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Grant F. Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy and author of America’s Defense Line: The Justice Department’s Battle to Register the Israel Lobby as Agents of a Foreign Government, discusses the intrigue behind the AIPAC spy case, long rage patterns of neocon duplicity and criminality, the history behind the Logan Act, the complicity of the corporate media, the likely continuity of Mideast policy in an Obama administration and the War Party’s shutting down of much needed U.S. trade with the Mideast.

MP3 here. (38:42)

Grant F. Smith is the author of the new book America’s Defense Line: The Justice Department’s Battle to Register the Israel Lobby as Agents of a Foreign Government. He is a frequent contributor to Radio France Internationale and Voice of America’s Foro Interamericano. Smith has also appeared on BBC News, CNN, and C-SPAN. He is currently director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington, D.C.

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  1. Peak Oil is about 2010. When there´s no more oil, United Bluff controls the oil in Iraq. That was the idea. Bush and his gang must be arrested on leaving office. If not, he and the other gang members must be arrested and tried for War Crimes if they dare to leave the country.
    Obama said that Iran should be barred from importing gasoline ! That´s a Declaration of War. What´s the matter with him ? Does he think United Bluff owns the Planet because of bigger guns ? There´s ZERO EVIDENCE that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program. The result of war with Iran (which will last for a hundred years at least) will be a Depression-we´ll be back in 1932 !!!

  2. When it comes to American relations with Iran, AIPAC IS THE DECIDER.

    The AWFUL sight of all top US law-makers; McCain, Obama, Clintons as well as all leaders of Congress; flocking to AIPAC Policy Conference and taking oath of loyalty to Israel should have convinced every American independent political observer that recommending a new approach to Iran to the coming US Administration is futile if not first cleared with AIPAC.

    Without AIPAC endorsement there will at best be insignificant and incremental change in US policies towards Iran.

    Well-wishers of America, when it comes to Iran policy, should find a way of winning over AIPAC to their side first.

    Because, whether we like or not, when it comes to American relations with Iran, AIPAC IS THE ULTIMATE DECIDER.

  3. I have to learn how to erase the former shows so that my computer will let me listen to the four above. Bummer. Such important interviews, that should be must reads for the nation.

  4. Elcaro is right;

    Forget calling your congressional representative or senator.

    AIPAC is in charge of US Iran policy. And AIPAC doesn’t care what any American thinks, unless perhaps that person happens to be a major donor to AIPAC.

    Are you such a donor, or do you have any persuadable friends who are major AIPAC donors? Talk to them. Otherwise, forget it. Yours is but to give unto Israel whatever Israel wants, until your own country is exhausted and discarded like a dry husk.

  5. AIPAC is not all encompassing: their Iran proposal was defeated not long ago. The fight is definitely not over but it seems that they are on the wane on influence thanks to the debacle in Iraq.

  6. Netanyahu not only spoke of 9/11’s advantageousness for Israel, he was actually in NYC the night before the event. He and Ghouliani were also in London on 7/7. It’s a small world but not that small. Let’s call the intrigues performed by the Israel-first crowd in this country what it is: TREASON.

  7. Obama has allready sold the US out to the AIPAC world wide spy network.
    We will never get our USA back as long AIPC is allowed to break all US laws as well as bribing every branch of the US government.
    AIPAC can only be put out of business when we the people DEMAND that all of AIPAC be put on open, public trial. If we do not I think we will see much bloodshed
    as more and more people become poorer and poorer and more and more angry and will say we too can break the law as much as AIPAC and congress does and we will be better at it.
    What a shame that we allowed israeli zionists to destroy the USA.

  8. Thanks Scott, for this excellent interview. has been very good for following this important case. AIPAC, the ADL and all of their ilk must be exposed for the craven anti-semites and traitors that they are. Thank god there are some FBI agents that have not forgotten their oath to defend the USA. Thanks again.

  9. This constant hand-wringing over the possibility of US aggression toward Iran is very annoying. Look at the actual facts for a moment and I think it is quite clear that the neocon-influenced Bush Middle East policy benefits the interests of the clerical regime in Iran. It has been terrible for Baghdad, but excellent for Tehran, terrible for secular Arab nationalism, excellent for sectarian Islamism. This likely result of the Iraq invasion/occupation was known by US and Israeli policy-makers before the fact. They knew that their favorite Ahmed Chalabi was an Iranian agent – the CIA bought him a villa in Tehran months before the Iraq invasion. The policy of “De-Ba’thification” was (is) prosecuted as ardently by Iranian agents in Iraq as it was (is) by the US occupation. Since the US invasion Syria, Iraq’s only neighbor with a Ba’th Party-led government, has been invaded several times, and many Syrian citizens have been killed directly by the US within their own borders. That hasn’t happened in Iran, and it will not happen. I could go on ‘ad nauseum’ on this point, but on to the second one.

    It is ridiculous to talk of the US causing “regime change” in Iran. The clerical regime in Tehran is extremely stable. Even before the Islamic revolution, the clerical class of Iran/Persia was very wealthy, organized and influential. In the intervening twentyeight years of course the Shi’i clerics have become much more entrenched in power and wealth. And consider this; the country is over 90% Shi’i.

    Probably if the US had, instead of invading Iraq, launched a full-scale military assault on Iran, it could have achieved the same sort of hideous “victory” the pro-war die-hards are now claiming in Iraq. But no one now thinks that the over-extended US military would dare to attempt such a feat. Any half-measure attempts at pressuring the regime through sanctions, covert ops, or (shudder) “no-fly zones”, will only cause the Iranian populace to consolidate their support for the government.

    Undoubtedly the US and Israel would like to stop any progress in the Iranian nuclear program (without the US or Israel doing anything to scale down their own nuclear arsenals) but would Israel risk the extremely negative reaction from virtually the entire world should it take aggressive military action against Iran’s nuclear sites? I don’t think so, and I don’t think the US would, either.

    Apart from that, really great interview, Scott and Grant (no sarcasm intended).

  10. My compliments to Grant F. Smith. HIs book “America’s Defense Line” exposes AIPAC as the slimy, perfidious organization it is.

    The Israel Lobby is responsible for colossal harm to America’s interests. It essentially controls Congress. (Patrick Buchanan’s comment that Congress is “Israeli-occupied territory” is a classic.)

    AIPAC should be vigorously investigated and monitored.

  11. Unless mankind learns to live in peace and share what is left of the world’s resources they will end up destroying themselves and the planet. It is like watching young children on the playground when they first enter an organized social environment such as school. America has laws and a framework (Constitution) but for the ruling class these are mere hinderances as they go about their business of dominating the world and amassing wealth. I’m not quite sure if many of them even know why they are doing it but it gives them prestige and power and that keeps them partially satisfied. They claim that they are making the world “safe” but the big question is: safe for who? “What does it profit you if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?”

  12. Dan writes: “‘comment is awaiting moderation’…does that mean censoring truth and opinions.?”

    No, Dan, just opinions. Our blog software’s attempts to keep bigots off of our comment sections can sometimes be heavy handed. I approve all but racist comments. Hope you understand.

  13. Thanks Scott no one is discussing this investigation or trial. Hell it is not just the MSM who have completely ignored this investigation and trial Firedoglake, Huffington Post, Crooks and Liars and the rest of the so called progressive blogosphere have are too chicken shit to dig into this. The progressive blogosphere merges with the MSM on this investigation, on the I lobby and the I/P conflict. Emptywheel, Jane Hamsher, Christy Hardin Smith, Arianna Huffington went after Libby but they have not touched this not touched this. Chicken shits. Real Chicken shits on this important story. Just why is this? Pathetic. No different than the MSM

  14. Yes we need to expose the AIPAC and how this rogue organization is bribing politicians on both sides to get us into non stop war despite this country being bankrupt.

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