Chris Calabrese

America: Constitution Free Zone


ACLU lawyer Chris Calabrese discusses the government-defined 100 mile wide “Constitution-free zone” border area that extends inland from the U.S. external boundary and covers nearly 2/3 of the U.S. Population, how the traditional exception of Fourth Amendment protections for border searches now applies to nearly all major U.S. metropolitan cities, why the current system ought to feel like home to anyone who lived in Communist East Germany and how advances in technology and a large DHS budget enable an increasingly expansive surveillance culture.

MP3 here. (34:32)

Chris Calabrese, program counsel for the ACLU’s Technology and Liberty Project.

3 thoughts on “Chris Calabrese”

  1. You know, its kind of funny to hear Americans complaining about checkpoints. Can Americans conceptualize the notion that they are not themselves?

  2. America is well on its way to becoming a police state because of the simple fact that the USG fears its own people. Terrorists and terrorism were used as excuses to set up all of the police state mechanisms that are now in place. The fact is that the government has been screwing the people for so long that now it is becoming pretty hard to conceal it from the general public. As financial and economic conditions in America continue to deteriorate look for and increase in government suppression of the average citizen’s rights. You are not going to stop this with laws and protests. The usual suspects that you are allowed to vote for are behind it 100% and the gullible masses will continue to believe most anything that they are told.

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