Charles Featherstone

Does the Bible sanction modern day war crimes?


Charles H. Featherstone, seminarian and freelance editor, discusses the use of religion to justify Israel’s Gaza invasion, the irony of browbeating Muslims for being anti-modern while citing an ancient biblical text, the eventual election of a Palestinian Arab as Prime Minister of Israel and the limited but significant opportunities for free expression in Saudi Arabia.

MP3 here. (38:38)

Charles H. Featherstone’s articles are archived at He is a Lutheran seminarian and blogger.

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  1. So the nutzoids in ‘Israel’ use nutzoid religious maniacs to justify their inhumanity… where’s the surprise?

    Apart from that, frankly there is no defensible humanist position in the idea that bizarre belief in Sky Wizards’ genocidal directives (like much of Deuteronomy and Exodus) justifies ‘action X’.

    Let’s just make Jim Bell’s “Assassination Policits” more widely known (it exists already and it works a treat)… no need for some ancient racist psycho text for the justification.

    Scott Horton sounds slightly baked. (That’s just an observation – if everyone was slightly baked then the world would be pretty cool… I say this even though I am too much of a girl to have ever so much as smoked tobacco, let alone weed)

    Legalise it all – stamp out the parasitism of the state. To paraphrase Diderot – man will be free when the last Cheney is strangled with the entrails of the last Wolfwitz.

  2. Oops – forgot to put my ‘nick’ in on that prior post… I hate anonymous posters. Save anonymity for your double-encrypted wagers on an OrgA betting list that interests you.



  3. In a recent interview Gen. Petreus said about Iran: “Are they a threat? Certainly.” He has no right to say that. There´s zero evidence for that claim. It´s pure propaganda.

  4. “Islam assumes that Islam will rule the world?” “Among the Islamists there is a sense that, yes, Muslims have an obligation to rule…?” (around 13 minutes into the interview). I’m sure Mr. Featherstone knows better and is just being careless with his words. Religion is always and much too easily appropriated by political ambition and empire — we all know this and there is no shortage of examples, in the Abrahamic religions as well as others. But perhaps it is worth remembering that Islam means surrendered to the will of God, and it is in this sense (and not in the sense of conquest) that the Koran states that Abraham, Moses, Jesus and other prophets were Muslim. Also, as Mr. Featherstone surely knows, infidel in Islam does not refer to the “people of the book” — that is, to Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians. The whole matter is fraught enough as it is without introducing and reinforcing tenacious mythologies of an “Islam is from its baseline a more violent way of looking at the world” sort. Just saying…

  5. Why has President Obama repeatedly said, “Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons” ? The CIA can´t find any evidence to back up that claim. And so can´t the UN Inspectors in Iran. ZERO EVIDENCE. PURE PROPAGANDA. Gen. Petraeus said in a recent interview on the topic of Iran, “Are they a threat? Certainly”. ZERO EVIDENCE. PURE PROPAGANDA. ARE THEY MAD ?

  6. Obama is Bush with a tan. The neo-cons of the left are living in the same fake reality as Bush. Talking about missile defense and cost-effective and ready to deploy in Europe to offset the evil Iran shows its all about the military-industrial-Congressional-lobby revolving door charge account.

    Israel is moving further and further and are going right over the edge. I think massive ethnic clensing with a smattering of genocide is inevitable. We will be Israel firsters and drag the country into even further disgrace.

  7. The bloody fools in the Pentagon aim to achieve a disarming and unanswerable first-strike capability which leads to Launch On Warning = SUICIDE.

    I recommend The Aftermath, published by SIPRI.

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