Gareth Porter

Obama Vs. Petraeus Continued


Gareth Porter, independent researcher and journalist, discusses the continuing struggle over control of the Iraq war narrative, the influence of retired general Jack Keane on the Bush Administration’s Iraq policy, the surprising strength and stability of the Iraqi government and why General Petraeus’s proposal for an extended Iraq withdrawal is a ploy get more time to scuttle the SOFA agreement.

MP3 here. (22:38)

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8 thoughts on “Gareth Porter”

  1. Scott should change professions. He should become and interviewee instead of an interviewer. He out talks his guest. Very annoying.

  2. Obama clearly stated at a convention held by AIPAC that “Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel”. I wonder how does he propose to initiate this peacefully and without the support of the U.N.?

    100 Palestinians were forcibly removed from their homes in Jerusalem today. Their homes will be destroyed to make way for President Obama’s change.

  3. Thanks for bringing these well-informed interviews. Let the nay-sayer’s comments roll off like water on a duck’s back. Keep it coming!

  4. I agree with the others… great interviews!

    On another subject, I’m curious what you (Scott) think and can find out about the destabilizing situation in Mexico.

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