Doug Bandow

Entangled Empire


Doug Bandow, author of Foreign Follies on, discusses the need for a neocon purge from the Republican Party, the unsustainable U.S. empire of military bases, the failure of Bush diplomacy with North Korea, creating a political climate receptive to peace with Iran, Obama’s post-election hawkishness and the lessons lost from WWI on entangling alliances.

MP3 here. (42:58)

Doug Bandow is a Robert A. Taft Fellow at the American Conservative Defense Alliance and author of Foreign Follies on

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  1. I listen to most of your podcasts. Sometimes I do a search to see if I can find a photograph of the people involved. This does not always produce results. For example I have no idea what Scott Horton looks like. I for onr would like to see who I am listening to. I am intrigued by Scott Horton as he sound to be about twenty yet has the wisdom of some one much older. So how about giving us an image?


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