Luke Ryland

The CIA, the Neocons and the Nuke Black Market


Luke Ryland discusses the A.Q. Kahn nuclear secrets peddling network, its correlation to the Sibel Edmonds case, the CIA’s knowledge of the network since the mid ‘70’s, the six years of deafening silence by Congress and the media about Sibel’s case and how the nuclear black market, neocons, and the Israeli and Turkish lobbies are connected.

MP3 here. (47:02)

Luke Ryland blogs at Against All Enemies, Let Sibel Edmonds Speak, Kill the Messenger, Disclose Denny, and WotIsItGood4. He lives in Tasmania.

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  1. Dick Gebhardt is also a lobbyist for Turkey at his new digs at DLA Piper. DLA Piper is the law firm for another lobbying company, The Cohen Group. The Cohen Group is heavily involved with Lockheed Martin, and both are heavily involved with the American Turkish Council.

    According to an article from The New Republic last year, the Turkish Republic pays Gebhardt $100,000/month for his lobbying efforts on its behalf.

    $100,000/month must be the going rate for Turkey’s whores, since that was the amount quoted in Turkish media that Marc Grossman is getting for “advising” the Islamist media conglomerate, Ihlas Holding.

  2. Grossman and Woolsey are selling weapons. James was part of the Mossad mailing Anthrax with Hanan Serfaty and Legum Yochai IIBR etc. You know who worked against the Israeli group in South Africa? Steven Hatfill. He was AWB and also Selous Scouts in Rhodesia. And so who did they try to set up by following his where abouts with anthrax hoax letters? Hatfill. And no it was Ivins following him around it was Mossad and Sayins.

    Israel and Turkey both got 9 billion each back in 2003 in the first 87 billion Bush took for the Iraq War. The Money was included lumped on the bill it was not separate. Robert Byrd had a fit about it. It was pay off.

    Boys over at Aspen made the decision to pull the plug on BJA. That was Grossman and Libby, with Kushner’s “mega” group. Why was MEGA involved? Because it wasn’t just money bribes it was also sexual. They had to can BJA because they were looking into the ATC. The Niger thing that is always associated to it was overlap. It was also Feiths office (the one meeting with Israeli general’s) but the main reason for the outing was to protect the ATC. They weren’t worried about the WMD lies that was all going to come out anyway.

    There isn’t just a double standard on who is building what bomb. Just look at Israel’s apartheid. If Iran was doing that just imagine. Imagine Iran building racial colonies. Imagine Turkey building a wall into Iraq to protect territory it stole and protected with a standing army. Then imagine the media saying nothing about it. Or worse yet blaming the victims.

    “US persons” Luke said. Dude just say it. Richard Perle and Douglas Feith. Who is a the go between for Israel (AIPAC) the ATC and the US? And arms advisory to them all invested in each AND set up a private equity firm doing all the same crap? Richard Perle.

    Any Congressman can not bring it out but they could read it into public record. AKA give Paul a call or maybe Kucinich.

    Perle is a complete mole for Israel. Scott have me on again one day just to talk about my favorite person. Or hear my last interview with Mike Rivero.
    Feiths the IAI’s sole share holder. Perle has the dirt on everyone. Israeli spies gather and promote sexual blackmail on important people. Look up the Palfrey ring. They were spying on everyone, they have backdoors to all the phone and computer records.

    Perle calls it total data.

    UACC ATC AIPAC etc its all lobbies for the MIC.

  3. Heads up: go to and see and hear the tirade fm the noble Israeli settler…Oh, and by the way, Sarah Palin is a fallen-away Catholic who belongs to the virulently anti-Catholic Assemblies of God “church”…Looks like McCain is still pandering to the John Hagee types…Listen to the Israeli settler and you’ll know why people like Hagee deserve to have the words “sucker” stamped on their foreheads..

  4. And the Aipac Rosen/ Weissman espionage investigation and trial continues to be “off limits” to the MSM and the so called “progressive” blogophere except here at Check out Aipac up and coming conference in Chicago just days before the five time delayed trial begins on Oct 28. That is unless the new Bush flunkie Attorney General Micheal Mukasey (Israeli firster) dismisses this trial.

    The investigation and trial that dare not speak it’s name in the MSM or the majority of the progressive blogosphere (firedoglake will not touch it. Even Amy goodman has not touched this one.

    Selected case files in the Aipac espionage case

    It it’s up to Aipac next stop Iran

    the aipac conference in Oct in chicagohttp: talk about Hollywood

  5. That the likes of “mizgin” dont like Turkey is understandable. he is a pkk (kurdistan communist party) sympathizer. A Terrorist organization hell bent on killing anyone who disagree with them including innocent babies.

  6. Nice try, Orhan, but the Kurdistan Communist Party is in South Kurdistan. PKK left communism behind in 1995 with the 5th Congress.

    How exactly do babies disagree with political movements? I mean, do they have a certain kind of cry to indicate their objections? Is that why this Kurdish infant was killed? Is that why Katil Erdogan approved the indiscriminate murder of women and children during the Amed Serhildan?

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