Ivan Eland

Pretend enemies and a very real war budget


Ivan Eland, Senior Fellow at The Independent Institute, discusses the China fear-mongering used to fend off U.S. defense budget cuts, the future of artificial intelligence warfare, the seeming normalcy of U.S. interventionist foreign policy and how Woodrow Wilson ruined the 20th century for everyone.

MP3 here. (26:05)

Ivan Eland is the author of Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents on Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty and regular Antiwar.com columnist.

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  1. Yes, Wilson..The american president who went to the Peace conference after the war and announced that Jesus left behind many good teachings ” but, where he failed was not leaving a mechanism behind to enforce what he wanted..” What pride..One is reminded of the pride of Jefferson who re-wrote the New Testament and deleted every reference to the divinity of Christ..Or the pride of McKinley’s cabinet asserting that they had to bring Christianity to the Philipines though they had been Catholic for hundreds of yrs…
    What Obama said in Turkey was correct and was spelled out in the Treaty of Tripoli ( 1809 ? ) with the Barabary Coast pirates in which it was stated that our problem with them WAS NOT one of religion because the United States ” is not a Christian nation “, rather our problem with them was their obstruction of the free flow of commerce…
    Charles V of Austria Hungary and Pope Benedict XV were the only two leaders in Europe who truly wanted peace..Wilson and his Masonic ilk wanted to get rid of the Christian monarchies of europe..After all, it was the Austrian Hungarian monarch who vetoed Cardinal Rampollah ( Mason ) fm becoming Pope after Pope Leo XIII died ( paving the way for Pope St. Pius X ) and saving us from a Vatican II disaster 60 yrs earlier..

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