Anthony Gregory

The Drug War vs. American Civilization


Anthony Gregory, research analyst at the Independent Institute, discusses the freedom-infringing U.S. War on Drugs, the racist origins of prohibition laws, the due-process violations inherent in civil asset forfeiture and the failure of drug courts to stem the non-violent prison population.

MP3 here. (34:05)

Anthony Gregory writes for the Future of Freedom Foundation and His article “The Drug War vs. American Civilization” is featured on

8 thoughts on “Anthony Gregory”

  1. More serious than this pablum is the U.S. drug war’s enabling of organized crime, including state-sponsored organized crime, especially the Bush Cartel and the Ergenekon Network, which strangely “Scott/Philip” hasn’t even asked Sibel Edmonds about during any of his opportunities with her.

    Isn’t organized crime and its pervasive octopus tentacles in Congress & the State Department & the White House & the intelligence community MORE fatal to democracy than the dribble offered by this interview?

    I have a feeling this is a spook site. Expecting to see Michael Scheuer as an “expert” interviewed here any day now.

  2. Everybody’s such a hater…

    Chris, this site is all about the Bill of Rights. Also discussed is intervention in Colombia for example and Obama’s plan to send more military equipment to Mexico, and perhaps troops to the border.

    Vote count guy, I was interviewing Mr. Gregory about what he wrote about. I’ve talked with Sibel Edmonds and others regarding her case (Bamford, Ryland, Deliso, Ellsberg) all about your pet topic there. Sorry if you don’t like it. But not very.

    re “spook site”: Every kook who doesn’t see what he wants on this site makes the same stupid accusation. If you really think Eric Garris is a CIA agent, you’re dumb enough to be one of the townsfolk on Southpark.

  3. The problem is, when one attaches assumptions to an opposing viewpoint one can be easily led to entertain fantastic notions.

  4. The war on drugs is one front in the U.S. government’s internal imperialism and destruction of our civil, economic, and personal liberties. I can see no moral difference between the drug war and all of the imperialist nonsense about enlightening “the savages” in previous centuries. It is somewhat fogged over by the delusion that since according to our national mythology we are a democracy, we are merely fixing ourselves. Like an alcoholic going on the wagon, I guess. This topic is quite relevant to the mission of this site.

  5. Without illegal drugs:
    1. Where would the CIA get the rest of its funding?
    2. U.S. pharma corps couldn’t make billions on their fancy designer pain killers. I am told (don’t take my word for it, but it seems reasonable) that it is U.S. pharma corps that prevent the purchase of the Afghan opium crop to be used for much cheaper and better pain killer.
    3. The U.S. govt wouldn’t have the practice suppressing populations that it needs before it invades other countries.
    4. How would the U.S. govt scoop up all those scary black people and lock ’em up? Regular crime arising from poverty and lack of opportunity just doesn’t keep enough of them behind bars.

    With so many benefits, who would be against having a long list of illegal drugs? /s

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