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Eye on the Empire


Alan Bock, senior editorial writer at the Orange Country Register, discusses how Alan Greenspan’s easy-money policy created a war bubble concurrent with the housing/consumer spending bubble, the unfortunate historical victory of Hamiltonian central banking over the Jeffersonian decentralized model, Afghanistan’s well-earned reputation as the graveyard of empires and the merits of a South Africa style truth and reconciliation commission for the Bush administration.

MP3 here. (52:21)

Alan Bock has a regular column, “Eye on the Empire”, on He is the senior editorial writer at the Orange County Register and author of Ambush at Ruby Ridge and Waiting to Inhale: the Politics of Medical Marijuana. His website and blog are at

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  1. According to former Trident missile engineer Bob Pentagon´s strategy for Nuclear War is a First Strike attack on Russian and chinese submarines and missile silos, command centres, and bomber bases. According to Bob Aldridge the US Navy can track and destroy all enemy submarines simultaneously. Please see the article by Keir Lieber and Daryl Press, “The Rise of US Nuclear Primacy” in the 2006 March/April issue of Foreign Affairs.
    According to former Trident missile engineer Bob Aldridge the US aims to achieve a disarming, unanswerable first-strike capability, presumably for Blackmail.
    In his view, the deployment of the RS-24 missiles won´t stop the US from achieving a First-Strike Capability.
    The Russians may have no choice but implementing Launch On Warning.

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