Gareth Porter

50,000 Troops to Stay in Iraq


Gareth Porter, independent researcher and journalist, discusses Obama’s extended withdrawal plan that keeps tens of thousands of troops in Iraq indefinitely, the political calculation behind the change from a 16 to 19 month withdrawal timetable and the incremental victory won by the generals and Pentagon officials who want to stay in Iraq for the long term.

MP3 here. (15:39)

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7 thoughts on “Gareth Porter”

  1. Why does the military want to leave a large residual force in Iraq? Please ask Porter in the next interview. I would like to be able to understand Iraq from the generals POV.

  2. They want to maintain a major presence in Iraq and Afghan to continue to surround Iran complete w/air bases…Different pres., continuation of same empire…
    Question: Why was the Dutch-born Iraqi insurgent/roadside bomber sentenced to 25 yrs in a US Federal prison..1. Why isn’t he in a POW camp/prison in Iraq since he is a POW…because 2. Don’t you have the right to resist if your country’s being occupied…If my country was being occupied you’re damn right I would be an insurgent..I wouldn’t be a Quisling..I wouldn’t stand next to the man who decimated my country and shake his hand…
    Seeing people so easily bought-off or intimidated is probably what’s turning me into a misanthrope..

  3. Here’s the number one reason why Obama can’t get us out of Iraq completely and fast:

    Netanyahu (and therefore the Israel lobby) wants us to stay in Iraq because of Israel’s plans for war against Iran.

    At the very least, Israel wants the US in Iraq in order to guarantee Israel’s ability to overfly Iraq on its way to bomb Iran (should the Israelis fail to get us to do it for them, of course).

    If Obama tried to get us out of Iraq quick and clean, Israel’s minions could probably arrange a little “trip to Dallas” for Obama – and it would be so easy to blame it on disgruntled goyish racists, wouldn’t it?

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