Pratap Chatterjee

The War Party is Crazy


On the sixth anniversary of the war in Iraq, Pratap Chatterjee, managing editor of, discusses the ideology of the Bush administration’s Iraq War brain trust, the pervasive culture of corruption engendered by throwing money into Iraq’s reconstruction without oversight and Ahmed Chalabi’s role in lying the American people into war.

MP3 here. (23:50)

Pratap Chatterjee’s is an investigative journalist and reporter. He is the author of Halliburton’s Army: How a Well-Connected Texas Oil Company Revolutionized the Way America Makes War.

5 thoughts on “Pratap Chatterjee”

  1. Hi Scott.
    I understand the interview was not an economics discussion but I do appreciate that you didn’t let him get away with the ludicrous comment about “free market capitalism”. Did I hear you choke when he made that comment? Good job as usual. Thanks.

  2. Hi Scott,
    it’s remarkable not only how informative your interviews are but also the intellectual depth and rigour you bring to each discussion. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your show and the way it has educated and illuminated my understanding of the world.

    Kind regards
    Moses DAVID

  3. A foreign scholar about to deliver a lecture on South Asia at a top Republican think tank in Washington DC in the summer of 1998 was secretively told by one local scholar that “the invasion and occupation of Iraq” was being discussed and planned at the think tank at the time. That was a full three years before 9/11.

  4. It is amazing how many people keep their head in the sand about capitalism. As if the greed that is the directly result of free market capitalism, somehow is an aberration. Well it isn’t any more than the communism in the world is an aberration from what Marx envisioned. The truth is that the corporations Chatterjee mentions were fleecing the government are no different than Bernie Madoff fleecing investors, or Enron, or the AIG bonuses and 100 cents on the dollar for its insured corporations, or the sub-prime predatory lending schemes by Citigroup. This is the direct result of unfettered capitalism. This system only works when regulations and enforcement are in place. Once these are removed, you get what you see today.

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