Kathy Kelly

War Crimes in Gaza


Kathy Kelly, founder of Voices for Creative Non-Violence, discusses her recent visit to Gaza at the end of Israel’s incursion, the systematic damage done to civilian infrastructure, the mounting evidence that the Israelis used white phosphorus and committed war crimes, the large volume of images and reporting broadcast by Al-Jazeera in Gaza compared to the Western media’s near-blackout of coverage and the hopeful possibility that new U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell can broker a peace deal.

MP3 here. (30:37)

Kathy Kelly is the founder of Voices for Creative Non-Violence, a 3-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and helped initiate the Voices in the Wilderness, a campaign to end the UN/US sanctions against Iraq.

8 thoughts on “Kathy Kelly”

  1. Nice quip on the Nobel. I was on alert from the introduction when I heard she was a nominee – good to see that she understands what that means.

    Sure wish I could hear the other hour of anti-state gems that were on Scott’s mind that day… (hint, hint.)

  2. “This issue is what three thousand Americans killed on September Eleventh.” Thank you Scott Horton. More people need to be saying that.

  3. I think that few million peopla that may thing that are the most importat in the word can t frieten all the civilization,it is very isy stop this butchery just put the arma aroud the important people dont permi tham hold all the word hostage

  4. I tuned in for the first time today and must say that a different and potentially honest view of what is taking place is encouraging. Too bad we don’t control the press. Yet…

  5. Robert Gates said “Iran is hellbent on getting nuclear weapons” and Obama has twice said “Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons”. With ZERO EVIDENCE. ARE THEY MAD ???

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