Saul Landau

The End of the Monroe Doctrine


Saul Landau, author of the article “Repudiating the Monroe Doctrine,” discusses the history of the Monroe Doctrine from its origin in 1823 to the present, the little known reciprocity that the U.S. would not meddle in European spheres of influence if the European colonial nations did the same in the Western hemisphere, the evolution of U.S. power projection from military force to CIA-led coups to the IMF and neoliberal wealth schemes, the total failure of the war on drugs and the increasing rejection of U.S. influence in Central and South American countries.

MP3 here. (31:19)

Saul Landau is a senior Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and Professor Emeritus at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. He is the author of A Bush & Botox World: Travels Through Bush’s America, a commentator for Pacifica Radio and an award winning filmmaker.

7 thoughts on “Saul Landau”

  1. How very well done, this exposition of the facts behind the myth of “American Interests” and our “inherent goodness” to which a large swath of the population has subscribed.
    The use of military and couvert forces to uphold corporate interests first in Central and South America brings us directly to the 50% budget Pentagon and its parasitic industries sending forth their legions to cover and control Corporate access to ressources world wide while bankrupting our country and its citizens.
    Mr. Landau describes this first generalized revolt that is likely to be followed by others – and perhaps much more than the Monroe Doctrine is over.

  2. Just one minor point on the Cuba embargo. It’s purpose is not “to punish Fidel Castro.” Its purpose is to punish the Cuban people because they support Castro.

  3. Good interview as usual. But what a commie. These people, for being so smart, are still complete idiots. A week in the presence of Landau or Howard Zinn or Naomi Klein makes life under Cheney seem almost sane. Almost.

  4. Lee may be right. But it’s difficult to know because speaking out against Fidel is a no-no. Besides, haven’t the opposition all drowned by now?

  5. From what I read, there is a number of different views on this. I mean you only have to browse the diverse Internet forums and that gets starkly plain. Yet the trouble is, many people don’t appear to look that deep into this.

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