William Astore

Peace or the Draft?


Col. William Astore (Ret.), author of the article “Who’s Military is it Anyway” at TomDispatch.com, discusses the distinction between an all-volunteer and an all-recruited military, the increasing similarities between the U.S. military and the French foreign legion, the misguided push to re-institute the draft as an antiwar measure and how the characterizations of military deployments as “long wars” become self-fulfilling prophesies.

MP3 here. (39:34)

William Astore is a retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel and taught for six years at the Air Force Academy. He currently teaches at the Pennsylvania College of Technology and is the co-author of Hindenburg: Icon of German Militarism.

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  1. at the end of this interview, scott and william mention ‘1984’ as a blueprint for imperial long wars, which rob the people to prolong the wars which are never meant to be ended. the standard text’s addenda mention that orwell drew inspiration from odium towards j burnham’s touted ‘managerial revolution’, which posits something like managers empowered with better algorithms will reshape businesses in the future (then the early 1950’s, i think). i think the gist was orwell did not like authoritarian bosses or equations running his life. no doubt the promise of egalitarian socialism. except for corruption and all sorts of rights being trampled. illuminating indeed.

  2. Orwell, an antifascist and idealist, placed his own life on the line in Spain, and was nearly killed- shot through the larynx- fighting alongside
    other antifascists, including Communists- and whose efforts were betrayed by the cynical non-aggression pact between Hitler and Stalin, who was every bit as much a butcher, but who was treated solicitously by Time, Life and the mainstream press and portrayed as a benevolent “Uncle Joe.” Butler, writing War is a Racket (free on line) finally realized after years carrying the can for domestic fascists- meaning an establishment of corporations rather than common interest-that, as Orwell realized, perpetual war meant perpetual profit.
    The Democrats came to power because of popular revulsion against the massive waste of the nation’s resources, as well as life involved in two undeclared wars. Against no organized resistence,yet consuming almost as much money as WWII! The party and Obama will have betrayed the nation as surely as Stalin betrayed the antifascist movement if he fails to lead in restoring domestic priorities and stop the racket that is being conducted.

  3. The Subhumans have a classic album called “From the Cradle to the Grave”. The sentiments expressed are so appropriate here…

  4. I absolutely do not agree with this Astore guy that ‘we’ need to be in Afghanistan, to fight terrorism, as he says. We need the military to be rounding up the zionist crime network situated here in the USA. Larry Silverstein should b,. at the least, asked to take a lie detector test.

    There should be NO American troops in Afghanistan or in Iraq, and we should not be fighting a proxy war with Iran.

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