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Prospects for Peace


Daniel Levy, Senior Fellow and Co-Director of the Middle East Task Force at the New America Foundation, discusses the future of Israel with Benjamin Netanyahu as likely next Prime Minister, the multi-party complexity of Knesset coalition negotiations, how an Israeli government that includes moderate factions would provide some protection from international condemnation of future bad behavior and how U.S. initiative combined with Israelis and Palestinians thinking outside the box can produce unusual compromises for a viable two-state solution.

MP3 here. (25:28)

Daniel Levy was a founder of the Israel-Palestinian Peace Coalition and is on the Advisory Board of the recently established J Street organization and of the global campaigning group, Avaaz. His blog is www.prospectsforpeace.com and he posts regularly at TPM Café, the Huffington Post, and the Guardian Unlimited.

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  1. Good interview, but the content is frustrating. The presupposition is that the US must be involved in the peace process working for a settlement that meets Israel’s needs, such as they may be. The suggestion is that somewhere in there the Pasestinians will become contented. I resent it as an American citizen whose goverment’s foreign policy has been hijacked for the Zionist fantasy. Israel is an artifact of european colonialism, a religeo-ethnic state that has no place in the 21st Century, at least with American support. Israel is an affront to everything in terms of human relations this country has been working for for the last half century. We should come home and work on our own needs and issues. To that end I suggest a secular one-state solution and let the Israelis learn, as best they can, to live with the people they have inflicted themselves on.

  2. A thoughtful interview, but I agree with ieCAHNomics- Jewish settlers living as a peaceful minority in a Palestinian state?? Is that realistic?

    Also he mentions ethnically cleansed Kosovo as a model. The KLA did a heck of a job on their vicious campaign against non-Albanians. So this is Daniel Levy’s model for peaceful coexistence of diverse communities ??

    I also want what he’s drinking.

  3. I live for the day all this crap ( the violent Talmudic/Zionist takeover of the Holy Land and the arab resistance to it ) can be treated as an ongoing foreign affair and not a domestic one…But that day will never be.

  4. i think the true irony is the if a “jewish state” as outlined by the torah would be implemented most jews in israel would have to be put to death for various religious crimes while the muslim arab population is living in closer congruence with jewish biblical law

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