Philip Weiss

Israel Lobby’s Pyrrhic Victory


Investigative journalist Philip Weiss discusses the aftermath of Chas Freeman’s withdrawal from NIC chairman consideration, the alienation of liberal American Jews from the Israeli government, the opportunity to break up the monolithic AIPAC lobby and the conflict between Zionism and democracy.

MP3 here. (21:19)

Philip Weiss is an investigative journalist who has written for The Nation, New York Times Magazine, The American Conservative, Jewish World Review and other publications. He is the author of American Taboo : A Murder in the Peace Corps and writes the blog “Mondoweiss“.

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  1. It should be called the “Zionist Lobby” to be more specific. The Freeman case is just one piece of evidence to show the pro-Israel stance of US foreign policy. The two-state solution, if it wasn’t stillborn, is now dead. We just haven’t had the funeral yet.

  2. Wishful thinking. The Zioncons and the Zionlibs won with their filthy campaign against Charles Freeman. The Administraton completely caved in. Now Schumer is looking to punish the officials who endorsed Freeman. This clearly means there is no one in the intelligence or military or diplomatic establishment (the Gentile empire builders) who would dare to oppose Israel’s plans to push the US into a war with Iran. Its not a ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ for Israel’s fifth column, which is trying to make a virtue of necessity; it is a resounding defeat for the American people.

  3. An alternative, “nicer” Israel Lobby (like J Street) can never effectively oppose the right-wing AIPAC Israel lobby.

    The nature of the underlying ideology of Zionism is inherently undemocratic and ethnic nationalist. If AIPAC and the rest of the “bad Israel lobby” disappeared, leaving J Street, you can be sure that J Street would quickly morph into something indistinguishable from the old, “bad” Israel lobby.

    The only thing that could effectively defeat the Israel lobby would be an “anti-Israel-Lobby lobby”, opposed in principle to preserving this “special relationship” in any form whatsoever.

    There is no “nice” way to retain the pursuit of another country’s religious/ethnic nationalist/supremacist dream as an essential tenet of our own foreign policy.

  4. This latest outrage by the Isreali Lobby isplays the raw and octupus-like power of this group.Our grand Republic is obviously Isreali occupied territory.A nation can not be free if a foreign governments loyalists can veto an appointment by that nations duly elected leadership.Wher is the outrage by the flag wavers on the right,or the civil libertarians on the left?They are all controllesd,and coralled.Take note how the Zionist community,seemingly so progressive,finds its staucnhest supporters in these matters in the NeoConservative/Fundementilist GOP alliance! This is right out of Orwell,and the brilliasnt book:IMPERIUM,by Ulick Varange(Francis Paerker Yockey).

  5. The above comments nicely summarize the situation.

    There certainly is no such thing as “Likudnik lobby”, but only Zionists – who “lobby”. The last term, of course, being a euphemism for any of a spectrum of “methods”, with familiar a common denominator.

    “Alienation of liberal American Jews from the Israeli government” is now a convenient myth. A vast majority of Jews in the U.S. are staunchly behind the Zionist entity of ill repute in Palestine.

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