Tom Engelhardt

Bush’s Legacy: Only Blood and Failure


Tom Engelhardt, editor of TomDispatch and of The World According to TomDispatch, chronicles the failures of the Bush Administration and their misguided faith in the dark side of force, the state of complete catastrophe inside Afghanistan and on its border with Pakistan, the precarious situation in Iraq, Bush’s failure to get Iran to stop enriching Uranium (his standard), how U.S. policy has benefited Hamas and Hezbollah, the worst crisis on earth: the U.S.-caused war in Somalia and the rise of much more radical forces there than those whose power the invasion was meant to thwart.

MP3 here. (23:32)

An editor in publishing for the last 25 years, Tom Engelhardt is the author of The End of Victory Culture, a history of American triumphalism in the Cold War era, now out in a revised edition with a new preface and afterword, and Mission Unaccomplished, Tomdispatch Interviews with American Iconoclasts and Dissenters. He is at present consulting editor for Metropolitan Books, a fellow of the Nation Institute, and a teaching fellow at the journalism school of the University of California, Berkeley. Visit his Web site.

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  1. Bush and his gang should be arrested on leaving office and tried for treason-lies to initiate a war, kidnapping, torture, destroing Bill of Rights. If not, hopefulle he and the gang can´t leave the country without being arrested and tried for WAR CRIMES.

  2. If Bush is such a stupid monster, how come that he has been elected twice into office and still got over 20% of Americans’ support today? What does it say about the American “democracy?”


    If Congress refuses to hold the Executive Branch accountable for its multiple abuses of power, the next

    Administration will know it has nothing to fear from Congressional oversight. More war, more abuse of power,

    more erosion of our civil rights and our civil liberties are the inevitable consequences of an unchecked

    Executive. Congress must reassert itself to restore a functioning balance of power. That can only be done by

    holding impeachment hearings.

    ■ IRAQ: Bush Administration officials have collectively told hundreds of lies about the run-up to our invasion

    of Iraq, as anyone who’s done any reading over the last 5 years knows. If this is not gross abuse of power,

    nothing is.

    ■ ILLEGAL SPYING ON AMERICAN CITIZENS: Whatever changes Congress makes now to FISA, it

    was illegal for the Bush Administration to conduct surveillance of American citizens without a warrant. They

    did this for years.

    ■ TORTURE: Before the passing of the Military Commissions Act, torture was illegal in this country. The torture

    and illegal treatment of prisoners authorized by the Bush Administration violated international treaties

    such as the Geneva Conventions, thereby violating US law.

    ■ SEPARATION OF POWERS: The Bush Administration’s outrageous abuse of signing statements amounts

    to giving the Executive a line item veto over legislation passed by Congress. The firing of the U.S. Attorneys is a

    graphic example of the Administration’s politicization of the Judiciary. Congress must act to protect and reassert

    the balance of power.

    ■ NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. This is nonpartisan. If anything, it is the highest form of conservatism—

    respect for the rule of law. It’s up to the Congress to demand true accountability, and that means holding

    impeachment hearings now.

    ■ DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE—IT’S NOT TOO LATE. It’s only too late if citizens like us give up on

    our country.

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