Mark Almond

What’s behind the turmoil in Moldova?


Mark Almond, Lecturer in Modern History at Oriel College, Oxford, discusses the discontent about elections in Moldova, the devastation wreaked by neoliberal economics, the encroachment of NATO recruitment on former soviet states, political instability in Georgia and Kosovo and the bureaucratic inertia in NATO that seeks continual expansion.

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Mark Almond is a Lecurer in Modern History at Oriel College, Oxford and Chairman of the British Helsinki Human Rights Group.

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  1. Pretty sharp view although unavoidably simplifying, due to time constraints no doubt. I’m rather surprised. As a Romanian I’m used to witness so many absurdities coming from western “analysts” ranging from amusing to infuriating and from (presumed) clever spin to utter stupidity that this interview is refreshing.

    Being concerned with modern history Mr. Almond leaves aside the simple but extremely important fact for a Romanian that today’s Republic of Moldova is a territory snatched by th Russian Empire from the feudal state Moldova (then under Ottoman suzeranity) and was inhabited then too by Romanians. (Modern Romanian state comprises 3 such former feudal states, reunited in 2 major steps in 1859 and 1918-1920.) Since 1812 the Russians ruled over the current territory of Rep. Moldova most of the time, true, but despite a lot (and I mean a lot!) of hardship and spin (including that of a “Moldovan language” – which doesn’t exist; it’s simply Romanian) thrown upon them the people there know where they belong to.

    What Mr. Almond should have mentioned is the rather flexible position Russia took in later years regarding the future of Rep. Moldova. They are favorable to a possible return of the teritory to Romania but they want to keep – through their proxies – the strip of land east of Nistru (Dniestr) river, inhabited mostly by Russian speaking people and which is de facto independent (the so called Transdniestr Republic – just another South Ossetia-like) since 1992 after a brief, strange but bloody, let’s roughly call it Romanians vs Russians war (around 1500-2000 deaths both sides). The Russian want a sort of political settlement for that small, economically unsustainable, politicaly ugly but nevertheless strategically placed piece of land. A settlement leading ultimately to a proper recognition of it’s independence and/or realignment to Russia. Which is unacceptable for the West but would be entirely acceptable for Romania – not the official Romania, obviously, which is mostly populated by the common variety of political puppets you can expect the Soros purse can buy.

    Of course, most European countries (in their leaders moments of sanity), Romania included, don’t want to upset Russia, and for good reason, but one also needs to keep in mind another “compelling” reason – the metamorphosis of the European Union into a political monster who already has a huge problem with so many different nations gathered under an idiotic and dangerous drive to build the ultimate empire and has no intention to allow a “bad example” such as Romania reuniting most of its people into 1 state (from 2) “taint” the triumphal march into the abyss.

    As far as elections are concerned, I’ll quote Justin Raimondo: “Elections … are like those in the European Union – if the Powers-That-Be don’t get the result they want, then the results are overturned and a new election is held… a process that continues until the people learn their lesson, i.e., that resistance is futile, and ratify what has already been decided.”

    It remains to be established who are the Powers-That-Be in Rep. Moldova for the time being.

  2. FIRST honest comment on what is happening in Moldavia.
    And I have looked everywhere to find one !
    Respect Mark Almond, except for detail in which you justify communists of not
    being so bad ..etc.
    Seams to me that everybody is forgetting detail that they WON elections !
    Even if communist, they still honestly won internationally controlled elections and that
    must be enough for anybody (except USA of course ) to accept their legitimacy!
    As for the Kosovo , my personal impression is that despite your intention of neutral attitude you have fallen in usual stereotype to put the blame more on Serbs
    (specially Scott Horton).Milosevich did bad things etc……
    The major guilt of Slobodan Milosevich was to be communist !
    He was having contacts with China and Communist party in Russia more than with Yeltsin (who wouldn’t help him anyway)
    He was demonized and excluded for that reason (just like Moldavia’s communists,
    but they don’t have pipeline so they don’t have the war !)
    You were more than pleased to shade some light on criminal nature of all
    this Kosovo criminal government.
    U.S. and German (EU) governments and Vatican were together
    in destroying 1st Yugoslavia than Serbia as last stage (not finished yet).
    With all the respect I have for you I have impression that my analysis is based on the history of the region rather than some information that can one present
    as pundit
    I had impression that you both failed to understand that war in Kosovo was
    just 2nd phase of war in Yugoslavia which had as objective destruction of
    country and weakening of Serbia(seen as Russian ally).
    And 1st Yougoslavia war gave enough time to
    U.S. administration to unify NATO position about who the BAD guy is (Milosevich).
    People systematically forget to mention that Kosovo is 98% Muslim today thanks
    to ethnic cleansing sponsored by (under protection of) NATO troops!
    There were huge number of killing, kidnapping (organ harvesting ) destroying of the churches and non Albanian homes under NATO “protection” !
    Let alone drugs, arms and human slaves trafficking over the Kosovo.
    Kosovo is European Afghanistan all the heroin from there goes through Kosovo!
    Today Albanian- Kosovo mafia is the BIGGEST in Europe (check Interpol )
    and they are having one of the SMALLEST populations in Europe !
    If you would really know what happened in that NATO aggression called “Kosovo war” you would understand that it is very
    similar on situations in South America when CIA was installing fascist regimes !
    CIA was TRAINING those people before the war so how do you expect that they do not know that those people were CRIMINALS ?!!!?
    It would be like saying that they didn’t know that Bin Laden was fundamentalist when they were training him in Afghanistan !
    So your push for justice is nothing but poring water into the wine !
    Anemic journalism! And even so you are still the best one can find around !
    So for the 2nd part on Kosovo I give you 1 out of 10 for the quality of the interview .

    BTW if you think that I’m some commie you are dead wrong. I’m 100% admiring
    Ron Paul and anybody who is like him.

  3. For an informed insight into the current events in Moldova one ought to read the article announced this past Friday on under the title “Moldova’s ‘Twitter Revolution’: Made in America?” by Daniel McAdams, .

    As for Kosovo & vicinity and the imperial “ICT”, anyone who wishes to understand these topics should consult the well documented articles written by historian and columnist Nebojsa Malic over the last decade. The latest one on Kosovo is , with archive links in the margins; the Antiwar Radio interview of Malic is at .

    P.S. Claims such as that NATO’s eastward expansion is somehow attributable to “inertia of NATO’s bureaucrats”, or that the “ICT”’s lenient treatment of Albanian criminals from Kosovo is due to their “intimidation of ICT’s judges”, are, if one may put it charitably, naïve beyond any comprehension.

  4. La Nueva (vieja) herramienta del fascismo…LA SANIDAD
    "El psiquiatra del OPUS DEI Manuel Angel Franco Martín, y amigo de su homólogo Alfonso Calvé (caso Alcasser) llevó a cabo una cena con vino, violación múltiple y asesinato en Zamora (calle "la Salud") con políticos ,clérigos y otros personajes "fuerzas vivas" de nuestra sociedad…."

    Hospitales del OPUS DEI para morir:

    El cloruro potásico se usa para algunas otras cosas a parte de para la inyección letal en EEUU, sin embargo en los vademecums se recomienda usar la vía oral por el peligro que supone la via intra-venosa. El paciente puede morir si no se diluye adecuadamente o si se administra demasiado rápido. En esta planta se pedían entre 20 y 40 ampollas de cloruro potásico casi a diario ¿para que?.
    La sanidad pública española está muy bien en su planteamiento pero hemos heredado unas instituciones y unas autoridades sanitarias que se concibieron durante una dictadura criminal.
    Hay gente que piensa que la sanidad española no es inocua…yo estoy segura. Han utilizado, enfermado y, muchas veces, matado a nuestros padres y abuelos y harán lo mismo con nosotros y nuestros hijos si no conseguimos erradicar de nuestras instituciones ciertas prácticas y a cierta gente que no son más que delincuentes y están actuando impunes cuando los ciudadanos están más indefensos que es durante una enfermedad (real o diagnosticada en falso).Nadie le hace la autopsia a un cadaver de 80 ó 90 años pero si lo hicieran verían la gran cantidad de nuestros ancianos han sido abusados por la medicina. De los jóvenes,sobre todo discapacitados, ni hablo.
    yo pienso que nos merecemos que cuando estamos enfermos o al final de nuestras vidas, en la ancianidad, ser algo más que moneda de cambio para unos "profesionales" y unos empresarios carentes de ética.
    El psiquiatra Manuel Ángel Franco Martín del OPUS DEI experimenta en hospitales de Zamora sin que lo sepan pacientes ni familiares.

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