Justin Raimondo

Putin’s Warning to America


Justin Raimondo, editorial director for Antiwar.com, discusses Vladimir Putin’s red-baiting of Soviet America, the U.S. military’s use of old Soviet supply lines into Afghanistan, how the incredible U.S./Russia role reversal confirms the existence of Bizarro World, why the crumbling U.S. economy won’t stop an Afghanistan surge or prevent new interventions in Africa and how the use of logical deduction in figuring out U.S. foreign policy goals only leads to wild speculation.

MP3 here. (37:24)

Justin Raimondo is the author of Reclaiming the American Right: The Lost Legacy of the Conservative Movement and editorial director for Antiwar.com. His articles are archived at Antiwar.com/justin.

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  1. You seriously need to get a more professional host for these shows. You just can’t take Scott seriously, and it’s difficult to listen to with all the snickers, laughs and the rest of the generally unprofessional behavior. You really need a new host!!!!! Plus his mic is so much louder than the guest’s. Just provide a transcript and I’ll read that! No offense…but it’s a lot of great stuff that I just can’t listen to because of the host.

  2. Great job Scott – Ali can read the scripts if he has a listening problem – you hold a converstaion and that’s fine.

    On the Reserve currency, Justin is right, in that if the US$ looses its monopoly status (which it must), then the gig is up for the scam that has been running since the late 1970’s, about 5 years after Nixon floated the dollar. If this hurts the USA then I’m sorry, but guys, you have been living like some spoiled brat for the last generation and Daddy can no longer afford to continue to sub you in the style you have become accustomed. Yes, Hupty Dumpty may get put back on the wall, but he will not stay there and the next fall will be even more catastrophic – that’s what Ron Paul has been trying to get across. Take your medicine and break the fever! Yes, it will hurt the rest of us, but we will be up and about sooner that you guys as we just have a secondary infection. Asia can prosper without the US market, currently the reverse is not true.

    What’s the big ideological problem with a world currency? If its tied to gold and not tied to any one nation, then you remove the potential for trade distortion and manipulation by the nation or nations whose currency is being used..

    Libertarianism is a broad based philosophy, not a free market ideology. Bakunin on the left, was one of the founding fathers of the libertarian philosophy – it has many great qualities for a broad spectrum of thoughtful people. Unfortunately, McCarthyism in the US has purged you of the mental capacity to even consider anything that is labeled left. That does not make it invalid.

    So far as the Austrian School /Hayek vs Keynes – as I understand it, there was mutual respect between the two men, although they were prepared to argue from very different perspectives. The fact remains that both perspectives have merit, if implemented properly rather than ideologically.

    Even Adam Smith recognized that the market needed “appropriate” intervention, otherwise the free market will always tends to monopoly – think Microsoft. The real challenge that you guys emphasize, is to have the minimum necessary intervention to ensure competition is maintained, always a moving feast. Because of the Corporatist nature of US government, “public service” there is particularly corrupted, this is due to the nature of the US system, not due to the fundamental failure of government service delivery – think France or Germany, even the NHS in Britain delivers better results per dollar that the US corrupted “Free enterprise” system.

    The other issue that the US refuses to recognize, because of the “free-market” fixation, is the fact that there are areas where the can be no real competition – like the provision of basic services like Electricity. The so called free market in monopoly services is an artificial beast at best – in a modern complex society, the issue is how to ensure there are effective and efficient management systems – real competition is NOT possible.

    Corporatism has corrupted both your democracy and your commerce, you really do need a revolution as much as the USSR.

  3. Scott is a deluded fool. You can hear Justin snort when Scott tries to say that the collapse of the dollar isn’t a problem.

  4. I couldn`t agree more. Logical deduction in figuring out U.S. foreign policy goals is absolutely useless. That is because THE EMPIRE IS DUMB. It is not logical. It does not think. It randomly follows from one blunder into another for no apparent reason. It is not smart. A smart, proffesional empire could be figured out. Not so with an amateur, dilettante empire.

  5. I agree with David Spero regarding all the hating on Scott. I appreciate his refreshing lack of pretension. Also, as someone with a leftist (not liberal) viewpoint, I value his efforts as a bridge between the libertarian and left anti war factions. It counts for much more than the armchair warriors with their pedantic put downs.

  6. Look, there was no intention to “slam” Scott. Obviously, he’s well intentioned and has a insights to contribute.

    It’s just that if you’re going to interview someone, you need to do it with some sort of independence, where it doesn’t sound like two speakers “ganging up” on the listener.

    Sure, the interviewer and interviewee may agree completely, but you have to be professional. It just sounds silly when an interviewer is giggling like a school girl in agreement with what the interviewee is saying.

    You can’t take it seriously.

  7. They don’t seem to me to “agree completely”. I noted at least three disagreements.

    This is a good program, overall very useful. Many good insights and plausible speculations.

    I don’t understand the sudden bashing of Scott—are some of the bashers friends of that neocon he defeated in debate a few months ago?

  8. I am Scott’s loyal listener, and I do respect his work a lot. But, Ali has a valid point. Substance has always been there, but style could be improved. IMO, the best interviewer is Lew Rockwell, a real pro, somebody who could be looked up to.

  9. Good call godra….I like Scott’s articles, but as you said, Lew is one of the best interviewers, and I think the message comes across to the listener more effectively. No – we’re not neocon friends….healthy criticism only improves us.

  10. Personally, I love Scott’s interviewing style. He is bright and unpretentious, with a good sense of humor, in contrast to the stilted self-importance of many interviewers. Lew Rockwell is also a great interviewer, although he leads his subjects too much and never seems to disagree with anything they say. Scott is better at questioning his subjects, not just fawning over them.

  11. How many of those complaining about Scott have ever watched a TV interview or listened to a radio interview? Scott out shines everyone in the MSM – better read, more challenging questions, more on topic, and gives the interviewee a chance to talk.


  12. I think I was overly harsh on Scott but I still can not believe that he does not understand the consequences of a dollar sell off. I’m not sure of his exact position but I think he believes the US will maintain a first world standard of living. Sadly the US will become a 3rd world state if the dollar is dropped and the US undergoes hyperinflation.

    In nearly every major category the US is closer to Latin American statistical categories than Western Europe. Any decline in the US will take the US down to Latin American style development. We already have the oligarchy. Will BlackWater become a private death squad? Doubtful but the dynamics are there.

    I of course can be 100% wrong. It happens. 🙁

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