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Best of Antiwar Radio: Dying to Win

Antiwar Radio is currently on hiatus.  This is a “best of” from Jan. 2007:


Professor Robert A. Pape explains the research behind his book Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism, why Rep. Ron Paul is correct that groups who engage in suicide terrorism can only recruit in the name of fighting against foreign occupation – rather than devotion to any religion, promises of virgins in Heaven or a plot to take over the world – and why our government’s denial of this fact and its policy of regime change puts Americans in greater danger.

MP3 here.

(My first interview with Professor Pape from July, 2005, and an accompanying article I wrote can be found here.)

Robert A. Pape is Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago specializing in international security affairs. His publications include Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism (Random House 2005); Bombing to Win: Air Power and Coercion in War (Cornell 1996), “Why Economic Sanctions Do Not Work,” International Security (1997), “The Determinants of International Moral Action,” International Organization (1999); “The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism,” American Political Science Review (2003); and “Soft Balancing against the United States,” International Security (2005). His commentary on international security policy has appeared in The New York Times, Washington Post, New Republic, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, as well as on Nightline, ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, and National Public Radio. Before coming to Chicago in 1999, he taught international relations at Dartmouth College for five years and air power strategy for the USAF’s School of Advanced Airpower Studies for three years. He received his Ph. D. from the University of Chicago in 1988 and graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Pittsburgh in 1982. His current work focuses on the causes of suicide terrorism and the politics of unipolarity.

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  1. The Palestinian victims of Israeli terrorism must be wondering what Bush’s GWOT is all about…The Iraqi victims of Anglo-American terror must be wondering…The Serbian victims of NATO terror…The Afghan victims of US terror..
    When the Anglo-American-Zionist cabal collapses it will be a good day.

  2. The “Anglo-American-Zionist cabal ” as the legendary Bill calls it, will inevitably collapse, as all imperial power configurations eventually do. And defeats on the battlefield cause or at least presage such a collapse. No spin is possible to distort the fact that Israel was defeated by Hizbollah in 2006, or that the US has now been defeated in Iraq. The end result? When (not if!) the “almighty” dollar collapses like the Argentinian peso did, it will be the end of the US world hegemony as well. The U.S puppets in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi-Arabia, the “Palestinian” Authority, and Pakistan will be flushed out with a surge of popular rage. Israel will survive only as long as a snowball in a red-hot furnace. A change you can believe in.

  3. I don’t doubt that the dollar will collapse, but then various factions in the US will scapegoat and punish each other. Disappointed Rapturites, for example, will likely claim that G-d would Rapture them away if they’d only exterminate the gays, the Liberals, …. There are worse things than economic collapse.

    Lester Ness

  4. When the religion-hating ( eh, Christian mostly ) Bill Mahr was told that ” Isarel isn’t worth one American dollar or one American life..” ( on You Tube ) he looked like someone kicked him in the groin…But it’s the truth..and a truth that can get an American politician killed if spoken.

  5. Why the desperation? Because we’re being bullied by these people to attack Iran…Because these people started dropping their bombs when children were walking back fm school….Because these people have been targeting ambulances and medical teams ( knowing that they’re causing horrific civilian casualities )…and now they’re targeting journalists because they don’t want the world to see their war crimes!
    That’s why..And Rahm Emmanuel has got to be applauding this blood basket Hannakah present…It’s like Purim came early this year..

  6. Obama says Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE AT ALL. Is he mad ? It doesn´t make sense. If he goes to war against Iran FOR NO REASON AT ALL OTHER THAN SHEER MADNESS, economically we´ll be back in 1932 as one expert pointed out on these pages.

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