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Smash the Warfare State!


Lew Rockwell, founder and President of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, discusses his new podcast interview program, Joe Biden’s long term and central role in promoting the warfare state, demagoguery and omission at the Democratic convention, the reality of America’s empire and the elective emperor who rules it, the important new book We Who Dared to Say No to War: American Antiwar Writing from 1812 to Now, why murder is still murder even if a government employee does it, the big lie of government provided safety and myth of a peace loving American population, why its fun to oppose evil, the growing militarism of the domestic police state, the terrible danger in “privatizing” the state’s police powers such as tax collections and prisons, the possibility that the Georgian crisis was deliberately precipitated in order to boost the Republicans’ fortunes in the November election, the bogus nature of the first Cold War and now the second, the sanity of the old imperial establishment only as compared to the new, Democracy as subservience to the U.S. government, how the state can always use its own failures as the excuse to increase its power as it is doing now in the financial markets and the need for a realignment toward peace and freedom.

MP3 here. (52:18)

Lew Rockwell is the founder and President of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, Vice President of the Center for Libertarian Studies in Burlingame, California, and publisher of the political Web site LewRockwell.com. He served as Ron Paul’s congressional chief of staff between 1978 and 1982. Check out his new podcast show here.

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  1. What “we” are up Against

    “smash the warfare state”? Lew, how do you propose that we do this? Give more $$$ to AW.com? check this video: http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=5670682 Reporters who were tracking fatcat donors and lobbyists at the DNC in Denver got rousted by the steriod buzzed, megaloid, cops. How are you going to “smash” this? I did not see any AW.com people there… Too busy drinking their lattes and writing their fund raising appeals?

  2. The Dems have gone soft on the war because the myth has taken hold that the ‘surge has worked’. Facts be damned. They are terrified the mediocracy will leap on any antiwar sentiment with ‘Ha! The surge worked!! It was all worth it.’

    Yes, those uncounted hundreds of thousands are squirming with glee in their graves. It was all worth it!

  3. 8Ball, AW (anti-war) writes about war and war related politics, not general politics. Everyone has to focus on what they do best and try to support eachother.

  4. Lew Rockwell and Scott Horton BOTH rock. Thank god that our country has people like this providing thoughtful, probing analysis and discussion (and an outlet for same). Where would we be if we had to rely only on the MSM for “insight” into the state of our government? Thank you.

    I’m still upset RP did not make a third-party run, but let’s get behind Bob Barr.

  5. How do you propose we get behind Bob Barr? There’s nothing to get behind. There’s no libertarian voting record, there’s no libertarian dialog, there’s not one sign that he’s genuinely interested in my freedom, therefore I see no reason to support him.

  6. 8Ball,

    Anti-war.com is a racket. If they can with a straight face parade around Pat Buchanan and Karen Kwiatkowski around as if they are some paragons of peace and virtue without batting an eyelash, that tells me that they are no more interested in promoting liberty and peace than Bush/Cheney are. They are gatekeepers for the rightwing, taking neo-cons and passing them off as foreign policy realists and true internationalists.

  7. SM,

    You are 100 percent correct. Bob Barr is not a libertarian. The GOP just destroyed the Libertarian Party and Mary Ruwart and others can’t believe how it was humanly possible. I saw the Libertarian Party Convention and the six votes it took for Bar to prevail. Essentially, it took two GOP candidates to finally depose Mary Ruwart, who in my view, was the most logical and most qualified LP candidate there. She should have been the LP nominee, not two fakers from the GOP.

  8. Dear Reed,

    Boohoo for you.

    You don’t like a couple of the writers we feature. So what?

    Can you not tell that the entire point of this site is bringing together as many wide and varied writers on our single issue as we can? If the all the views of all the authors of all articles we run had to please all of us who work here – nevermind you – Antiwar.com would be a blank page.

    What the hell is a “gatekeeper” anyway? This is the freaking internet, stupid. There is no gate. Make your own site. Or perhaps you coattail on ours knowing that no one is interested in what you have to say?

    I say, go ahead, get your own blog and hit them with your brilliance. You know, like how Pat Buchanan is a neoconservative, and how the libertarians who run this site are really driven only by our determination to promote “realism” and “true internationalism” – or was that we’re evil because we don’t? Whatever.

    You can tell ’em all about how Eric only bought the domain Antiwar.com back 13 years ago to DECEIVE good people like you into thinking its purpose was opposition to war while all along he was using sneaky manipulative techniques like running Karen Kwiatkowski articles and the interview archives of that infamous pirate radio “gatekeeper” Scott Horton, and how they mustn’t let him get away with it!

    I’m certain everyone will care and read it all the time.

  9. Finally got the chance to listen to this interview.
    I wasn’t disappointed. Lew Rockwell is always
    on target and never shy with the truth.
    Lew is on my top ten list of America’s greatest leaders.

    It was enjoyable to see the merging
    of my 2 favorite websites, lewrockwell.com
    and antiwar.com.

    Now, how ’bout an interview with Justin?

    Thanks for all you do.

  10. Interview presented here in MP3 form is fine.
    But is it possible to post the interview in print form please?
    Many people like myself would like read.
    Thank You

  11. I love listening to Lew… but sometimes he veers from hardcore truth telling into kook territory. He talks about “all the people” the Clintons killed in AR. To my knowledge, none of those, uh, theories, ever panned out… Unless he’s talking about death row executions.

  12. There are so many evil men in this world that, at times, it is enough to make one despair of being part of the human race. But, then, along comes a man like Lew Rockwell and one has renewed hope that the world can become a much better place. Thanks Lew, for all you do. I pray that God will bless you with excellent health so that you will have many, many more productive years. You are an inspiration to all of us who believe in truth, real freedom, real prosperity and the liberation of the human spirit.

  13. I love Lew.

    One thing you can do to smash the warfare state is stop going to church. Churches finance war industries with investments even more than the government.
    I agree with Raimondo Biden is Obama’s Cheney.

    Biden is an open Christian Zionists. Since GW the first the OVP has been the real central office of power for the US’s imperialism and covert war, war propaganda, and war profiteering.

  14. To 8Ball: you’re wrong about AW readers not knowing that we’re “pawns in the game.” We know it, and all too well I’m afraid. It is Americans who don’t read AW and Lew R. that don’t realize that they’re “pawns in the game” and are being played for a bunch of suckers. There is obviously a lot of work left to be done in order to educate people as to the evil motivations and evil goals that drive our ruling oligarchy. However, I believe that one day, when enough Americans finally realize how they’ve been lied to, have been robbed of their wealth and future prosperity, and have been cheated of their precious liberties; they will rise up in mass with a fiery righteous anger that will cause the ground to shake from the Atlantic to the Pacific. They will demand that our criminal ruling class be brought to justice and stand trial for all of the horrendous crimes they have committed against Americans and the whole of humanity. When that day finally arrives, and you can be assured it will, I almost feel sorry for them.

  15. I personally think Reed is a truther, Scott’s dissed him and now he’s MAD.

    I don’t read the lefty Marxist types antiwar.com features because that would make me reach for the vomit bag.

    What sort of a total loser are you to go someplace you don’t like and start complaining it doesn’t suit you?

    Clearly you would prefer it if the right stays war-crazy rather than interview them. Yep, thought so.

  16. You’re a great man, Scott Horton–you really do some great stuff. Your interview skills are superbly effective in part perhaps because they’re more instinctual than learned. I love your passion for libertarianism even though I can’t join in. I want a libertarian constitution which nevertheless permits what I think we need–an equalitarian policy. But I’m writing to complain about Lew’s gratituitous repeat of Falwell’s publicized allegations about the Clintons. One poor soul writing in says ‘I never knew [they] were killers’. She doesn’t KNOW any such thing now, but she thinks she does. Slander is a crime among libertarians, however free their speech vis a vis the government. You need to balance this, especially since it was the one sentence that left me wondering if Lew was right about anything else.

  17. William,

    First of all thanks very much. It appears you’re right about the death list http://www.snopes.com/politics/clintons/bodycount.asp (though, I’m not so sure about a few of those : )), but I hardly think Lew’s mistake on this in indicative of any larger flaw in his thinking much more than the single mispronunciation cited above.

    Just read the man’s archives for yourself.

    By the way, Clinton sent the Army’s Combat Applications Group (Delta Force) to slaughter the Branch Davidians, he murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqis through blockade and bombing – including those murdered in “Operation Desert Fox,” which he named after Rommel the Nazi and initiated on the very day the House was to begin debating the articles of impeachment against him, condemned thousands of Africans to death from easily treatable diseases by bombing the largest antibiotics factory in Africa, slaughtered thousands of Serbs in an aggressive war against a nation which never attacked us and was no threat to us in the name of stopping a genocide that never existed, helped John McCain give millions of your dollars to Ahmad Chalabi and the INC, helped coverup the FBI and ATF’s prior knowledge of the Oklahoma City Bombing and bit that lady Juanita Brodderik on her face as her raped her. And that’s far worse than anything on Falwell’s list.

  18. Thanks to Scott for his factual answer to William. and for all the energy and care he puts into his interviews, getting his subjects to be comfortable and to feel respected enough to, at least seem to, share their deepest convictions. I do miss Charles Goyette, though, for a change, for an alternative approach that was just as good.

  19. Under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, we are not only cursed by the fact that we have a privately-owned and privately-managed Federal Reserve Bank which prints more and more money, which drastically devalues our currency, which in turn drastically increases prices, which in turn drastically hurts an individual’s purchasing power in the United States.

    We are also cursed under that act by the fact that we now have a fractional-reserve banking system in which the banks are required to only keep 10% of all financial deposits on reserve while they are allowed and encouraged to loan the remaining 90% of all deposits, at interest, to individuals for a variety of reasons. The banks are printing more money and loaning it, at interest, to their clients.

    What this country needs is to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank and replace the current banking system with a full-reserve banking system in which all financial deposits are kept in reserve at all times, unless the individuals who made their deposits to make withdrawals. In addition, our country needs one official interest-free currency (either backed by nothing, backed by silver, or backed by gold) or competing currencies, as Ron Paul had suggested. The competing currencies would have to be interest-free currencies, backed by nothing, backed by silver, and backed by gold. In this competing currencies system, we cannot have any interest-based currencies as we have right now.

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