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Mark Ames, author of “The Cold War that Wasn’t” in The Nation, discusses the dominant narrative and ideological underpinnings in the U.S. press regarding the recent Georgian attack on South Ossetia and subsequent Russian counterattack on Georgia, the attempt to portray Russia as the aggressor by floating the idea of a first-strike cyber war despite the lack of any evidence, the alleged poisoning of Ukraine’s Victor Yushchenko and the current dispute between Yushchenko and Yulia Timoshenko over her reaction to the Georgia war, the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, NATO expansion into Eastern Europe, the precedent set by U.S. intervention in Kosovo, the danger of putting “defensive” missiles in Eastern Europe while the U.S. foreign policy establishment contemplates first strike capability, U.S. NED support for the Russian National Bolsheviks, the “shock therapy” robbery of Russian resources under Yeltsin’s autocracy in the 1990s and the consequences.

MP3 here. (64:25)

Mark Ames is a journalist who has written for several publications including the New York Press, The Nation and GQ Russia and is the founding editor and regular contributor of the Moscow-based newspaper The eXile. He is the author of Going Postal: Rage, Murder and Rebellion From Reagan’s Workplaces to Clinton’s Columbine and Beyond and The eXile: Sex, Drugs and Libel in the New Russia.

6 thoughts on “Mark Ames”

  1. I’m sure I read somewhere that Yuschenko (or someone close to him) has admitted that the whole ‘dioxin’ poisoning thing was a fraud.

  2. Dear Mr. Horton

    This is a fantastic interview. I do hope that there are enough people in America who take the time to listen to it and be told the truth about Georgia. This should be compulsory listening for Sarah Palin.

  3. This is probably the best interview ever on radio, and there have been many, many good ones.

    The way you (pl.) expose the dishonestly of the Washington Post op-ed page is stunning.

  4. Does anyone have the link to that Foreign Policy article on the Missile Defense System being used for a first strike? I so I would like to check it out. Thanks.

  5. Wow. Every democratic gv-mnt needs such a watchguard journalists be near, just in case it will not stop to be democratic one nice day :-). So there will be someone to tell em.

    redsaunas Says:
    October 31st, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    I’m sure I read somewhere that Yuschenko (or someone close to him) has admitted that the whole ‘dioxin’ poisoning thing was a fraud.

    Noooo. That wasn’t Yushenko. Cos he still uses this his “poisoning” in political games to blame some exfriends who begin conflict with his him. The person you mean is possibly Zhvania /there are few politicians with that second name/.
    And when Russians want to poison someone – FSB uses such poisons that many ppls will take it but only the targeted person will die, as it was with one field comander in Chechnya nicknamed Black Arab or smth.

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