Sydney Schanberg

John McCain and the POW Cover-Up


Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Sydney Schanberg discusses his article “John McCain and the POW Cover-Up,” the hundreds of U.S. POWs and MIAs knowingly left in Vietnam and Laos after U.S. withdrawal, Arizona Senator John McCain’s suppression of the truth surrounding the abandonment of missing soldiers, personal reasons McCain may have for wanting to keep the records secret, the complicity of the mainstream media and thousands within the government in refusing to address this issue, McCain’s history of not supporting the VA system, the 900 U.S. soldiers left behind in Korea and the constant lying to Americans by our government.

MP3 here. (32:03)

Sydney H. Schanberg, a journalist for nearly 50 years, has written extensively on foreign affairs–particularly Asia–and on domestic issues such as ethics, racial problems, government secrecy, corporate excesses and the weaknesses of the national media. Most of his journalism career has been spent on newspapers but his award-winning work has also appeared widely in other publications and media. The 1984 movie, The Killing Fields, which won several Academy Awards, was based on his book The Death and Life of Dith Pran – a memoir of his experiences covering the war in Cambodia for the New York Times and of his relationship with his Cambodian colleague, Dith Pran. For his accounts of the fall of Cambodia to the Khmer Rouge in 1975, Schanberg was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting “at great risk.”

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  1. Excellent interview, Schanberg’s article is very enlightening as well. An interview with Douglas Valentine, author of a definitive work on the war in Vietnam – “The Phoenix Program”, is also much needed. He asserts that McCain’s collaboration with the North Vietnamese while a POW is far more extensive than previously reported.

  2. When talking about MIA’s, we should make a clear distinction between those who were captured in North Vietnam as opposed to other parts of Southeast Asia ( Laos, Cambodia etc.). Also, how do the percentage of MIA’s from the Vietnam War differ from WWI & II, the Civil war etc. Also how many North Vietnamese or Vietcong were killed in captivity. Any numbers on those?

  3. I think that the things that John McCain has done during his “war years” , most definetly needs to be exposed. If he’s capable, of being able to keep his past wartime “antics”(records) from being viewed, then it’s highly likely he’ll be able to do as he wishes in a presidency capacity. Every aspect of his service during his “wartime” should be examined. My guess is he wont allow it, as he’s kept the files of the released prisoners from even letting them or their families review their own files/records.
    I get so riled as I read the article “War Secrets Senator John McCain Hides”. Read, Read everything Sydney Schanberg has uncovered, and then think about who’ll you’ll cast your vote for. He has done and HIDDEN despicable things during and ongoing throughout his political career. He’s a bad bad man.

  4. Didn’t anyone else read “Spite House”? At least read what Marine Colonel McKenney has to say about reported assassination of POWs on Cambodian border by mislead US sniper units. As best I know he is still alive to be interviewed!

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