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Better Off with Likud


Steve Clemons, Director of the American Strategy Program at the New America Foundation and proprietor of the blog The Washington Note, discusses the upcoming Israeli elections, the possible analogue between Nixon going to China and Netanyahu making peace with Palestine, the futility of propping up Mahmoud Abbas and the realpolitik motivations behind a U.S. push for normalized Israel/Arab relations.

MP3 here. (40:46)

Steve Clemons is a Senior Fellow and Director for the New America Foundation and runs The Washington Note website.

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  1. I have a general desagreement with Clemon’s approach toward this whole Palestinian/Israeli conflict. I would suggest that he has something very backward when he says that Israeli overreaction to the Hamas rocket attacks just gives Hamas what it wants. Does he ever contemplate that Hamas rockets that are launched in reaction to Israel breaking the cease fire is giving Israel and the IDF exactly what they want so they can justify collective punishment on the Palestinians. I believe that this misconception is very damaging to the peace process, since it makes the claim that both sides of the conflict are equally to blame. This denies the Palestinians the basic right to resist occupation and oppression. And it is Israel that is to blame for the continued occupation and brutal treatment of the Palestinian population.

  2. I agree with anonymous.

    But I would fault Clemons on another issue to. I think Israel is doing exactly what has worked to maintain control over the whole geography for the last 40 years. Demographics, smemographics. That is so far into the future, that it’s clearly in Israel’s interest to continue to terrorize the Palestinians. The only “solution” Israel is interested in is control of the land for as long as possible, and their policy is successful at doing that.

  3. Oh, righto. “There’s a huge spotlight on Israel.” That’s why there has been soooo much international outrage over the slaughter in Gaza and Lebanon. /s Israel can get away with this with no consequences. If you think otherwise, there’s a bridge I’d like to sell you.

    I’d also like to know when the U.S. has been a “more benign force” in anywhere but the minds of the U.S. foreign policy “experts.”

  4. Clemons is a power worshiping statist. I fear these guys who’re constantly trying to put themselves off as being some sort of alternative to the sociopaths who’ve led the country to the abyss where we presently find ourselves. He worships power, and a sycophant who slobbers over sick old men like Brzezinski and Scowcroft. And though I understand that you respect him for some reason, I doubt the feeling is mutual. His blogging during the inauguration and all the shitbags whom he was so thrilled to rub elbows with, you’d know that his types are to be despised. Sorry for the rant, but this guy is a real creep.

  5. Boy, I should rather apologize for my lousy sentences that made no sense! Basically, Clemons’s blog during the inauguration was an embarrassment — especially his going off on how excited he was to be attending Maureen Dowd’s party. Gag. Can you imagine Jefferson, Mencken, or Nock, taking this guy seriously? I can’t.

  6. Bob

    Clemons is an incurable name-dropper, that’s for sure.

    I tend to agree with the rest of your comment too, though upon occassion he sez something worth noting, unlike most of the other foreign policy “experts” who never say anything worth noting.

    Still, you’ve got to keep up with what all of them are saying, just to keep track of what the creeps are doing.

  7. Hi Scott,

    Mr Clemons said a lot of things that many of your listeners and I disagree with. I won’t go through the list but I did hear you mention listening to Norman Finkelstein. Can we get Dr Finkelstein on your show? He would make an excellent guest. Thanks a lot and keep up the wonderful work.

  8. If Mr. Clemons believes that the US will influence or control Israeli policy, then he is clearly living on another planet. At least since the attack on the USS Liberty, it has been clear that Israel and its agent of influence have control over both the US Congress and the Executive. So when Israel wants something it gets it – if the US wants something, it may get it, if the Israeli’s and their agents, see it in their interest.
    How bad does this have to get, how many Americans have to die, for Israel?

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