Chris Floyd

Barack Obama’s Empire


Chris Floyd, author of Empire Burlesque – High Crimes and Low Comedy in the Bush Imperium, discusses how the Obama administration maintains the Bush policy of using a “state secrets” privilege to prevent torture lawsuits, the suspension of British torture trials following U.S. threats of withholding terrorism information, the new business-as-usual CIA chief Leon Panetta and the little-known history and disastrous consequences of U.S. meddling in Somalia.

MP3 here. (39:06)

Chris Floyd operates a website and blog at He is the author of Empire Burlesque – High Crimes and Low Comedy in the Bush Imperium.

11 thoughts on “Chris Floyd”

  1. Is Obama mad ?
    President Obama has twice stated that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. At the same time 16 US Intelligence Agencies say that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons. And the UN inspectors in Iran can find no evidence that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. Is President Obama mad ? Without any evidence the UN sanctions are illegal. War with Iran will take us back to 1932 economically, not least because of the closure of the Strait of Hormuz in case of all-out war.
    Without any evidence that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, the only reason for war with Iran is Gates´ and Obama´s repeated lies and Israeli propaganda.

  2. This all for some reason reminds me of a case 10 or 20 years ago where a couple for some religious reasons put their 10-12 year old daughter (I think she was their daughter) in the oven and roasted her to death, watching her die through the oven door. Things are at that level…

  3. Unfortunately, on the internet the sound coming from the telephone of Chris Floyd is so mudddled it is extremely difficult to follow the conversation.

  4. The guy was always a SOB…I won’t be surprised at he anything he does in the future…

    I grew up in this nasty city eh…

  5. Who says that Iran is going to destroy everyone with an atomic bomb? Israel has over 300 atomic warheads and is trying to get the US in a war with their enemy. Why is everyone so afraid of this small country? Do they not have the right to use nuclear power like everyone else does? Pakistan is a country that we should be leery of or will they come next?

    Iran has not invaded any country in centuries, why would she try now? Outside of Iraq, they have been sticking to themselves except when the US stuck their nose in their politics. Remember the Shah? I do. He was repressive to the people and they did not want him, but, politics being what they are, the US stuck their nose into it and they then got the Ayatollas
    that were not much better.

    Another thing that I can’t stand. The President of Iran cannot do anything. All he can
    do is spout his mouth off. He has no power. And also, he never said that he wanted to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. He was misquoted. What he really said is that the Zionists should be removed or something to that affair. Lies, lies lies and people just believe it without researching it.

    We cannot start another war. We are losing the “cream of the crop ” young men and they are coming home basket cases just like the Viet Nam veterans. God help us, what
    are we doing to our Country and young men? It is criminal!

    Obama will be no different than Bush. He is cut from the same cloth and lied about change. Change! What change? He is sucking from the same Zionist Money Tit that all politicians are addicted to. To hell with their self respect and the voters. God Have
    Mercy, when will it stop?
    janet marsh

  6. The hope for “change” from Obama from progressives, liberals, and anti-warriors has got to be the most egregious example of lowered expectations in modern American politics.

    Liberals and Democrats play the “good cop” to the conservative Republican “bad cop”. The good cop is actually the more dangerous, because he makes you forget that he’s really a cop.

  7. Continuity is the buzzword and it means a continuation of the Bushshiviks policies. This is no surprise based on his appointee’s to State, Defense and Chief of Staff. Those who are Democrats [although Hilbillary is really a Repubican] are Corporatists who don’t really believe in a 50 state strategy but a 18 to 20 state strategy for elections, a strategy that is a proven failure for the Democraptic Party and only has prevailed twice, Clinton’s victories, while never getting 50% of the vote. The O’bama/Dean 50 state strategy is what brought the Democraps success in 2006 and 2008. As for me I voted for Barr because he campaigned to repeal the Patriot and Military Commission’s act. Liberal’s have the votes necessary for O’bama to be a successful President and the Liberals must withhold votes from the Democraptic Party. Just as the pretend-christian churchianity religionists hold the sway votes for Repubican’s to prevail Liberals have the same role when it comes to the Democraps.

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