Woody Powell

The Virtues of Peace


Woody Powell, former executive director of Veterans For Peace, discusses his personal experiences serving in the Korean War, the difficulties and invective associated with anti-war activism in America and the virtues of advocating for peace rather than militarism on Armistice Day.

MP3 here. (20:20)

Wilson “Woody” Powell, is the former executive director of Veterans for Peace, which is based in St. Louis Missouri.

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  1. It’s pretty amazing that the atrocities, US casualties and overall destruction of the Korean War meets or exceeds the devastation of the Vietnam War but very few Americans understand the consequenses of US involvement…it’s the “forgotten war” for Americans though the Koreans certainly don’t feel that way. I recall that the commander of the US Air Force bragged that American bombing killed 20% of the Korean population – talk about success!

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