Jon Basil Utley

Costs of Soldiers in Iraq


Jon Basil Utley, director of Americans Against World Empire, discusses the true costs of the war and staggering defense budget, the many hidden earmarks Congress rewards itself, the role of the empire in the financial meltdown, the many new enemies being created around the world, Americans’ love of war and the end of the empire.

MP3 here. (41:31)

Jon Basil Utley is associate publisher of The American Conservative and Robert A. Taft Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. A former correspondent for Knight Ridder in South America, Utley has written for the Harvard Business Review on foreign nationalism and was for 17 years a commentator on the Voice of America. He is director of Americans Against World Empire.

6 thoughts on “Jon Basil Utley”

  1. Interesting stuff, as usual.

    One thing puzzles me, though.

    Why does extracting oil or gas from US territory automatically represent a solution to US energy needs? Wouldn’t any oil or gas extracted from US territory by multinational energy corporations simply go onto the world market, to be bought by the highest bidder? Last time I looked that’s how things work.

    Or is Mr Utley proposing some kind of (gasp!) nationalized oil industry?

    Herr von Mises would be rolling over in his grave so fast you could hook him up to a generator and power a medium-sized city.

  2. I found this interview rambling, boring and uninformative. Most unlike your usual fare. Scott — you’re a very bright well-read guy. Why was this lame on the air?

  3. Susan,

    Jon Utley is brilliant – with more thought, travel and reading in him than most all devotees put together.

    I know Jon. Learn from him, Susan – sometimes style of presentation seems to hard to relate to, and if his was boring, write him a note and tell him directly.

    Don’t play the passive-aggressive nonsense so many people play today – both in real life, and on the internet.

  4. Interesting that Carroll Quigley was brought up during the interview. Made me wish you had had more time to discuss his one-world government prophecy and why it is relevant.

  5. Obama said Iran should be barred from importing gasoline as a way of putting “the squeeze on them”. That´s a Declaration of War acc. to International Law. That is obviously what Obama and Congress (HR 362 and SR 580) want. Are they prepared for a Depression maybe even worse than before WW 2 ?

  6. with regard to ongoing blowback, I’d be interested in hearing a discussion about Islamic or tribal (eye for eye) terrorism with regard to Russia. Russia invaded and trashed Afghanistan for several years before being forced out. It seems to me, however, that the terrorism that they suffer is due directly to ongoing interventions in muslim areas (Chechnya, etc.) rather than continuing vengeance by formerly abused populations.


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