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The US and Iran in Iraq


Robert Dreyfuss, author of The Dreyfuss Report blog for The Nation, discusses the policy of “hot pursuit” across international boundaries against anyone deemed an enemy, an increased military budget that encourages greater use of special forces, the prospect of a renewed UN mandate replacing a failed Iraq SOFA agreement and how it could effect the incoming U.S. administration, Iran’s decision to reduce confrontation with the U.S., how the Israeli election result will impact prospects for peace in the Middle East and the strategy behind al Qaeda’s attacks against America.

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Based in Alexandria, Va., Dreyfuss been writing for Rolling Stone for at least a decade, and currently covers national security for Rolling Stone’s National Affairs section. He’s a contributing editor at The Nation, a contributing writer at Mother Jones, and a senior correspondent for The American Prospect. His articles have also appeared in The Washington Monthly, The New Republic, Newsday, Worth, California Lawyer, The Texas Observer, E, In These Times, The Detroit Metro Times, Public Citizen, Extra!, and, in Japan, in Esquire, Foresight and Nikkei Business. His blog, The Dreyfuss Report, is now at The Nation.

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  1. What happened to Bob Dreyfuss? Towards the end of the interview he dismissed Al-Qeida as simply “morons and idiots”. How inarticulate. Now, I’m no fan of Al-Qeida, they indiscriminately kill innocent civilians, but they do so to create instability and fear, resulting in total chaos for the foreign armies that occupy their “host” country. But to say that they didn’t want the Americans to invade Afghanistan is simply ignorant and uniformed. Bin Laden and al-Zawahiri have stated that this was their goal since their organization’s inception in 1996. Perhaps the Taliban didn’t want the Americans and NATO to invade, but for Al-Qeida–-they cannot survive and grow without foreign occupation.

  2. Yeah, I am afraid to say that Mr. Dreyfuss is a moron. I think that his liberal leaning tendencies is hazing his views on the Al Qaeda’s capabilities. I can pretty much guarantee he knows nothing of how war is funded (through central banking) and bin Laden’s knowledge of socialism. The idea that they are some nihilistic killers with no goals but murder and slaughter is completely illogical. Why would a group be willing to die for no reason? Did they accept death against the Soviets because they like murder? Or do were they fighting for their religion and homelands against a foreign oppressor? Of course they wanted to draw the US into Afghanistan and of course they are partly responsible for our financial fallout right now. The empire will come to an end (which is their goal) through the destruction of our currency and economy… not through the domination of our society militarily. They could be launching attacks in the US more often if that was the case… as Scheuer said, they could light up a bunch of people at a mall with some AK-47’s relatively easy; but killing 30-40 civilians at a time is not going to do the damage that making our military spend billions overseas on fighting them in unconquerable land is doing.

    That is why I genuinely despise foreign policy analysts who use their work to advocate political positions. Having an anarchist/ libertarian/ very nationalistic person brings significantly more clarity to their work… I have noticed that Robert Pape’s work is slightly tinged with pro-Democratic/mainstream leanings. Nationalist/anarchist/radicals like Pat Buchanan, Michael Scheuer, Patrick Cockburn, Noam Chomsky (inless he is lauding socialism)

  3. America is slowly bleeding to death through the wallet every day, in large part due to it’s imperial policy.

    Please explain to me how Al Queda is “losing” this war.

  4. Number one, The USG does not give a rip about the Arab people in general. We are in Iraq and Afghanistan to secure access their natural resources and pipeline routes. That is also the primary reason why we worry about India & Pakistan blowing each other up… The only perceived military threat in the region is to Israel who is determined to remain the sole armed nuclear power. American domestic policy has been virtually ignored under the Bush administration and the so-called financial crisis is one of the results. If the US government persists in following the path of Imperialism and foreign meddling it will eventually end very badly for all the parties involved. Dreyfus has no more of an idea of what is going on than Bush has had since 2002.

  5. Dreyfuss’ position on al Qaeda may be a bit incoherent, but the problem is not that he lacks a thorough understanding of the problem. In fact his book, The Devil’s Game is an absolutely brilliant and thoroughly researched and documented account of the growth of Global Islamic extremism, including al Qaeda and similar groups. The most interesting thing about Dreyfuss’ analysis (and the source of the title of his book) is that he shows that these groups have been very carefully nourished and funded and guided by Western intelligence agencies, notably of the US, Israel, Britain and France. This project has been an important component of the implementation of several very important geostrategic projects.

    Dreyfuss’ incoherence is by no means the result of lack of knowledge. He has the same problem that anyone who is and wants to remain a Certified Public Intellectual has. He cannot acknowledge or even grant the slightest legitimacy to the fact that 911 was an inside job. That’s the source of the cognitive dissonance here. Yes al Qaeda consists of a group of morons. No, a group of morons did not pull off September 11.

  6. How about the exercise of two planes hitting the towers at the same time as the actual attack and that no plane went up to follow the hijacked planes. Strange, isn´t it ? And the Mossad people celebrating on a hill outside N.Y. ? What about Rice´s call to a black mayor of not flying on the day of the attack. Can that be confirmed ? Something is not right. For example several of the alleged dead terrorists are alive. Remote control ?

  7. I have counted Mr. Dreyfuss as one of the few liberals I read on a regular basis, but I have to express my disappointment in his comments in this interview. Al Qaeda – savages, killers, evils: no doubt! – morons and idiots, not strategic thinkers: not even close! I don’t want to sit here and give compliments to people have attacked my country, killed my countrymen, and want that to continue eternally but to say that they are simply morons does ourselves and our effort to defeat them a major disservice. We are dealing with evil people, but we are not dealing with irrational madmen. We are dealing with smart, strategic-minded people. If we hadn’t underestimated in the first place we might not be in the position we are now where we are losing the war against them. It’s time we wake up and realize who we are fighting. Mr. Dreyfuss as an educated man should not better.

    Oh, and any one who think that 9/11 was an “inside job” does the rest of us who have a principled argument and perception of reality a major disservice as well. Sorry, but the idea that the U.S. government perpetrated 9/11 is ridiculous.

  8. Well, just one parting observation. Probably the two contributors to this very website who have the most experience in government are Paul Craig Roberts and Karen Kwiatkowski. Both are strong supporters of the 911 Truth Movement, and believe that September 11 was an Inside job.

    Karen Kwiatkowski: Former Political-Military Affairs Officer in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Also served on the staff of the Director of the National Security Agency. 20-year Air Force career. Member adjunct faculty, Political Science Department, James Madison University

    Paul Craig Roberts: Former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Former Editor, Wall Street Journal

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