John L. Esposito

Who Speaks for Islam?


John L. Esposito, professor at Georgetown University and co-author of Who Speaks For Islam: What A Billion Muslims Really Think, the causes of and misconceptions about Muslim radicalism, religion as an accessory to, not motivation for terrorism, the research behind the facts in the book, the nature of bin Laden’s recruitment pitch, “democratic exceptionalism,” the similarities between Islam and Christian values and the underlying racism of American media and many citizens.

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John Esposito is a professor of International Affairs and Islamic Studies and director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University and co-author of Who Speaks For Islam?: What a Billion Muslims Really Think.

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  1. The US’s continuing and enormously expensive military aid program to Israel, furnishing it with the necessary weaponry to become an unrivalled military presence in the region, places the US in an extremely comprising position as a valid ‘peace negotiator’. That and the fact that the US has protected Israel on a number of occasions, via an unjust UN veto system, from its own consequences, serve to discredit the entire Middle Eastern peace process. And more pertinently the US has approached the issue of settlement expansion with nothing more than hollow words dragging the issue out just long enough to create new ‘facts on the ground’. Not one of these childish games is unknown to the vast majority of Muslims particularly in the Middle East.

    After all the US funded and facilitated death and suffering since WWII, the US, which in all reality should have been attacked on numerous occasions by many different nations since WWII, has escaped facing the consequences of its own deplorable actions. The first time the US has to deal with what it has dealt out in such a reckless fashion on so many occasions it lashes out and destroys the lives of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people. The US has the religious right with their macabre dreams of Israel’s destruction and political Zionists who in reality hate Christians and are using them as a vehicle of Imperialism in order to recreate biblical Judea and Samaria heavily populating all levels of US politics and the US calls Muslims radical?

    Radicalism is spreading because arguments like jealousy, irrational hatred and religious fervor are not only ridiculous they send a clear message to Arabs, that is, that there will be no justice for you.

  2. Obama said that Iran should be barred from importing gasoline. That´s a Declaration of War, the same as HR 362 and SR 580 which were shelved for now.
    The result of a war with Iran will be a going back to 1932.

  3. Dear Scott,

    As far as what the Muslim world likes about the west concerned, as an African and a Muslim there is one thing, which probably would not impress you that much – but I always admired about the west – that is, the peaceful and willingness of the leaders to leave the office at the end of their terms.

    In contrast, prior of my moving into the States, I lived under dictators who came into the power by force, which did not leave the power unless they were chased out by force.

    Now, the conspiracy theorists people argue that America is one false flag away from dictatorship – is that true? It is hard to tell; do I believe it? Of course, no – or should I say – I do not want to believe it! Why? In case someone has not realized yet, after America there is only f**king ocean and I am really – I mean REALLY tired of running away….

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