Tim Dickinson

Maverick? Lunatic.


Tim Dickinson, contributing editor at Rolling Stone, discusses his article “Make-Believe Maverick,” the early shaping of John McCain’s personality and the McCain “brand,” his similar lineage and “daddy complex” to that of Bush Jr., his not-so-heroic behavior as a POW, how his family connections kept him flying, his choice of Sarah Palin for vice president and how he slept his way to the top.

MP3 here. (31:46)

Tim Dickinson was an editor at Mother Jones from 1998 to 2005 and is now a contributing editor at Rolling Stone magazine. He is the author of Rollingstone.com’s political blog, National Affairs Daily.

8 thoughts on “Tim Dickinson”

  1. Obama said that Iran should be barred from importing gasoline. That´s a Declaration of War, the same as HR 362 and SR 580 which were shelved for now.
    Does Obama really long for the US to go back to 1932 ? And there is still ZERO evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program. ZERO EVIDENCE !!!

  2. “And there is still ZERO evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program. ZERO EVIDENCE !!!”

    They have never needed evidence, or even the least bit of logic for their arguments. I am not an Obama supporter either. However, it is amusing to watch the republicans disintegrate before our eyes, and knowing it is all their own fault.

  3. Who cares what candidate gets elected to whatever office? The USG, in general, is following a flawed model that will only lead to a dead-end. I emphasize the “dead” part.

  4. Dear Scott,

    As yourself, I am not an Obama fan – but I will say this: of all the people, McCain was the last person I would expect to be in favor of wars – since; he saw with his own eyes how nasty war could be in his much-glorified POW years. However, thanks to this interview – I no longer wonder why he is.

    As far as the Democratic and Republican parties concerned, in my opinion – this country is too big to have a simplistic system as the current two parties system.

  5. McCain mentioned a $3million earmark for a planetarium projection screen system..Of course we spend about that much every hour in Iraq-a bombing, invasion and occupation that he voted for..It also turns out that the “Joe the Plumber” that he pulled out of his ass makes about 40k a year and would benefit more fm Sen. Obama’s plan..And on and on…His domestic policies don’t make sense because he’s too busy planning the incineration of millions of innocent Persians-yeah, that’s pro-Life!

  6. Mad Bomber McInsane is a temperamentally unstable, Israel Lobby-controlled hack. And yes, a man with his substandard flying record undoubtedly benefited from having a flag officer old man!

  7. I Thought I knew who to vote for, Just to preserve the check & balance system of American government. But after reading Tims Rolling Stone article, All I want to do is start over. If Tim is right..Were Screwed..No matter what! Where has common sense gone???

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