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The Terror War


Philip Giraldi, author of the “Smoke and Mirrors” column at, discusses the bogus War on Terrorism, Turkey’s role in Middle Eastern regional politics, the Obama administration’s wishful thinking that a lucky missile strike in Waziristan will kill Osama bin Laden, the continuation of the war in Afghanistan despite a worldwide general consensus that it’s a lost cause and the rumors behind Anthony Zinni’s rescinded job offer to be the Ambassador to Iraq.

MP3 here. (43:28)

Philip Giraldi is a former DIA and CIA counter-terrorism officer, member of the American Conservative Defense Alliance and contributing editor at the American Conservative Magazine. His Smoke and Mirrors column is a regular feature on at

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  1. Whenever Scott Horton interviews Mr. Giraldi, I always come away from those interviews with the feeling that the entire US ruling class is composed of nothing but a criminal gang of thoroughly evil, hard-core nut jobs. The word “psychopathic” doesn’t even begin to describe them. These people will not be satisfied until they have gutted the entire American economy and brought the entire country to a state of physical, moral and spiritual ruin. And when that happens, we the people, because of our unforgivable ignorance and apathy, will have no one to blame but ourselves. God help us.

  2. I suppose one could say that the first significant hijacking of the country was the civil rights movement. That put the white middle class on the defensive and they have been running ever since. Even so, the hijacking began long before with the manipulation and rewriting of our legal system to also legislate – even before the Warren Court. Today, we have mostly a legal system with teeth for “political crimes” or “hate crimes” – and as rigged as any can be. Our criminal system rewards criminals and punishes taxpayers. Our civil system takes cases better handled on the street corner. The revolving door is to insure that the legal system and its oligarchs are well funded by a society finessed and forced to solve almost all of its disputes by paying lawyers and court fees. The court’s adjudication can takes months and years by design. When you see inscribed before the court house steps throughout the country -” What We Seek Here Is Justice ” – well, substitute the word “money” for “justice”.

    We still have much to discuss when speaking about hijackings because we have to include items such as Education, Health, Housing, Welfare, Medical, Military, Wall Street and other Government Agency spending – all the above and more which have been abused extensively. The cost of administering these entities for the quality we receive is an amusement for the world.

    Well, now comes the mother of all hijacking. We have finally arrived at the moment in which the whole Country is in the process of being hijacked. Much of it will be redistributed through social and economic engineering and more than you want to believe will wind up in bank accounts overseas, a la Madoff, I would speculate. When all is said and done the general law abiding or productive, tax paying population will stand with jaws agape and will find themselves speechless.

    This has all been made possible by a gullible, naive, lazy, ill-focused, ill-informed population whose leaders have been allowed to take over as cheap royalty rather than as the peoples’ representatives. We have no one to blame but ourselves as once we were ” We the people of the United States of America …….”. Yes, we once held that potential for power in our hands but now find ourselves at the point of feebleness.

    Michael Merhige
    Miami, Fl

  3. Another good interview of Philip Giraldi. He’s worth listening to, and his “Smoke and Mirrors” columns are great.

    It’s probable that Secretary Hillary Clinton caved in
    to pro-Israeli pressure to deep-six the nomination of General Zinni (Ret.) to be ambassador to Iraq.
    A shame.

  4. Oh, the GWOT is b.s. alright…from the CIA’s drug partnering in Afghan to the US/CIA alliance with the drug running, gun running terrorists of the KLA…The GWOT is all about war profiteering, the long-term security of our menacing, murdering burden ( Israel )…control or attempted control of others natural resources, pipelines ( Georgia-Israel’s satellite ) and just the pleasure some derive fm torturing and killing those who won’t ( as of yet ) kiss our boots ( like Saddam )….That’s why GWB is having a happy retirement; he hurt the country badly but at least he murdered possibly the last rightful ruler of Iraq-and that’s pretty darn neat.

  5. It is interesting that Giraldi calls Israel a racist state but at the same time is very fond of Turkey. Doesn’t Turkey have all kinds of discriminatory laws against its non-Turkish, non-Sunni populace? And hasn’t Turkey also applied mass violence against these minorities? Giraldi’s nonchalance on this issue is rather disturbing and a telltale sign that his moral and intellectual compass has gone askance.

  6. America was hijacked by the coordination of the church-business-government institutions which forged the populace into NARCISSISTIC-CONSUMERIST-GLUTTONS who decided to let these institutions do their thinking for them,or laziness. It was Ronald Reagoon, the world’s greatest con man, who convinced Americans that debt is prosperity. He also convinced American that the Nicaraguan Sandinista army was going to march across Mexico, invade Texas and burn Wash.,DC to the ground a good idea. He was/is believed. Credit was used to compensate for falling wages to keep up the image of “keeping up” with the neighbors, an illusion with interest. The plain fact is that it’s institutional insanity and if one does abide by the lies of the insane they are condemned as unpatriotic, traitors and so forth. The similarities with the Nazi’s are ominous just creeping Fascism. It socialism for the CORPORATE WELFARE KINGS and the wealthy and capitalism for the working classes. The lists are endless.

  7. Turkey doesn’t get billions in military and financial aid a year..Turkey isn’t protected fm UN resloutions by us..Turkey is a secular state ( officially ) not a Talmudic, Pharisaical, anti-Christian, anti-Muslim racially narcissistic theocracy..Turkey wasn’t created through relatively recent immigration, terrorism ( King David Hotel, USS Liberty, US/UK diplomatic facilities in Alexandria, Cairo-summer of ’54-the Lavon Affair..) assassination ( Count Bernadotte sent by the UN to broker peace killed by the Irgun for example ) massacres ( too many to list ) and ethnic cleansing….( The Armenian genocide was horrible but didn’t create Turkey but happened on the fringes of Turkey )…Turkey didn’y spy on us during the Cold War and sell the secrets to the Soviets and the Chinese..
    Come to think of it, Israel’s such a shitty country it’s a wonder anyone ever defends it..( Besides our public figures who have to or they’ll be: 1. blackmailed or 2. targeted politically or financially or 3. shot..

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