Patrick Cockburn

The Surge Didn’t Work


Patrick Cockburn, Middle East correspondant for The Independent, discusses the Iraqi National Intelligence Service threat to sue Ahmed Chalabi, the myth that the “surge” pacified Iraq, the continued scarcity of clean water and electricity in Baghdad, a likely new UN resolution by the new year and how a Shia-dominated government may be strong enough to take over from the U.S.

MP3 here. (52:45)

Patrick Cockburn, Middle East correspondent of The Independent, has been visiting Iraq since 1978. He was awarded the 2005 Martha Gellhorn prize for war reporting in recognition of his writing on Iraq. He is the author of, his memoir, The Broken Boy, and with Andrew Cockburn, Saddam Hussein: An American Obsession, The Occupation: War, Resistance and Daily Life in Iraq and Muqtada: Muqtada al-Sadr, the Shia revival and the Struggle for Iraq.

16 thoughts on “Patrick Cockburn”

  1. How about: “The Whole War did not Work”?

    1. Lied US into Iraq:
    Chem Weapons
    Links to Al-Qeda
    “They hate US because we’re free.”

    2. That BS did not wash so it became:
    Sadam is Hitler
    Operation “Iraqi Freedom”
    Bring Democracy to the Iraqi people.
    “Bring ’em on…”

    3. Results:
    Most estimates give around one million dead Iraqis and 4-5 million displaced from their homes.
    2-3 $T in cost to American taxpayers and rising.
    No end in sight.

    “It’s not about the oil”…

  2. No, it’s about the Israelis. Country First. Israel till the bloody, final end. How long can they continue to string us along with the threat that they’ll hurt our feelings by calling us anti-semites? It’s pathetic.

  3. Ann and Nick… The Saudis are running out of oil reserves. The Iraqi’s have probably the largest unexploited reserves in the region. All of it will pass through Kuwaiti and Saudi refineries and go to market (mostly) as Saudi crude. Your lights will remain on and you can continue to sip latte’s at Starbucks and hug trees. Israel doesn’t figure into the mix. There’s other problems in the world you can try to pin on them.

  4. Saudi Arabian and Turkish Inteliience services often liaise with Mossad and there are pipelines currently under construction with a view to ferry oil from Northern Iraq to Tel Aviv. Caspian oil is also being channeled for Israel.

    I sincerely hope Nick’s opinions are merely innocent mistakes rather than poor attempts at misdirection.

  5. “The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservatives, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history.”
    -Ari Shavit Ha’aretz News Service (Israel) April 5, 2003


    Chief Rabbi Metzger thanks Bush for intervening in Iraq
    M. Wagner — Jerusalem Post 1/9/2008

    During a short verbal exchange Wednesday at the Ben Gurion Airport Terminal, Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger thanked George Bush for the US’s military intervention in Iraq.
    “I want to thank you for your support of Israel & in particular for Waging a War against Iraq,” Metzger told Bush, according to the chief rabbi’s spokesman.
    Bush answered that the words “warmed his heart”.


    Iraq Oil to be Shipped to Israel
    Amiram Cohen, Haartez

    ‘The US has asked Israel to check the possibility of pumping oil from Iraq TO the oil refineries in Haifa. The request came in a telegram last week from a senior Pentagon official to a top Ministry official.
    The pipeline would take oil from the Kirkuk area, & transport it via Mosul, then across Jordan to Israel. The telegram included a request for a cost est for repairing the Haifa pipeline that was in use prior to 1948.’

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