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Joseph P. Sottile, the producer of the new documentary, The Warning, discusses the importance of Plato’s “noble lie” in Straussian/ neo-conservative ideology, why Obama must be pressured to dismantle the imperial presidency, how the complicity of top Democrats in torture and wiretapping schemes prevents prosecution of Bush officials, and the remarkable North Korean origin of the U.S. torture manual.

MP3 here. (49:06)

Joseph P. Sottile has produced programs featured on PBS, National Geographic Channel and Fox. He served as producer and executive producer of Metropolitan Edition, a newsmagazine show that aired on WJLA/ABC 7.

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  1. You know Obama might be a good deal worse than the Neo Cons. Its not for certain that the change of president is a change for the better. I really have no foresight more than others but to my nose the smell is of things getting worse not better. If Obama is better it most likely be because of economic restrains rather than anything else. He has already reneged on the whole idea change (yes we will) with a stead as you go Clinton executive.

  2. I am not as worried about super patriots now as I am about a cabal of internationalists who wield the real power. If we went back to the old nation states with an assumption that the fortunes and desires of the person on the street are reflected in the government, we would be safer. not safe but safer. The power to steer the world around is going to be somewhere. International socialism, International Capitalism, a confederation of Nationalists, If you want an international SEC, run by some George Soros types from Geneva, you might think you have vanquished the state, but like the while Gandolf, you have free-ed it from its parochial restrictions to recast it as a clique responsible to nobody outside their inner circle.

  3. Scott:

    Great interview, as always. I was intrigued by the statement made regarding Ron Paul and the armed services votes. Where can I dig up those stats?


  4. Why isn’t it the opinions of those who believe that indeed it is to late to rebuild the government or even revamp it by the popualce at large?

    Independent media and journalism is as guilty of censorship as is the differing official mainline media outlets and would seem that both do so for the same reason, it keeps them employed.

    Without facing full on the reality of our conditions and by marginalizing the dangers of all the laws that would allow a truly despotic regime to come into being.

    In a military there is a tactic called strategic withdrawal, whereby you try to control your retreat so as not to face a complete rout and the cohesiveness of your forces degenerate into an uncontrolled state of hysteria.

    The problem is in the areas of Civil Rights there is no place your forces can retreat to and have time to rebuild or regain enough assets to once again go on the offensive.

    There is hardly an economic base left to finance the infrastructure necessary to carry on the conflict, as it is so splintered with each site author or journalistic group having no one base depeding upon voluntary contributions form a popualce soon to not have any means to give and need be for personal survival.

    Naomi Klines exposure of what many already knew was happening, Shock Doctrine, even without media exposure, it is not just in politics but has been used throughout all facets of human interactions, wether in buisness or family relations it is only the amounts that vary.

    Shock Doctrines strongest point is that it works best upon a target that does not know why, where and from whom the Doctrine origniates and by the time the target realizes what has happened they are defenseless to stop the process.

    Iraq is the best example of Shock Doctrine Tactic and it began not in this last invasion but in the First Gulf War, or more factually in the PNAC Doctrines leadership along with US foreign policy oof last 60 years.

    iraqs invasion was upon a weakend country by sanctions, military attacks in no fly zones and covert operations with primarily the Kurds and bribery of Iraqui Generals, Religious leaders and political figures that made Iraqs popualtion lives so miserable that when US invaded they were not met with any military resistance at all.

    By the time the popualce woke up and figured they had been conquered by not as bad but a worse entity than Saddams’ all they had left was little groups of ineffectual resistance.

    Todays resistance is in fact much better organized than at time of invasion and in many different forms and no matter hwo long US stays there will always be some form of it.

    Now if he iraui people had understood their plight would become much worse we may of seen not ten or twenty thousand military throught the whole country resisting but millions of its populace to resist.

    And that would of ben its onw form of Shock Doctirne to those in US who believed, and were proven right, that Iraq invasion would be easy.

    In other words unless we bloody the noses of the present Democratic/Republican coalition it will only get worse; Which will never be done until the people realize they are backed in a corner, their enemy is not going to let them get away without at least being molestedd from this point on or destroy them quickly, they will never fight as if their very existence depended upon it.

    Art of War: always leave your enemy a route of retreat or else be prepared for many more casualtys, as desperate men fight desperately if trapped and the outcome of battle becomes more uncertain.

    Once they retreat they do as as a defeated force, and if pressured long and hard enough each time they retreat they begin to accept defeat as the only outcome of their resitance.

  5. Now is the time to admit, that we are indeed living in desperate times and either we just surrender or fight back as only those of desperation can, with all our might.

    Some may not sell as many books, make as many movies and make a living off of the situation but maybe what they keeep trying to instill in others, let others take action and suffer the consequences, they would have to prove by their own actions first.

  6. The US has always had socialism for the rich. It also has subsidies in the billions for a multitude of industries.

    Neoliberals are just what Europeans call Neocons because over int he UK its the “Liberals” who are conservatives and the labor who are seen as more liberal (small l). Howver its pretty clear that all we have is big government parties.

    The Conservative party in the US split by subject. On economic issues they were more liberal (small l) but on social issues they were more religiously ass backwards and wanted intervention. The two issues together made Republicans.

    The Liberals were socially more liberal but economically more inteventionist and pro-government. The two issues together made Democrats.

    So people split depending on what was more important to them, economic issues or socail issues. So all the people hyperly concerned with race etc became Liberals and the ones obsessed with Religion or Business became Conservatives.

    The problem is there was no actual (small l) liberal party. Other than the Libertrians. Socially liberal and Economically liberal.

    The Conservatives became Neocons when they took the old Religious Right’s views on social issues and combined that with the Left’s view on economic intervention and foreign intervention.

    Socially backwards as the worst Conservative and economically backward as the worst Liberal. Neocons also obsessed with Israel (because of the religion dogma) where as the Neolibs same philosophy only they focus more on controlling the market than on foreign intervention, they are very close to being communists.

    Democray plays to the least common denominator. It becomes a contest of getting media exposure which takes money which usually means corporate sponsorship. AKA like the Democracies of old we give way to a Plutocracy.

    How to fix it
    1 ignore mass media support alternative media

    2 get others informed and supporting alternative media

    3 get behind killing the federal reserve.

    Get people to watch the film Money Masters.
    Joe you sound just like me.
    I got PNAC removed from the internet.

  7. The talk between Scott and Joseph about Naomi Klein was important. Scott doesn’t like Ms. Klein focuses on corporate power; he would prefer she focus on reducing government power. Her solutions call for more government restraint on corporations.

    So who’s right?

    The truth is that the corporations ARE the state and vice versa. The identity isn’t 100% as Mussolini advocated, but it’s growing all the time and has been since World War 2 at least. Leaders and lobbyists go from corporations to government and back all the time. Sometimes they stop off in academia or in think tanks, but they’re all part of the same operation.

    We (libertarians, progressives, and others against the empire) could really use some new definitions of what is state, what is private enterprise, and what we think the relationship between them should be. Large corporations by definition are not private – their whole business plans are built around collaborating with government.
    To quote/paraphrase Marx (or one of those collectivists – I get them mixed up), the people cannot simply take hold of the government and use it for their own purposes. The government is connected by “millions of threads” to the corporate elite, and cannot serve anyone else. We will have to do something more radical than trying to win power in elections. This will involve confronting government AND corporations.

  8. I see webfootage has emerged of FOX pre-reporting the collapse of WTC7 with the building standing while they report its demise, then collapsing live on air before them (unlike the BBC, whose feed was pulled) said collapse be confidentally asserted by the perprogrammed announcer to be due to “structural damage” due to the “goings on next door” within 5 seconds of the supposedly unexpected collapse. Will AntiWar address this blatant state conspiracy rubnosery? Of course not.

  9. Obama is a puppet carrying around alot of baggage. He will do what the puppet masters tell him to do. George Bush, Clinton and going all the way back to Roosevelt. Obama will be the fall guy after another false flag to put the noose around our necks.
    Russia is part of them. Google a search for russian tanks in US. Why do we already have UN troops here on US soil? They are going to start a war with Russia and nuke the hell out of us. It will be all be done by design to usher in the NEW WORLD ORDER. Its like a WWF wrestling match everyone gets their script.

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