Sheldon Richman

Picking a Fight With Russia


Sheldon Richman, senior fellow at the Future of Freedom Foundation and editor of The Freeman, discusses the expansion of NATO and arming of Russia’s neighbors, U.S. meddling in foreign elections, the likely U.S. invasion of Sudan, the myth of Herbert Hoover and the financial bailout crisis.

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Sheldon Richman is editor of The Freeman, published by The Foundation for Economic Education in Irvington, New York, and serves as senior fellow at The Future of Freedom Foundation. He is the author of FFF’s award-winning book Separating School & State: How to Liberate America’s Families; Your Money or Your Life: Why We Must Abolish the Income Tax; and FFF’s newest book Tethered Citizens: Time to Repeal the Welfare State.

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  1. Former fed chairman Greenspan has said the country cannot afford McCain´s tax cuts for the super-wealthy.
    Sarah Palin will make abortion illegal even in case of rape or incest.
    She believes in the “end times” and has said that she´s expecting Jesus to return in her lifetime. Science tells us that The Earth could be twice as old, i.e. about 9 billion years.
    And McCain wants to destroy Social Security and make more wars. Palin said, “We may need to go to war with Russia”. That´s NOT an obtion !
    Governor Sarah Palin cut funding for special needs children by 60 %.

  2. Yes and Palin also said during the VP debate “At least we can agree on one thing we both love Israel” and that my friend, says that not only Palin/McCain but Obama/Biden will drag the US into more wars. It simply startles the rest of the world that the US can’t/won’t see this but eveybody else does. Hello is there anybody in there?

  3. Excuse me, Chris Baker, are you crazy ? Social Security is the foundation of a peaceful, prosperous society. I live in Scandinavia. You are far out in the States. You don´t even have health insurance. “Christians” ???

  4. With 4545 warheads on Minuteman-3´s, Trident-2´s, and MIRVs or smart bombs on B-2 bombers (and 360 ALCMs in reserve), all of them MIRVs linked to NAVSTAR, the USA can cross-target approximately 1,200 hard targets in Russia and China and obtain an almost 100 % probability of kill with an accuracy of 30-40 metres against silos and command centres, etc.
    According to former Trident missile engineer Robert C. Aldridge the US Navy can track and destroy all enemy subs simultaneously.
    The first nation with a nuclear missile shield would de facto have “first-strike capability”. Quite correctly, Lt. Colonel (USAF ret.) Robert Bowman, former Director of US Air Force missile defense program, called missile defense, “the missing link to a First Strike”.
    It seems that no one outside a handful of Pentagon planners or senior intelligence officials in Washington discusses the implications of Washington´s pursuit of missile defense in Poland and the Czech Republic or its drive for Nuclear Primacy. The Russians may have no choice but Launch On Warning.
    I believe that you will agree with me that a first-strike capability is very dangerous even if it´s not intended for specific use.
    I hope that you´ll discuss the problem of the USA´s first-strike capability with your colleagues.
    Peace & All the best
    Claus-Erik Hamle

    By Bob Aldridge

    1. SATELLITE WARFARE has been advancing with a little known annual budget for years, while ballistic missile defense technologies are also applicable against satellites. Now, under the euphemism of “Space Control”, the Pentagon wants to increase spending. In a US first strike, destroying an enemy´s early warning and communications satellites would hinder getting the launch command to his missiles before they are destroyed.

    2. AMERICA´S LONG-RANGE NUCLEAR MISSILES – both land-based and submarine-based – are said to deter another country from striking first. Yet the pinpoint accuracy of those weapons makes them deadly against extremely hard targets such as missile silos – targets which must be destroyed in a first strike before the missiles are launched.

    3. SUBMARINE WARFARE missions – mainly intelligence gathering – have increased, claims the Pentagon. It now wants to increase the current inventory of 56 attack subs to 68 by 2015. These subs can also track the reduced number of Russian missile-launching subs which are confined to the Barents Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk, and destroy them on command.

    4. BALLISTIC MISSILE DEFENSE is presented as needed to guard against a small number of missiles such as an accidental launch by a nuclear power or a strike by a rogue nation. But what is being developed would just as easily intercept enemy missiles that survived a US first strike.

    5. COMMAND, CONTROL, COMMUNICATIONS, AND INTELLIGENCE has been vigorously pursued by the US military. These are necessary to integrate and coordinate the previous four items.

    The systems itemized above are the five essential ingredients of a first-strike capability. The US is vigorously pursuing each one and some are at a high degree of perfection. As the old axiom goes: actions speak louder than words. In this case, a country´s intentions are more accurately determined by the capabilities it seeks, rather than policy statements it promulgates. America has, or is very close to achieving, a disarming and unanswerable first-strike capability.

  5. Hey Scott,
    Have you seen Aaron Russo’s America: From Freedom to Fascism? If not you really should. Also, The United States is not a democracy, we’re a Representative Republic. I think practically everyone has forgotten this. Russo points out in an interview with Alex Jones from infowars that THEY want you to believe we are a democracy, which is mob rule. I wish you would talk about this fallacy which only helps to perpetuate the lies they spread.

    We are not spreading anything except the disease of debt, greed, and war.

  6. I totally disagree with the Federal Reserve System, but Russo’s film is garbage. See this article for a small sampling of how preposterous the film is;

    Besides being factually absurd the message against taxes is objectionably childish. It is really for petulant idiots who insist that we can have government services without paying taxes. It your against taxes, you’re against everything that government does. No police, no jails (meaning effectively no property rights) no parks, no roads, no enforcement of contracts, no military and on and on. My opinion to Cinder is that you should stop acting like a child and stop trusting frauds like Russo.

  7. “It your against taxes, you’re against everything that government does”

    Daniel, you’re the one that needs to “stop acting like a child”.

    Cinderskenney is obviously exploring, a seeker of “truth” (note the quotes), and makes a modest inquiry to Scott regarding his knowledge of Russo’s work.

    And what do you do? Rant on about “petulant idiots” and “the message against taxes is objectionably childish”.

    Well then “Bless the Children”, Daniel. If Jefferson, Franklin, and Paine were alive today, no doubt you would rant against them for their “childishness”. Can there be any doubt they would object to the virtual (tax) slavery the American Citizens find themselves in today?

    Without spending any more time on a worthless effort, and certainly without throwing epithets, the best that can be said of your post, Daniel-san, is you lack imagination and are sloppy in not making a distinction between the evil of the personal income tax and other, more modest forms of levy.

    Not for Daniel (there’s little hope), but for anyone else interested in seeking alternatives to living “at the point of a gun”, please visit the”food for thought” site of David Freidman:

    And if you can’t bring yourself to using the “A” word, then at least “think Switzerland”. Anything but a fascist Empire that only exists because people think “taxes = government = roads, police, contract, parks, etc.”.

    Oh hell, I can’t resist… we may as well add A-Bombs, World Wars, Drug Wars, Assassinations, Starvation, Refugees, and my personal favorite, watching your family being burned alive in a car by an American rocket, paid for by those wonderful… taxes.

    And since I’m at it, I’ll respond to the earlier comment from the “Scandinavian”, “Social Security is the foundation of a peaceful, prosperous society.”

    LIBERTY is the foundation of a peaceful, prosperous society. That’s why I’m here. My grandparents, mother, and her brothers left Norway in ’31, bound for Ellis Island. It wasn’t “social security” they sought. It was FREEDOM.

    And what did they get? FDR’s fascist “New Deal” and “Social Security”. A pox on your moral arrogance. “Peaceful” my ass.


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