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  1. I feel sick at the though that you may not make your fundraising goal. What’s wrong with people? Do they really want to be brainwashed by mainstream media?

    I’m getting tired of “Obama the Messiah” mania.

    Go Antiwar.com!!!

  2. Wish I could help, but I’m out of work right now. I wish you well. I really think you’re doing good work. It’s a shame that there aren’t any wealthy people out there who support your cause… but I guess that speaks volumes about the elites.

  3. ok, ok you guys. Every time there is one of these appeals, I say to myself “ok, this is a REALLY REALLY important site, but just this once I will sit out the appeal and let someone else pick up the slack for a change.” And then every time I get really nervous about this (you know, the “if not me, then who?” kind of stuff running through my head).

    So I give up. I just contributed. Again. Keep up the good work. The other thing that tipped me over the edge was when I sent like a news story for crying out loud linked from this site to an extremely Republican friend who I thought I could sway by pointing out that this was a libertarian-run site.

    Well, her response was “I don’t have to look at ANYTHING from this site because it’s obviously skewed because its name is ‘antiwar.com’ I am perfectly neutral regarding antiwar or prowar.” So with thinking like this rattling around in our collective head, this site is really, really, really important.

    thanks all.

  4. You know, anti-war.com has lots of good stuff and I really enjoy the people interviewed, BUT…you have to ask, why is it that Alex Jones over at infowars.com can raise much more money in less time than you folks? He’s the “tip of the spear” as he likes to say and considering the news he breaks and the issues he deals with I have to agree. He’s an America Firster and maybe Libertarian, but look at the issues he deals with compared to anti-war.com and I think you’ll find the reason why you’re having so much trouble raising money. Good luck.

  5. Good question to pose Frank. But I have to say that it’s hard for me to believe it’s for lack of importance that this site isn’t raising 70,000 dollars really fast.
    I mean, how many people read this site? If 15 thousand people wanted to have non-stop access to this website, can’t they afford $20 a year? Don’t a lot more than 15,000 people like this site?

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