Scott Horton Interviews Jim Fine

Scott Horton, October 22, 2008

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Jim Fine, Legislative Secretary for Foreign Policy for the Friends Committee on National Legislation’s Iraq Peace Campaign, discusses the pacifism of the Quaker faith, the defeat of the Iranian war resolution in Congress, the exaggerated Iranian threat, the need for global nuclear disarmament and to negotiations with adversaries, Ahmadinejad’s admission of the 2003 negotiations that the U.S. backed out of, Bush’s signing statements immunizing him from obeying the law stopping permanent military bases and seizing Iraq’s oil, the hawkish stance Obama will have to display to avoid Republican criticism and the groups who stand up to AIPAC.

MP3 here. (40:55)

Jim Fine, Legislative Secretary for Foreign Policy for the The Friends Committee on National Legislation’s Iraq Peace Campaign. Jim has lived in Beirut, Jerusalem, Ramallah, and, briefly, in Baghdad. For over three decades he has traveled extensively throughout the region meeting with political, social, and religious leaders and developing relationships of trust and confidence. He has served as the American Friends Service Committee’s (AFSC) International Affairs representative in the Middle East traveling to Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Israel. He has also worked with a Quaker high school in Ramallah, and with the Middle East Council of Churches.

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  1. Iam going to beat the Peace Gathering in January here in Phila.
    Are we going to hear from Jim in person? I hope this will be possible
    So glad to hear from Jim’s experienced thoughtful 8info for all of us to carry with us as we face the new decisions.

    Does he get FCNL’s info/ How can we get to him?

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