Philip Giraldi

The Terror Wars


Philip Giraldi, former CIA counter-terrorism officer and columnist for, discusses the grossly overstated number of “terrorists” by the War Party, the centuries of the failures of those trying to conquer Afghanistan, the current crises in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Georgia, the exaggeration by the Bush regime of world conflicts to help the McCain campaign and how best to protect Americans from actual terrorists.

MP3 here. (36:27)

Philip Giraldi is a recognized authority on international security and counterterrorism issues. He is a regular contributor to in a column titled “Smoke and Mirrors” and is a Contributing Editor who writes a column called “Deep Background” on terrorism, intelligence, and security issues for The American Conservative magazine.

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  1. If the US supports PJAK against Iran, then why does the US, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq engage in joint operations and intelligence sharing against PJAK? PJAK also issued a press release on the attack in May.

    I know this wasn’t reported in the “official” state propaganda organs of the US–i.e. the mainstream AND alternative media– and I know media lapdog Sy Hersh didn’t include Turkish-language news in any single article of his that pushes the “official” state propaganda. But the question you should ask is, if Hersh is such a great journalist, why doesn’t he get information from the media of the region? Why hasn’t he gone to Qendil? Everyone else has. Why does he only rely on “official” government spokesmen?

    And this doesn’t go into the fact that America’s fifty-first state, Israel, is also providing intelligence to both Turkey and Iran in these operations.

  2. Great interview! I heard the name Bob Barr and I thought he needs to listen to to help him eliminate his confusion. He defended Bush relying on false intelligence on Iraq on Glenn Beck. He seems partially unaware of the libertarian/paleoconservative talking points concerning war. The guys at Lew Rockwell went off on him a couple of weeks ago because of it among other reasons.

  3. Much of the rumor coming out of the Near East and Middle East is not rumor I believe – such as where the money went under Bremer’s watch. Although I didn’t get that from reading Giraldi, one can count on him to dig out what’s really going on about the inflitration in and of America.

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