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Mumbai Attack


Eric Margolis, author of American Raj: Liberation or Domination?: Resolving the Conflict Between the West and the Muslim World, discusses the Mumbai terrorist attacks, India’s numerous enemies both foreign and domestic, the 2002 Gujarat province massacre of Indian Muslims, the sixty year long battle over Kashmir and the risk of an India-Pakistan nuclear war.

MP3 here. (48:24)

Eric Margolis is a foreign correspondent and columnist with the Quebecor Media Company and author of War at the Top of the World and American Raj.

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  1. Eric Margolis makes some valid points notably about the land route to Afghanistan .

    Unfortunately, I dislike his self-aggrandizing style. His perspective on the Muslim- Hindu conflict is biased: Historically more Hindus have been murdered by Muslims that vice-versa.

    This tragic cycle of violence between Muslims and Hindus is very complex and requires a more objective analysis.

  2. >> I dislike his self-aggrandizing style.

    How so?

    >> This tragic cycle of violence between Muslims and Hindus is very complex and requires a more objective analysis.

    The only thing what counts is hic & nunc. Anything too complex or too long ago (20-30 years maybe) is not going to influence people’s behaviour except insofar as it is part of the subconscious background noise informing the behaviour.

  3. From what I understand the Gujarat massacre was in fact a RIOT with victims from BOTH Hindu and Muslim communities. It was triggered by the attack and burning of a train by muslim extremists where roughly 50 Hindu men, women and children were burned alive…

  4. I blame the British Partition which created India and East and West Pakistan. European Orentailism is what got this mess started and now the Indians view themselves that way. Islam was a non-issue until the Brits decided that states should be based on religion. Creating a Muslim congress was step one to problems when there was already a congress congress with Gandhi in it. Next they make a Muslim state Pakistan with no clear border thus the conflict over Kashmir. The violence between the religious gangs going around burning buildings made the non-extremist pick up and move to their respective designated areas. Shik, Hendu, and Muslim reverting back to caveman tribalism and the Buddhists on the sidelines just trying to stay out of it. Then its just a ongoing war of revenge with both sides being more than able to point to atrocities by the other side.

    But what are they really fighting about? How many gods there are or what kind of foods they are allowed to eat? No not really. What is religion really? It’s a business and only your own kind o followers give you money. It’s also a culture clash. Each religion wants to control people to the extent that they can force their superstitious mores on the public making them dress and chant and eat and donate the way they want.

    The US let Osama get out. He never left the CIA. Intelligence groups foster terrorism and engage in it just to keep the arms and drug trades running smoothly.

    Blowback is on purpose one conflict leads to another and that’s how the MIC wants it. They are not incompetent, they want constant conflict.

    Obviously the ISI smiles at anyone who wants to do violence in India. But think about the attacks. Who got attacked…

    I was talking to a friend of mine from Pakistan last month on skype. He was telling me about all this and how it was going to go down and I just kind of laughed at him saying India would wipe out Pakistan nukes or not in about 20 minutes. I didn’t pay any attention to him. But he kept saying man the people here are ready for revolution. He was talking big things. However the reason had nothing to do with Muslim vs Hendu crud. His reason was that the Paki media was building this up and the reason was that the Paki government losing grip and the quickest way to retain it was to unite behind a common enemy ie use privateers to bomb India.

    I’m going to talk to my guy on the ground and report back.

    Scott the West Bank was a bad example. I mean yeh there is terrorism but come on Israel is the one on the offense there, I mean they’ve built racial colonies. The Israelis are up about 36 to 1 on the body count. there is a time line

    Israel tried in 1954 to start war with Egypt with the Lavon affair when that didn’t work and it was still in trial, with the Russians getting the contracts for the Aswan Dam France and the UK just bombed Egypt anyway. As a result UN troops were station there for ten years (thanks in part to Eisenhower’s cease fire) and it was THAT which lead to the 1967 war. DAYS after the UN troops were removed, Israel attacks again claiming border build up as the rational (no proof though) and again Israel bombed the USS Liberty in an attempted false flag attack. And it’s just one stunt after another after that see the time line link.

    Kashmir is part of India period. However it had Muslim rulers for over 500 years (prior to 1870 which is like yesterday in Muslim time) and has a Muslim majority. Now if you stick with the idea that countries are religions and not nations (of many religions normally with a common language). Then Kashmir would go to Pakistan. No way they will have independence not at least until it figures out it borders.

    Obama selected pro-Iraq War advisers on and wants more warmongering yatta yatta Scott can tell ya we told you so.

  5. I should add that Mr Margolis’s gross oversimplifications are, in this interview, built on countless (I stopped counting) factual errors. Most egregiously, he has made himself believe and spread to Antiwar Radio’s audience that e.g. (a) the ISI chief has visited India after the Mumbai attacks to proclaim innocence; (b) that no persons named Maulana Abul Kalam Azad or Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah ever existed or had any impact on the subcontinent’s 20th Century political history; (c) that the Indo-US nuclear deal means India will build more nuclear weapons aimed at Chicago; (d) that Tamil Nadu has been seeing “significant uprisings”; (e) that the Kashmir problem is “entirely an emotive issue”; (f) that Kashmir has lakes and mountains in “a continent that is bone dry and searing hot”, etc. etc. His intellectual negligence extends to supposing that the Mumbai attacks may be attributed to “local angry people”, based on an email supposedly sent by the attackers! I am afraid Mr Margolis’s credibility is shot right through and permanently so until and unless he issues a retraction on Anti-War Radio — because one of the Mumbai attackers has been under police-arrest and singing like the proverbial canary. Mr Margolis should have known that simple uncomplicated fact about the Mumbai attacks before waffling away spreading his own blissful ignorance and lack of self-knowledge on the airwaves with the help of his young host (who often has been interesting, acute and amusingly indignant but in this interview reveals factual naivete bordering on inanity).

    Subroto Roy, Kolkata, India

  6. I am bit surprised to see sloganeering on this web site and on this issue. It seems that cold thoughtful analysis is in order and rather than passing judgements from one’s wheel chair- it might be best to look at the situation on the ground, the political repercussions in India and Pakistan and who benefits from this episode and in what way.
    What Mr. Margolis says is really not the issue -he is only trying to put forth what he thinks.

  7. Apropos the previous comment, “the situation on the ground” is that one terrorist was captured alive, is under arrest and has been singing like a canary. Anyone who wishes to comment on who perpetrated the Mumbai attacks and why needs to know that.

  8. Dr ? do you honestly believe the statements officials are giving regarding the ‘terrorist singing like a canary’ how can you possibly know what is true or what is false,unless you have inside information,which is unlikely! that ‘terrorist’ is being battered to a pulp,he’s obviously singing & he must be saying what his tormentors want to hear.the headlines were ‘mumbais 911’ and then as soon as this guy is caught,he’s suppose to have said ‘we wanted indias 911’.i’m sorry,i don’t believe the media anymore when it comes to major bombings/attacks,abit of research and things don’t add up.

    P.S why have you put ‘Dr’ for your title,but not at the end of your comments,you obviously went out of your way because nobody else leaves their name & website! you must be important !!

  9. P.P.S meant to say ‘indias 911’ were it says ‘mumbais 911’ ,how can this guy corroborate the headlines when the headlines came first,that says to me,the officials are hearing what they want to hear & that this guy is saying yes to everything put to him.

  10. I have lived in India for a number of years, and on this issue the comments above reflect the usual breakdown of argument. although i agree that Erics statements are a little oversimplified, to say that the gohdra massacres were even is little more than ridiculous. Yes the situation was created by the burning of a train full of hindoo coming back from Ayodhya, the retailiation was not in anyway “rioting” between the groups, it was a pogrom intiiated at the instigation of the Gujrati BJP officvials and CM Modi in particular. in this violence the death tally was as follows 790 Muslims and 264 Hindoos, including thos killed on the initial train incident.

    DR Roy, the singing of the canary has been a little out of tune, and the indian authorities are saying that he is giving them a lot of information, much of which has been noted to be false.

    This attack appears to have been of external instigation, as is noted by mubaites themselves, and this is clear from the fact that it has been universally condemded in india b all sides. India however is not a simple black and white issue, but rather a complex hotbed of opinion and issues.

    India is India, and is a complex and wonderful country, but it is a country that should be looked at alone, and not in the context of the wests so called war on terror. The indian government would like nothing more than to equate the two issues, as would the Russians with chechnya and the Chinese with the Weigers. This is dangerous as the Muslims living in india have some extremely valid concerns and have definately suffered more violence in india than they have inflicted.

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