulting from America’s proxy war waged by Ethiopian forces there since December, 2006, the million-plus refugees from Mogadishu and surrounding areas, America’s alliance with the brutal warlords from the days of “Operation Restore Hope” and “Black Hawk Down,” and the rotting corpses they leave wherever they go, the American excuse of al Qaeda terrorism and “Islamic extremism,” the former Soviet-, now American-backed murderous dictator of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, the relative peace and security which had been finally been achieved for a short time in Somalia before America came and destroyed it, his experience during “Restore Hope,” the three men “wanted for questioning by the FBI” as suspects in the 1998 Africa embassy bombings whose supposed presence served as the pretext for this invasion and the increase in the radicalization of the Somali population, his group’s efforts to educate congressmen on the subject, his call for UN peacekeepers in order to try to please the U.S., but end the Ethiopian occupation.

MP3 here. (28:47)

Abdulkadir Abdirahman is president of Somali Cause.

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  1. sorry to burst your bubble but we are closer to djibouti and somalis in ethiopia in culture than u southern banana eaters. i swear to god i barely understand your dialects like xamari and maymay is entirely different language.

  2. personally i support the right of southern somalis to resist the invasion and occupation of their land. but i do not support your claims on my homeland somaliland. in fact as we speak today we host thousands of southern refugees in our cities and they are treated with utmost dignity unlike how our refugees were treated in mogadisho in the late 80s remember u used to call us “xabadi keentay” and even abuse our vulnerable women as “hollandaise” and then the jazira beach massacre in 1989. we will never forgive or forget that.

  3. well if you talking about former government Daadkeedu cidkastuu qaaday and if you troubled by words like ‘Xabadi keentay’ it just word by mouth just like you say Walanwayn I don’t even know what that is and it doesn’t bother me and also if men call your women Hollandiaze you should take that as pride by meaning your women live lower climate temp less tanning and they are beutiful.

  4. since u deny all southern responsibility for atrocities committed against somaliland don`t expect me to feel sorry for u now when its your turn getting burned. in fact lets say this that the current debacle and misery in southern somalia is of your own making by first supporting warlords remember warlords come from your own elites and then supporting international terrorists like dahir aweys, ayro, and hassan turki. and even foreign terrorists from all over the world u have brought the americans and ethiopians to invade your country. so don`t blame anyone else blame yourselves. as for terms of abuse like xabadi keentay and hollandaise u know very well the context they were used so dont play dumb with me. and walaweyn is our way of pronouncing the town wanleweyn where u corrupt southern mafia first rigged an election undermining the cause of somali unity in somaliland in the 1960s. walaweyn is a metaphor for corruption and duplicity in our dialect nowadays. and i see u ignore the facts of jazira massacre knowing full well some of your uncles might of taken part in it. how ironic, the war criminals are now complaining of war crimes lol!!! now that is what i call poetic justice

  5. by the way only highland areas like hargeysa, borame, sheikh, and erigabo have cool climates but coastal areas like berbera and saylac are some of the hottest places in the world with temperatures reaching 45c celsius in the summer hence the name Guban or burned land.

  6. u xiis r a sicko N an idiot u dont judge people from were they came from and u should get a life! this is probably late but u need 2 respond 2 comments like urs!!

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