Joshua Kors

US Govt. War Against Veterans


Joshua Kors, reporter for The Nation, discusses the unbelievable lengths to which the U.S. government will go in order to avoid and delay providing medical and disability benefits to the soldiers who fight their wars for them, the stories of Spc. Town and Sgt. Jimenez, the unbelievable numbers of men coming home Shell Shocked and committing suicide (17 per day on average, and already a greater number than those killed during the Iraq occupation), the methods by which the VA hides the true numbers, private, and local and state government attempts to fill the gap, serious attempts by some in congress to try to do close some of the VA’s loopholes and some of the various veterans groups working to help each other out.

MP3 here. (43:55)

Joshua Kors is an investigative reporter for The Nation, where he covers military and veterans’ issues. He is the winner of the National Magazine Award, George Polk Award, IRE Award, National Headliner Award, Casey Medal and the Mental Health Media Award.  He was also a finalist for the Michael Kelly Award, Tom Renner Award, Harvard’s Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting, and the American Bar Association’s Silver Gavel Award.

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  1. What’s this crap about a “hero” card ? Why should I pay to repair the injuries of a criminal who gets hurt during the commission of a crime?

  2. I agree with Mr. Jones. Supporting the troops is why the troops are STILL just following orders and committing atrocities. And beginning October 1 they’ll be pointing their guns at their fellow American citizens. This is one of the few times I don’t listen to the interview.

  3. I started to listen to this interview, because Mr. Horten always does a good job until this idiot Mr. Kors, what a heroe card, they are not heroes they are murderers. They were not conscripted they were volunteers, they signed up to murder innoncent woman and children. I hope those bastasrds commit suicide or live the rest of their miserable lives out in misery.

  4. Here is an excerpt from a Kurt Vonnegut piece, “The Blood of Dresden”

    “Men, up to now you’ve been good, clean, American boys with an American’s love for sportsmanship and fair play. We’re here to change that.

    “Our job is to make you the meanest, dirtiest bunch of scrappers in the history of the world. From now on, you can forget the Marquess of Queensberry rules and every other set of rules. Anything and everything goes.

    “Never hit a man above the belt when you can kick him below it. Make the bastard scream. Kill him any way you can. Kill, kill, kill – do you understand?”

    It is the job of the US military to transform common, decent, people into murderers without compassion for their victims. All for the corporate and financial elite who seek to dominate the world for their gain. The US military are their enforcers… is clueless in many respects as to who it really is that is causing war on the planet. If you are unable to identify your enemy then the batlle is lost before you start.

  5. By the way, former fed chairman Greenspan has said the country cannot afford McCain´s tax cuts for the super-wealthy.
    Sarah Palin will make abortion illegal even in case of rape or incest.
    She believes in the “end times” and has said she´s expecting Jesus to return in her lifetime. Science tells us The Earth could be twice as old, i.e. about 9 billion years.
    And McCain wants to destroy Social Security and make more wars. Palin said, “We may need to go to war with Russia”. That´s NOT an obtion !
    PS: Governor Sarah Palin cut funding for special needs children by 60 %.

  6. Where’s the mystery over why neglect of veteran’s “isn’t a story” in the corporate media? Such a story would reflect badly in the military, ergo it does not exist.

  7. The United States Military soldiers sacrifice so much for America's freedom; they are heroes! The cruel manner in which our soldiers are discharged from the military is unconscionable and more action needs to be taken ensure that soldiers are not cheated from proper medical care. As a Veteran who know the military from inside, it appalls me that our protected American citizens, wearing their clean neat clothes, drinking their Starbucks, walking free of IED's, and getting a good nights sleep would make such outrageous remarks as to generalize all American Operation Iraq soldiers as "criminals deserving to kill themselves". That is one of the most ignorant and heinous verbal attacks on our precious heroes, that I have ever heard. Obviously, people making these statements have never served a day of their life in the United States Military, while protecting their country men, yet these soldier haters think they are subject matter experts on the inner workings of our military and our government. How nice to sacrifice nothing and have the luxury of wishing death on those soldiers who protect your safety and freedom.

  8. Soldier haters need to leave their comfortable American bubbles and get a clue. It sickens me that anyone, especially an older American would label American soldiers as criminals, who supposedly obtained their war wounds from so called war crime, therefore they supposedly deserve no healthcare and that is not all the punishment our heroes supposedly deserve. In addition, these protected American citizens state that our soldiers and veterans deserve to kill themselves. Too bad ignorance is not proportionately, painful, because if so, soldier haters would then find themselves in need of urgent medical care. I would like to see these ridiculous soldier haters get out of their bubble of ignorance. They could benefit by visiting Iraq, New York, or even Down Town Dallas, where a recent terrorist plot was unraveled by the FBI. American soldiers who sacrifice their sweat, blood and tears for their ungrateful country men deserve compassion, gratitude and nothing but the best medical care. Soldier haters, get uncomfortable and get a clue!!!

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