Chris Floyd

The Victory of War Party Slogans


Chris Floyd, author of the book and the blog, Empire Burlesque, discusses the lack of – and need for – honest reporting in this country, how the state and media manipulate language to change or hide reality, the “success” of the surge only in prolonging the war, the phony facades of both presidential campaigns, the insanity of antagonizing Russia, Obama’s unfortunate choice of Joe Biden as VP, the complete silence surrounding our proxy war in Somalia and the spreading disaster that is “The War On Terror.”

MP3 here. (41:02)

Chris Floyd is an award-winning American journalist, and author of the book, Empire Burlesque: High Crimes and Low Comedy in the Bush Regime. For more than 11 years he wrote the featured political column, Global Eye, for The Moscow Times and the St. Petersburg Times in Russia. He also served as UK correspondent for, and was an editorial writer for three years for The Bergen Record. His work appears regularly CounterPunch, The Baltimore Chronicle and in translation in the Italian paper, Il Manifesto, and has also been published in such venues as The Nation, the Christian Science Monitor, Columbia Journalism Review, The Ecologist and many others. His articles are also featured regularly on such websites as Information Clearing House, Buzzflash, Bushwatch,,, and many others. His work has been cited in The New York Times, USA Today, the Guardian, the Independent and other major newspapers.

Floyd co-founded the blog Empire Burlesque with webmaster Richard Kastelein, who created the site using open-source software. Floyd is also chief editor of Atlantic Free Press, which was founded and designed by Kastelein. Floyd has been a writer and editor for more than 25 years, working in the United States, Great Britain and Russia for various newspapers, magazines, the U.S. government and Oxford University.

3 thoughts on “Chris Floyd”

  1. Very nice interview. Chris' blog is indeed vitally important. He cuts right through the ubiquitous bullshit and uncovers from day to day the moral significance of all the ugly facts the corporate press vehemently seeks to prettify and normalise. And as Scott says, he is marvelously succinct and eloquent, really unique. His writing is way beyond petty political differences. I consider his the voice of shared humanity, reaching across the world.

  2. Paul’s comment is so cogent that I am not sure I can add much, but I certainly do agree. At a time when there are more alleged “journalists” than ever, Floyd actually is one, a literate writer with a sense of history, an intact moral compass, and a willingness to speak the plain, ugly truth to power.

  3. Extraordinary “Americanese” insights with a moral compass still intact.
    Also I note the Russians did not destroy that either…you know…
    those GODLESS PEOPLE…chuckle.
    Keep writing…hopefully the American People will get their T.V.
    soaked and detached brains in action.
    Take care,
    Catine (Ekaterina)

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