Philip Giraldi

Israeli Spies Get Out of Jail Free


Former CIA counter-terrorism agent Philip Giraldi discusses his article “Israel’s ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Card” on, discusses the degradation of law and order when Dick Cheney can admit that he authorized torture and not fear prosecution, the long delayed Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman espionage trial, rumors of a Bush pardon for Jonathan Pollard, the disconnect between federal agents who aggressively pursue espionage cases and their department heads who don’t follow through, Steven Rosen’s new day-job blogging for Daniel Pipes’ Middle East Forum and the disappearance of indicted spy-for-Israel Ben-Ami Kadish.

MP3 here. (45:57)

Philip Giraldi writes the bi-weekly Smoke and Mirrors column for, is a board member of the American Conservative Defense Alliance, a contributing editor for The American Conservative magazine and a former counter terrorism officer for the CIA.

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  1. I make it a point to read Giraldi’s “Smoke and Mirrors” columns, and to listen to his interviews here. He’s one man who isn’t afraid to lay it on the line about Israel’s in-your-face perfidy towards the United States. Israel and its lobby pisses on America with impunity.

    The AIPAC espionage case is going nowhere fast. Our worthless MSM doesn’t say a word about it. Yes, indications seem to be that the case will drag on until it can safely be “dismissed.” Mustn’t offend those Israeli darlings just because they spy on us, now, must we?!

    Jonathan Pollard might be up for a pardon? I hope not, but at least the sonofabitch did heavy time for helping out the boys in Tel Aviv.

  2. This is how Australian Jewish News sees it regarding Steven Rosen.

    “During the mid-1970s, Rosen was a visiting American academic at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra and endeared himself to all who heard him in the Jewish community. Rosen’s brilliant analysis of international relations and the Arab-Israel conflict, his humour, and his talents as a teacher and communicator left a lasting impression.

    Among them was Martin Indyk, then doing postgraduate research at the ANU, and later one of the first of many bright young analysts and researchers whom Rosen recruited to AIPAC. After his return to the United States from Canberra and a stint at the Rand Corporation, a defence think tank, Rosen joined AIPAC in 1982 as the director of research and policy. ”


  3. “What the hell business is it of ours if Russia sends Iran S-300 missiles?
    Just asking….”

    It makes attacking Iran a lot harder, which pisses some Americans off.

    Zhu Bajie

  4. Personally, I’m more concerned about Bush’s “Get Out of Jail Free” card. GOP =/= Get out of prison.

    Lester Ness

  5. And what will Israel do if Russia sends those missiles to Iran? Give Georgia even more military aid? Go ahead Putin, make my day…and piss off these neo-con Israel-First, America last bastards….Reading Washington’s Farewell Address should convince anyone the ol’ man would be a lot closer to PJB and Sen. Webb than Kristol and Ollie North..

  6. Read the Sara Roy story in today’s AW… While everyone is bickering Israel is preparing to commit genocide in Gaza. Where are all of the oil rich Arabs that supposedly care about their displaced brethren? It is all a big scam with these wars and supposed “threats”. The rich and powerful get their way and if you are weak or have something that they want then beware… Most Americans are hopelessly lost when it comes to understanding what their government is really doing around the worldand the so-called antiwar movement is naive and impotent.

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