Jesse Trentadue

Documents Show FBI Sting in OKC Bombing


Jesse Trentadue discusses the the events surrounding the 1995 murder of his brother while in federal custody in Oklahoma City and the connection to the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, the Elohim City paramilitary camp sting operation run by the FBI and Southern Poverty Law Center, foreknowledge of FBI agents and complicity of FBI informants in the bombing, the ongoing court battles with the U.S. government over FOIA requests and civil lawsuits and the involvement of Obama’s appointed attorney general Eric Holder in the coverup of Kenny’s murder.

Scott’s collection of Trentadue pdf files.

MP3 here. (54:24)

Jesse Trentadue is an attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah.

27 thoughts on “Jesse Trentadue”

  1. I too am unable to access this interview here, just as still I cannot access the Trentadue interview done on the Alex Jones Show. Hmm~

  2. Link is still not working… A little “editing” underway? It appears that the Obama AG designate, Eric Holder, is involved to some degree in the cover up of the Trentadue death. Trust the government? Hardly, yet SH still parrots the party line when it comes to 9-11.

  3. Somehow we’re all supposed to all blank our minds from the disaster that started with the false flag terror attacks on September 11, 2001 (some will point to 1913 and I can’t disagree) which led to the state (our) sponsored mass murder of millions of people (Iraq/Afganistan). I don’t think this is possible.

    We need a national reconciliation before we can move forward.

  4. Still not working – what’s wrong Scott? I listened to the Alex Jones interview and this is an important story. Are you being harassed or threatened?
    I really appreciate your courage in covering Mr. Trentadue’s story.

  5. Thanks for getting the link fixed. The big question is what did Eric Holder tell the key members of congress that kept them muzzled? My guess is that he told them the people would revolt if they found out the truth about the bombings….

    That is what just happened with the big financial “bailout” that passed in spite of record objections from the public… Paulson told congress that there would be anarchy and martial law if they did not bail out WS. It is time for America to wake up and realize that they are being sold a bill of goods by their government.

    Finally, that clip of Bush shows what a psychopathic, pathetic, clueless, clone that he is. These people will do whatever is necessary to preserve their hold on power. Kudos to Mr. Trentadue and the FBI agents who helped him. Unless the people wake up and fight back, America is toast.

  6. Listening to Mr. Trentadue relate the list of Oklahoma City witnesses who have been suicided, and listening to Alex Jones’ interview with Jesse Trentadue, in which Jones talks about his former guests who have been suicided, and thinking about Dr. Ivins the anthrax researcher, it’s pretty clear that we live in a police state, and a pretty vicious one.
    No wonder Obama is not challenging these guys! (I don’t know what to think of Obama, but I can see that there isn’t much he or anyone can do against this kind of entrenched terrorism, even if they wanted to.

  7. When I heard this interview, it made my skin “crawl” as it reminded me of apartheid South Africa. Is that what the U.S. has become?

    Regards to all from sunny South Africa


  8. What does it take to get the truth out of our governments!?!? Seems we will never know the full story about so many important incidents in our history. I think that information (e.g. security camera footage) is deliberately and selectively held back to keep people guessing, and therefore causing confusion, making it difficult to follow the real scent. This is true for JFK, 911 and the Ok City bombing. sigh.

  9. Sorry. I’m all formatted drives and lost passwords over here…

    Soon the page of pdfs will be there.

    A bunch of new interviews too…

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