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Republic Not Empire


Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher for The Nation magazine, discusses the incoming Obama Administration, the popular backlash against corporate power, the ethical and practical necessity of ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, how an escalation in Afghanistan would ruin the promise of change and hope from the Obama campaign, the impotence of conventional military power against the contemporary threats of asymmetrical warfare and piracy and why NATO should be disbanded and a new cold war with Russia prevented.

MP3 here. (35:14)

Katrina vanden Heuvel has been The Nation’s editor since 1995 and publisher since 2005. She is the co-editor of Taking Back America–And Taking Down The Radical Right and, most recently, editor of The Dictionary of Republicanisms.

22 thoughts on “Katrina vanden Heuvel”

  1. What a boring guest. No wonder the Nation is such a boring read. Yeah, deregulation caused the crisis. Ha ha ha that’s a good one. If there’s any truth to it, it would only be because whatever they did that they called deregulation was fake and didn’t actually involve the regulators bureaucrats and political corporations surrendering any real power or control. If there was actual freedom and deregulation then when somebody went out of business or had their house foreclosed on, then they’d go out of business or lose their house. Since that’s clearly NOT our system, I’ll be ready to blame “deregulation” whenever we actually try it, which will be never, because we live in the age of the total state, which will never go peacefully on it’s own, which is what they’re wrongly it did.

  2. Yeah, it was the typical progressive nonsense coming from her; the concept of a United Nations centered utopia, the big, bad, greedy capitalists, yadda, yadda, yadda. HOWEVER, I applaud Scott Horton for having the huevos and expanding his credibility by engaging members of other groups that are decidedly ANTI-WAR. We won’t get anywhere by alienating others simply because we aren’t in 100% agreement with them. We’re talking ANTI-WAR, not economics or libertarianism. I did appreciate that Katrina (why does that remind me of a lot of hot wind) mentioned more than once that she differs from Libertarians but we can agree on being ANTI-WAR.

  3. Yes, Katrina, empire is THE issue as Hannah Arendt warned in the era ofthe Nazi (fascist/corporatist) Empire.

    Yes, the US is no longer a democratic republic, but an empire (as Franklin feared). However, it is a far more guileful, disguised, and sophisticated propagandist empire than the Nazi or Soviet Empires ever dreamed.

    A global ruling-elite ‘corporate financial Empire’ now fully controls our country by hiding behind the facade of its two-party, ‘Vichy’ sham of faux-democracy — orders of magnitude more guilefully than Goebbels eve dreamed that his original attempt at disguise, with the thinly veiled ‘Vichy French’ government would fool anyone (of course, it did fool the US government, which was the first to recognize the ‘Vichy’ French government as an authorized government).

    But, but, but, Katrina, if, , IF, IF you recognize all this about Empire, then why the hell don’t you drop The Nation’s support for the phony Democratic wing of this bipartisan ‘Vichy’ charade of corporatist Empire and actually write about and expose this truth?????

    IE. WhyTF didn’t you support the only actual anti-Empire candidate, democracy advocate — Nader, rather than the corporatist Empire’s Demo-pawn Obama???

    Alan MacDonald
    Sanford, Maine

    1. Alan and the other good folks:
      Yea, verily; you ain't seen nothin' yet until you watch the documentary of the Money Masters, in 22 parts on Youtube. This documentary lays the foundation of hard evidence which will convince any reasonable person of the truth of what Dave says. In a nutshell, the forces of evil are combined in the movement called the New World Order, one project of which is the Corporate State of America, which has as its main aim turning the world into a police state, ala 1984, run by the wealthy elite of the world. Please watch the entire documentary as it gets scarier toward the end. See: Money Masters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXt1cayx0hs
      Jim Miller

  4. This is a great interview. Those who think that all regulation is bad should start with the laws that allow the existence of corporations at all. Corporate capitalism is not free, market-based, or libertarian. It’s government-sanctioned gangsterism.
    Corporations and government are the same thing, two different divisions of the same company.
    So Scott’s and Glenn Greenwald’s libertarian / progressive alliance cannot rely on government OR corporations to save the economy. Katrina’s idea of government programs to rebuild infrastructure make sense to me. That’s always been a government job.

  5. Asset appreciation wasn’t real wealth it was a temporary consequence of low interest credit much of which was backed by nothing.

    I’m so sick of this “too much deregulation” bla bla bla from the liberal left.
    I called this just youtube Shadow Economy

    But if you want an authoritarian source do this
    Go to Lew Rockwell’s page and listen to his last interview with Peter Schiff.

    Fast forward to 12:39

    The Brokerage industries are the most highly regulated industries in the world. The risk of loss is what balances (stupidity) in a free market. But the government gets rid of the risk of loss so loan that normally wouldn’t be made are made because the loans are guaranteed. etc

  6. The Deregulated capitalist system…lol are you serious. The system is anything but capitalist it’s straight up socialism, damn near communist.

    Deregulation wasn’t less government it was more. They didn’t just drop something they replaced it with something worse. For example they dodged state regulations that would make sure there was insurance on loans and instead renamed it ‘credit default swaps’ and then sold the securities. But hey why worry no risk with FMFM tied to government floating the brokerages. Then McCain’s Future Commodities and Modernization Act wasn’t less government intervention is was more. I call it indirect subsidies.

    The Real spending here is the war about 2 trillion a year in spent on empire and that’s nothing but a mess ball of loops with in the revolving door of no bid contracts industry and government employees.

    Getting rid of rules is not making the market more “free”. In a free market the state should have nothing to do with awarding money to corporations. Allowing the private banks and the states to operate over the economy (something they are not supposed to do) with fewer rules isn’t more free market it’s less. The more power given to private banks and government investments there is the less free market it is. We have corporate socialism.

    We don’t need to regulate the fed we need to get rid of it completely. Had the corporations not been tied to the state they would have gone under. Deregulation let them fail as they should have for giving shitty loans, not getting insurance etc. But NO. We let them rob us all and then pay them again to protect their share holders (gamblers) and executives. And they knew that and that’s why they did it.

    One thing I really like in this interview is that Suicide bombing come not from religion but from Occupation. The suicide bombers in Vietnam didn’t come from Islam certainly but from occupation. The Kamikaze in Japan wasn’t from religion it was from desperation. Occupation is terrorism. Wars of choice are forms of terrorism. Religion is much more likely to inspire homicide than suicide. We’ve got centuries of history to back that up.

    The UN is a joke as long as the big boys have veto power. Look at Israel. The US will vote 141 to 1 and the US can block everything. If the US/UN wanted to help the Sudan here is how. Stop funding both sides. Stop “humanitarian aid” which is military aid.

    Wake up Lady Obama is just as bad if not worse than Bush on Russia. Brezenski is deep in his ear. Scott and I talked about how there would probably be fights in Georgia and then the Ukraine in the coming year last July.

  7. Ugh … in the words of the comic book shop guy from the Simpsons: “Worst Episode Ever.” I give Scott credit for his patience but c’mon, lady! Her answer to Bush’s globalism is more globalism. “We need Barry to sign a ton of new international treaties!” Terrible idea! We need to get out of the UN/NATO and all these intenrnational obligations which are bankrupting us and embroiling us in war & costly foreign aid programs. These progressives and their totalitarian solutions to manufactured problems like “global warming” are as big of a threat as the neocons were with their global democratic revolution. The enemies of my enemy are not my friend, Scott.

  8. There should be regulation. Much more regulation. Just not regulation of economy and society. But of government. Not more government regulation, but more regulation of the government.

    Unlimited government is non-regulated government. But limited government is a well regulated government. A government that can not do much because it is so closely regulated.

    The gold standard for example would be a regulation of the government, because it would in practice limit (= regulate) how much money the government can print.

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