Allan Nairn

The Torture Loophole


Allan Nairn, author of the article “The Torture Ban That Doesn’t Ban Torture” on, discusses the Executive Order that does indeed ban torture under limited and specific conditions, how  torture under U.S. auspices is legal if the work is outsourced to foreigners, the possible complicity of human rights groups in allowing the continuation of extraordinary renditions and the alarming history of Dennis Blair, Obama’s new national intelligence director.

MP3 here. (39:40)

Allan Nairn is an investigative reporter and “News and Comment” blogger at His recent article “The Torture Ban That Doesn’t Ban Torture” is available at

3 thoughts on “Allan Nairn”

  1. Thank you for interviewing Mr. Nairn. He is an under exposed journalist who has an almost encyclopedic knowledge on the subject of U.S. back atrocities. Good work.

  2. I would like to add my agreement to Mike Johnson’s sentiments. It’s really a shame that it’s so rare to find an interview with such an outspoken, principled and informed journalist like Mr. Nairn.

  3. Thank you for making this interview available…it doth seem that in the matrix things arent what they are said to be. what has happened to our nation?

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